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  1. Best: 5-4 SO @Nashville Worst: 2-3 LA on new year's day
  2. I am feeling right now!
  3. But you missed one possibility: Conference champs, as we did in 2011?
  4. Longest PGT ever?
  5. Wish we could meet STL in playoffs. A cake and walk!
  6. That wasn't easy.
  7. Lack & Luck
  8. Worse than you could imagine.
  9. Lack deserved a point. The team did not.
  10. Had Higgins missed, the Canucks would lose. I'm afraid.
  11. Lack was good until the 3rd...
  12. Zack & Lack
  13. Voted yes but worried about their recent results against western teams, especially the playoff spots contenders.