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  1. True, hence I say the drafting is important. We are talking about 3-4 years from now, pending on with deals gets made. Lets see this years draft and possibly a few more drafted players, although they very unlikely will be be challenging for the top 2 lines, but players like Miller, Horvat etc may bring a decent haul, but yes there are likely going to be some changes made in 3 years time... think the year after next 22-23 will be an exciting year, and after that, it all depends on numbers...and we don't really know that now.
  2. Maybe.... Beagle, Roussel, Spooner, Eriksson, Loungo, Baertschi, Ferland, Holtby, Edler, Sutter. all gone by then... You don't think that is enough to cover? Maybe not, but if so isn't it like this for clubs with proper talent in their ranks? Thought this was the reason drafting was important... to fill in the blanks that will appear, if the players get too expensive? Thought us getting Miller and later Schmidt was a result of that? Beagle as well? Myers? Think contenders, or teams in the upper part of the league, regularly have to change the expensive 2nd, 3rd or 4th line playe
  3. Is there even room for Gaudette in the top 9? Chance Lind and Podz enters the frey, and think Gaudette is wasted on the 4th line. So far he doesn't look much like a 3C... So many here were envious of Vegas bottom 6 crash and bang players, and rightfully so. Could be a calculated risk? Wonder how many really knows much about this player...
  4. Read that too... I'm not sure if it true or not, but prior to that statement there were a lot of rumours flying about... Who knows? Seems like a strange trade if there is no reason for it... VC has just posted a statement from MacIntyre that it has nothing to do with Covid , so seemingly not...
  5. True, But I think Nazzy has a post with a not too bad write up on him.... But yes it could be a sore one. I for one will make judgement at a later stage... Didn't see this trade coming.
  6. Maybe Owners demanded the trade? If the stories about Gaudette breaking Covid protocol, owner may not be at all pleased...
  7. Injury wise.... and I think Brocks stats 161 point in 197, games prior to signing his bridge deal, are none too far of those of Petey's (not quite as good)... Fact is none of us knows, what Petey will be pushing for...
  8. So does Petey kind off... Its not as if Petey set the world on fire this season... I think they'll both end up with a bridge deal, but time will tell. Point was, that folks were concerned about the same, when these deals had to be made...
  9. And that is absolutely correct... If you are unhappy with the product, don't go...
  10. Was it not something like that they said, before Horvat and Brock signed their contracts?
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