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  1. That embarrassing swine should never be allowed in to Rogers unless its in the away locker room... Or if they ties him up in a goal and had a shooting practice... Still see that sweaty pig standing accusing Canucks of diving against his little angels... Most embarrassing performance ever... Vomit worthy really. Big fat no thanks.
  2. Think its more because they know, how good Miller can be, when he is on song... But yes feels a bit odd at times...
  3. Anyone from Miller, Pearson, Dickinson, Poolman, Lamikko Chiasson.... Probably the one of the first two as folks has a thing with money signs... Actually hope, we start winning a few, so folks will lay off the players. They have all been fine to start with. Can understand Millers body language sometimes makes folks wonder, but he often switches on in a second and will probably be amongst our top 3 points producer at the end of the season, if he stays on the top line.
  4. If Lockwood becomes a PK'er, he could slot straight into the bottom six...without shadow of doubt. He is Motte 2. With confidence we will also become a goal treat....
  5. It was not as if Bening gave away two first round picks for free? He got good value for them, to come in and help the team make a push over the next few years... better than hoping for a 1st round pick to come through in 2-3 years time. Regarding Gaudette... he was a good 5th round pick. So far he has given us Highmore, and that's a borderline NHL player. Books can be written about younger players not living up to expectations. Don't feel the need to dump on management for that. I also still believe the trade wasn't just based on hockey decisions....
  6. I know, and it could clearly be seen on the replays... He should have had 2min for diving instead, with the way he reacted. Ridiculous decision to give Garland 2mins... Refs totally embarrassed them selves there. Its one thing to make a wrong call in the heat of the moment or miss a call, but when it is replayed over and over... Surprised at best. Maybe some of referees (pert time referees on this board can explain, what I am missing).
  7. After going down and rolling like he had been elbowed in the smacker, I think he should keep quiet. Embarrashing...
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