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  1. Merry Christmas to you too Jan and all the rest of you brilliant folks on CDC.
  2. Welcome to Vancouver Jack. Great news to wake up to. Character and Loyalty... those traits are high on the list, when Canucks draft. Can’t help but winder, how much it helps young players in their decision making (on top of loyalty towards the drafting organisation), that the team is floaded with young talent.... Come to Canucks. The team of opportunities... Absolutely brilliant. Maybe a few here could tip their hats towards the organisation for making 5 out of 5... Brilliant job JB and Co.
  3. All true WHL.... but still believe the ties towards the team that drafted him are strong. I do get the part though about his brother with special needs and the long distances, but I hope the family sees sense and advises him accordingly... Bruins did not show an interest, Canucks did... But yes, you’re right. It’s by no means a fore gone conclusion. Lets just hope he doesn’t bend us over... and then please, please, please change that ridiculous rule...
  4. He grew up a Bruins fan and is close to his family. But I'm sure the fact Canucks took a chance on him and the fact Bruins didn't, will be having an influence as well. If he has the kind of character, Canucks says, they are are looking for in players before drafting them, he would not dump the club that took a chance on them. If Benning thought he'd not sign here, he wouldn't have picked him in the first place, regardless of which round he'd go. The rule anyway is a total joke...
  5. There is a lot of talk about the rat here... And only few on these boards despise that little rodent, more than me....however.... if Hoglander shows the same fight, drive and determination anywhere close to that of the rodent, I will be one happy fan... Obviously nobody want a cheap shot artist doing the kind of crap Marchand has pulled over the years (amazingly he still gets away with most), but I do love our players playing with an edge and show some feistiness to go with their skill... It will be very interesting to follow his progress...
  6. Can’t see the game, but delighted to hear about the nastiness in Hogs game... He’ll need that, when he enters the league...
  7. Hate rat boy with a passion, always will. Little despicable piece of manure. 9 years hasn’t softened my stance regarding him, but would we ever have winner on our hand, if he ends up with similar playing style to Marchand.
  8. Maybe he was tiring it out first ...
  9. Would you rather, he didn't have any points... Lighten up a little... until proven other wise, it at least looks promising...
  10. Yep... we need players with that extra bit... for our top 6...
  11. Nope.... but its a big building block. Every year we drop down in the draft....
  12. Well for starters you have to be lucky in the draft lottery instead of dropping down at every draw...