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  1. Now there's a surprise.... In saying that they may be right and it all goes pear shaped, but since the first puck haven't even been dropped yet, maybe give them a chance to see, if it works. The fact Shaw felt he wanted Poolman to join the D core means more to me than what any paper hack thinks.... Always easy sitting on the sidelines and be critical....
  2. Hope to god that's true... Having QH play the entire PP was a joke, ad besides giving out the wrong signal to the rest of the players, drained him of energy and intensity... I think we should let Poolman show us, what he is capable of, before hastily label him good or bad. I don't care about his offensive ability, but if he can be a stable D first guy to play next any of the 3 pairings, I'll be happy as a pig in sh1t.... Zero doubt OEL will be an upgrade on Edler, but we shall see... September can't come soon enough now.
  3. Same goes for you Provost. Sorry too hear that. Sounds really bad. Hope you'll get better in time...
  4. Cheers amigo. Hope you'll get over it in time.
  5. If and if.... It's peanuts for one of the most important positions on the team. Holtby sucked, and if Canucks hopes to be a play off team, they need the back up to win games as well. And it is only for 1 year... On top of that, if Benning could be seen to do anything towards this, he could wave this sort of deals good bye in the future.....
  6. Was thinking that exact thing... Would make a few (lot) of the refereeing displays more understandable....
  7. Then let him get the big offer sheet and take it from there... Nobody knows what the hold up is, and as have been stated several times, every major contract have been signed later in the window. Last thing you wanna do is to give an inflated contract out of fear for an offer sheet.
  8. Hope you are ok as well Roger...
  9. What ever the outcome, it'll be interesting to see the reaction of the fan base, If they give QH 8+M and he continues to struggle defensively... Canucks fans (We) are not known to go easy on players not living up to their contracts... We all love to watch QH, but keeping the costs down, will maximise our chances to have a proper go over the next 3 years. I don't really understand the panic about these contracts neither. Benning has never lowballed his players, so if it turns sour, it will not be because Benning has lowballed them, but more likely because the
  10. If a player wants out the agent will ensure that it gets spread around. Doubt they would have been able to keep it in the locker room. Nothing JB can/could do about that... But agree 100%, what else can Benning say...
  11. Could even be a bit of cat and mouse, as their agent may want to see, what EP and QH in particular are being paid... It will be interesting...
  12. Totally Ibatch... It seems to me that folks just wanna throw anything after the two star players, and to hell with everything else. Don't get why their salary should go up during flat cap? It's not as if there is more money to do with... And yet could possibly partly blame some of the GM handing out obscene contract to players who is RFA's. Can only hope it comes back to bite them later. Benning has been good at negotiating RFA contracts up to now, and I do believe, he will continue with that. As for time frame, it was the same with BB and Horvat contracts. If Pett
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