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  1. You actually think that? Of course JB knew at the draft Petey was a no brainer, his reaction said it all.. You just scored the MVP of Sweden, how would you react? Omg that's funny! C'mon.. personally, JV is starting to be consistent at the right time and he has a few mentors on the roster besides Bo and he's still not at his ceiling, you can look back and see through NHL history and see a lot of top talented players not peaking until 26+ for personal reasons but as long as Jake keeps maturing he will be brutal to play against.. and we need that kind of gritty scoring and hitting more than ever, the playoffs get rough..
  2. Well what happens when you pay a McDavid cost and he gets injured right before the playoffs or during.. then it's lights out on any cup chance.. it's great to have super elite players but they get injured equal to anyone else regardless so it can bite you in the ass large...
  3. Good question but Rafferty is on a huge roll and might be getting a extra long look in Utica to see if he can keep it up down there, tearing it up right now and maybe they just want to see where it goes before calling him up.. no idea really but who knows, however I'm pretty stoked Rafferty is looking really good, good passer, even better shooter, and a decent set of wheels in a NHL ready body who just might go from maturing past average to being a stand out, JB might have pulled off yet another steal and if JB keeps it up, I doubt anyone will be able to bring up much to say about his previous few rookie mistakes but JB seems to be past that and making the team into something that might look like the B's who beat us for the cup with skill,toughness, and depth but as normal, it's not done overnight, it's looking better and better... Helps when guys step out of the blue and show exactly why they were picked up in the first place and it looks even better for Rafferty and hopefully he's still got more ceiling to go, he's only 24 (fingers crossed)
  4. Well there are exceptions right? Raff looks like one of those and some just pick up late but he's developed really well and he's just getting started, this isn't wishful thinking, great vision and hockey smarts and not small either, and I wouldn't say he's a great offensive guy but not not just a stay at home either and his passes are really good and his skating isn't lacking either so hopefully 2nd pairing but I'm not convinced he's got to his ceiling yet but it already looks really good . Am I saying he's the next tanev? No but has a lot of the same assets tanev does so with Woo OJ and Chatfield, plus Train in the mix makes our D that much better than it is now.. at least when Tman goes down we have guys who need NHL time for experience and the team to see where they are when playing up and who they fit with properly is going to be equally important.
  5. well this is the CDC remember? must blow $&!#e out of proportion and scream the sky is falling... We're still a cpl years off yet but getting there and the team is slowly pulling together with upgrades coming but let's panic if we don't win the cup this year, rip it down and try again right? Good grief! Like Myers, has had a few bad games but some really good ones too like most of our guys this year have but let's write him off and forget how badly we'll need him and his size if we make the post this season, oh yeah... he lost an edge and fell that cost a goal, woooooooooooooo... accidents never happen do they? good grief, even the best hockey players in the nhl have had accidents happen that led to goals (how stupid can you be to think that shi_) Smh...
  6. ummmm we"re still new as a team and building a identity as hard to play against but lately, especially the hard month of november which included the usual injuries but we went .500 which is great if your a nucks fan and watching your team NOT fall right over of the picture as before but this year, we have guys stepping up and others stepping in to fill but as far as i know november was our toughest month so that shows a big improvement and a lot of that came from JT Miller pitching in, so the haters.. well, they can suck it, if they want to still look that stupid when TB gets a middle of the road first round pick AT BEST, then they can just keep looking stupid.. who cares?
  7. Rafferty waves hi with his 21 points this season, a younger tanev, smart, plays positionally well with and without the puck. JB stole one with Raff.. Ok in response to most of the OP's thoughts, the Canucks will only get better and November was one of the hardest months of the year (opponent wise) and we had injuries but came out ok and still in the playoff conversation, a lil early for all this no?
  8. In essence of what comes of it should be and what is the most important trait a person can develop is discipline, body and mind... That's half the battle and makes all the difference when your challenging yourself to the next level. Even in the NHL you can see the guys who have it the most to those who don't, yeah it's hard at the start but like anything, you get out what you put in..
  9. why didn't you just say apart from Bure? That difficult to do? And some of the best players in the NHL have been Russian so just because we haven't had that good of a shot at guys like Ovie doesn't mean you just give up on Russians
  10. Except for D, we're almost back to the October roster, the problem with paying that much for 3 stars shorts a team on the rest of the roster and we don't have that problem, even with both Lou's we have a better team as a whole when we're healthy but even now we have guys who can step up and not look out of place, Big Mac, Chatfield, etc.. We have a much better bottom 6 then they do, they're in a world of hurt if we're on our game and you can bet Leivo is going to be extra pumped for tonight's game..
  11. Thankfully I was one of the ones who was stoked at JT playing here and I knew he'd be awesome and make the media and naysayers look like idiots and JB nailed it over the fence with that one, for a nobody goalie and a conditional first was larceny.. an absolute steal!
  12. and he seems to pot em at crucial times in games which is more important, you can score points but if you still lose by being out scored then how does that help anything but personal stats? Or like how you said for instance OT winner... says it all.. and fans said JB paid too much? NOT! One F of a player! JB smoked one out of the park, for a condition first that may or may not ever make the nhl, odds are so/so at best plus we have a log jam at forward with Hogs n Pods on their way, plus madden, etc so it was pretty good timing and again, JB killed it... delivered a top 6 guy and came out in spades.. and he looks like he's having a blast out there and not heading for a crash anytime soon, even losing a player in the upcoming draft won't hurt too much because of excess of forwards but JT is perfect for the team now and for the next few years as we get even better as JB gets out of the 2 LOU contracts and we'll be at par again with no bad contracts after that, things are looking up! whoa Rous is klling it too! good timing getting him back..
  13. under payment.... what a steal by JB! Robbed em blind... over payment? That's hilarious!!! lmao
  14. It's Macewen At least get Macewen's name right.. doubtful Schaller gets sent down, he's become a big part of the penalty kill.. it's possible though..
  15. Yeah Bure was awful wasn't he? What a waste of a pick... (Smh)
  16. Who said it didn't work? Most people had him as a shoe in as a top for D, forwards with good skill are almost a dime a dozen, d-men on the other hand who can play great D, move the puck up well and throw in goals too is a sought after commodity and that's not going to change anytime soon.. so he had caught the injury bug and he lost time but rest assured that he'll put Salo's teaching to the best use and with that snipe wrist shot, he'll do fine, we have to be patient with the whole team, 1 player at a time.. And aren't we supposed to be dead last or close to it? As far as the media called it, like 25 and lower but we had a crazy hard November and playing the best teams in hockey and won half so that puts that to rest since we had our injuries yet again but coming out of November in the middle of the pack and we're getting guys back, we'll be fine and might even squeeze in a first round but otherwise, we will have a really really good team in 2-3 years but enjoy the ride, the climb is almost over and looking downhill from here.. The most important thing we needed the most is here and on the way, size if Tree makes it back and Pods bringing his Burr-like game and Hogs, his petey-like game, as long as we don't rush anyone and screw up their development, then we're going to be pretty damn good.. OJ just slowed down, he did not stop developing and being taught by one of the best Dmen in Canuck history made sure of that..
  17. At first when JB took the reigns I was really stoked in hoping he'd start building a big Bruins type team but was handcuffed to a older core with expiring contracts and not much in the pipe line.. Sadly, it was a super short retool to get the most out them until gone and try to put as many people in the seats as he could. Was JB as seasoned pro at GM at his hiring? Not even close but he had some successes before taking over for Vancouver but as a GM he was maybe halfway there at best and by his own words on Twitter, he knew negotiating wasn't his strong suit but learn on the fly was/is the only thing someone could do. It sure didn't help that the team he took over was a disaster in many ways, but somehow he made it past a media shi* show and fans haven't changed much either demanding "win it all now" as it has been for many, many years.. risk everything to win no matter what the cost later which included "the farm" which only had limited success after drafts being traded away and the farm sank into oblivion. It landed us back at square one, after the loss to the Bruins for the cup.. when we needed depth on that run at the end after being beaten physically and bodies, especially on D got injured and no depth from the farm to bring up with enough skill to hold their own to help the team pull it off and there are still fans who want it all now but we saw how that ended, 2013 brought back a broken team with a broken identity... with long contracts still in place Gillis had signed on for a few big cup runs but got blind sided by a thing that stole that away for the foreseeable future.. salary cap... IF you want to know why everything didn't work out as Gillis had planned, it was exactly that... I'm still pissed about it.. however, fast forward to today, our "core" is young and gaining valuable experience in gel mode but as an identity, wanting to be tough to play against. Are we there yet? Absolutely not but some of our risks are working out, JV is particular and may peak at the exact right time we need.. Demko and Dip the same, Hughes isn't far off as he's a natural.. The farm, well finally it's not under foreclosure status anymore and with some good drafting, what's in there might just start to show gains when we need it the most in 2-3 years-ish when (if all goes well) or even close, dare I say it? A serious shot to bring Lord Stanley here? Well all we can do is hope but this team is about the same place (roughly) ish.. what makes it that is we actually have some depth for a change that evens it out but as our depth gets better and more experienced that will make us a better team as our our core grows together. So a serious contender around the 22/23 season? Absolutely! Fun to watch in the meantime? Heck ya... Fun to watch AG become even better every game now that he's worked on his D he's going back to what won him the hobey and he's looking great now, let alone in a cpl of seasons from now... JV is finally getting somewhere as most of us knew it was only a matter of time but annoying as hell to watch went out with the dishwater and he's doing a lot better.. Hogs n Pods? Should be pushing for spots.. Big Mac, if he pushes himself and reaches his ceiling as I'm sure he will.. More to list but Miller, Ferland, and Rous helped changed the scenery, add to that Myers and hopefully soon, Tryamkin proving the nay sayers wrong and keep us big to balance it all out... Well as far as the rest goes, simply put, we're not there yet but it's fun to watch again..
  18. Bet she's happy tonight... Big Mac pots one and at Burr's night of all nights! WTG Zack! somehow after watching a few youtube vids of his play in the minors, i knew he had a serious shot at the nhl if he kept at it and as he started to light it up down in the minors and playing a better D game, as it's been done by Bo and AG before him, work on his defensive game complimenting a good offensive side, into a all around dependable threat is working out. Do i believe he will only get better? Absolutely! IMO, Zack shows signs of Burr and his emotional game when he gets going, as soon as he gets more and more consistant, he'll go from reigning dark horse, to an nhl regular power forward with the right guidance from Rous. He still has some maturing to do but definately on the right track. Omg lol that made me get all misty eyed reading that, Mrs Mac... thanks!
  19. And obviously your showing you have never played hockey... New players, new system to get used to, guys you have just played against are now on your line and it takes more that 20-ish games to gel together not only as a line but as a whole team and are just developing an identity. The thing I laughed the hardest at was what you said about Myers, good grief.. if you ever played hockey you'd know that things happen out there that you have no control over and that losing an edge is just one of a hundred things that can happen. Not to mention we have been soft as butter and that needed to be addressed and I'm glad we signed him. Most games he has played in he has played really well and have you noticed that no one has ran Flow and Alien? Wonder why that is hey? Myers helps that and only a fool would get rid of a percentage of something that we badly needed so lighten up will ya? Lol
  20. until Huey gets his game honed even more... the kid is phenom, love the vision, the smarts, the skating, and the willingness to learn... 127 times that the next player? not for long
  21. or a bag of pucks... either or... sad he has had too many concussions and no one is willing to gamble on him..
  22. Gaudette is looking great, needs more practice in the dot but scoring ok. Miller is making the naysayers look like complete fools.. no one is taking runs at our stars anymore, JV is improving steadily and his points are coming now and his overall game looks a lot better. Huey is killing it! Schaller is finally looking better and even LE potted one, albeit against the oilers but things are looking up, certainly players are benefiting from getting used to the new guys and vice versa and imo, Rous will for sure help with his aggressiveness so 15th in the league is far and away better than the so-called experts said we'd be, wait, arent we supposed to be dead last? shows how much they really know hey? F them! Go nux!!!
  23. You said.. if he can't handle the physicality of the minors, how could he handle the NHL? Seriously? C'mon, have a look at the nature of the injuries and tell me that they were only from hits and not some plain old fashion bad injury luck and then go ok for awhile.. most players go through it in both leagues so you can't say he's not worth the wait and will probably be almost where we want him to be in 3 years after we dump LE's and Luongo's cap and have our rebuild done and ready for a serious shot at Stanley.. and seldom do you see a shot like his in a Dman so a huge upside!
  24. Are you for real? None of what you said holds water.. shall I dissect it for you?