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  1. Banned for noticing.
  2. Can Somebody make a GDT so i can make requests of the Flames winning? Haha

    1. Canuckette_84
    2. Bombastik der Teutone

      Bombastik der Teutone

      i hope you guys will suck..lol

      last nights win was just an accident

  3. What upgrades have they incorporated in it?
  4. Haha... It takes skill to do that.
  5. ya man. just PM me some pic or what you want on it (makes my life a bit easier ;) probably not right now (cuza exams but ill try on the weekend)

  6. Can you make me a Jarome Iginla sig please?

  7. Banned for having a Women as your avatar.
  8. Mojo So Dope-Scott Mescudi

  9. How can I post a youtube video, not the link?

    1. Steven Stamkos

      Steven Stamkos

      There is this media thing on the top bar when you post (it looks like 3 boxes) then copy and paste the youtube link.

    2. Evander Kane
    3. Schneider's Teeth
  10. 4Degrees! it's like -25 in Calgary!