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  1. Can Somebody make a GDT so i can make requests of the Flames winning? Haha

    1. Canuckette_84
    2. Bombastik der Teutone

      Bombastik der Teutone

      i hope you guys will suck..lol

      last nights win was just an accident

  2. ya man. just PM me some pic or what you want on it (makes my life a bit easier ;) probably not right now (cuza exams but ill try on the weekend)

  3. Can you make me a Jarome Iginla sig please?

  4. Mojo So Dope-Scott Mescudi

  5. How can I post a youtube video, not the link?

    1. Steven Stamkos

      Steven Stamkos

      There is this media thing on the top bar when you post (it looks like 3 boxes) then copy and paste the youtube link.

    2. Evander Kane
    3. Schneider's Teeth
  6. english?

    well... i guess its okay but not perfect.

    i had my last english lessons in 1993 and when i joined CDC in 2007...i was a little bit ???..hahahahah but i ve learned a lot..further a special friend from cdc helped me too

  7. I viewed you're profile just to help you out. =)

  8. SUTTER IS GONE! Next Brent and the Coaching Staff', I was thinking that the Flames might do "Well" enough into keeping Sutter, but he is actually gone.. Dec 28 = New Christmas for the Flamers!