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  1. lol...How about them US job numbers?
  2. Yes, I think they are called law enforcement officers.
  3. I recall this watching this skit when it first aired...luckily someone uploaded it online...
  4. Strongly...epicly...disagree.
  5. Impossible, it is a gun-free zone.
  6. Sing it in French only...problem solved.
  7. Venezuela's neighbor, Colombia, have also benefited from the same oil bull, and is also suffering from the oil bust, but you don't see it falling apart at all and it is still a rather nice fact it is an even cheaper place to visit now in USD terms since the Colombian currency has taken a steep drop in value over the last 2 years, about as worse as the loonie has fallen. The point is that left-ist policies have failed there, just like that are failing in Greece, Portugal, Spain, Italy, and France. If people are really educated, they can learn from other people's mistakes and avoid them instead of learning them first-hand.
  8. The Libertarian Party failed itself this weekend when they nominated a VP candidate that is ex-Republican and who is opposed to the Second Amendment... So? It just means this collapse would have happened sooner if not for the oil bull.
  9. Venezuelans thought the same of Chavez... Brazilians thought the same of da Silva and Rousseff... Argentines thought the same of the Kirchners...
  10. Yup, you're an Austrian. We'll have to get rid of the monopoly that governments and central banks have over currency creation before you'll realize that goal.
  11. Be thankful that you are not an USAmerican citizen and have FACTA apply to you. Meanwhile, I do wish Bernie would win for I could stand to benefit from his policies!
  12. Its happened again, its happened again...
  13. I think we just got a breakout and a new up-leg...
  14. Because people think that housing is an "investment"...except investments are suppose to create new wealth, which residential housing clearly doesn't. Are you an Austrian?
  15. Technically, it is not the value of the house that is going up, but the purchasing power of the currency that value is denominated in that is going down.