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  1. I've already had Covid. Good try though. Got it in May of 2020. It wasn't that bad. I've had colds that were way worse. So, much to your dismay, I survived like 99% of the rest of the population that got it.
  2. Horse de-wormer. You must be talking about Ivermectin, you know, the medicine that received the Nobel Prize for Drugs in 2015 for treating disease.
  3. You didn't answer the question. Let's try again. According to the vaccine manufacturers, the WHO and the CDD the jab does NOT prevent transmission. So, again, how is it that it's "about everyone else around you" giving this fact? Getting the jab does absolutely nothing for those around you. Do you see the disconnect here, Mr. Healthcare worker??
  4. It does not prevent transmission. I provided a link to a database backing up my claims. I'm tired of people getting their info from gubment sites and other shady companies/corporations who have billions of dollars to gain by using propaganda to scare people into getting this experimental jab. Do you know the long term side effects? Do you know what's in them? There's a lot of reports coming from doctors that are being censored that there is graphene oxide, parasites., other metal and non-organic particles in this thing that have no business being the human body. Willfully misleading... You sound just like the propagandists pushing this crap.
  5. How is it that it's about everyone around me if the vax doesn't prevent transmission???? This must be in Swahili since you're unable to understand this simple point.
  6. Why would I get vaccinated when I'm a healthy, 30's aged man? Your brain is "crapperolla". I'm sure you were a good little slave and did what you were told.
  7. Nope, never had the chicken pox shot. I got the pox when I was a kid and now have natural immunity. The point about it not stopping transmission is that the only person affected by not taking the jab is the person not taking the jab. Who the hell is anyone to decide what gets injected into anyone else's body? Do you own your own body or do you not? And I used the quotation marks because this does not work in any way like the traditional vaccines. It's still experimental and only authorized by the EUA, at least here in the states. The FDA approved Pfizer's Comirnaty which won't even be available till 2023. The Pfizer "vaccine" still given out now is NOT FDA approved and is only still being given under the EUA. It was a pretty slick tactic to get more people to get the jab. The VAERS system, that is only estimated to have 1-10% of adverse effects reported to it already has: Deaths - 15,386 Hospitalizations - 66,642 Bells Palsy - 8,626 Heart attacks - 7,267 Permanently disabled - 20,789. COVID Vaccine Data (openvaers.com) Again, that's an estimated 1-10% reporting rate so at BEST it's probably 10 times more. The swine flu vaccine was in production until it caused the death of 25 people, then it was abruptly halted. 25 deaths. The long term effects of this jab are unknown as well so who knows how many more deaths, autoimmune disorders, permanent disabilities this thing will cause. So making mandatory a jab that has side effects like death, bells palsy, heard attacks etc for the sole purpose of MAYBE mitigating the symptoms of a virus with about a 99% recovery rate. Are you out of your mind? Who do these people think they are to claim ownership of someone else's healthcare and body? The world has gone mad due to the mass fear and hysteria caused by the government and media. It's disgusting.
  8. God forbid he isn't forced to be injected with an experimental, gene altering "vaccine" that does NOT prevent transmission. The only facepalm worthy idea is him being ridiculed to not take the jab (again, that does NOT prevent transmission, but allegedly mitigate the symptoms if one were to get Covid). Then of course the "anti-vaxxer" phrase is used. Typical.
  9. Caps gave up Vrana and a 1st to get Mantha only to get eliminated in the 1st round.  That makes me super happy!!   :lol:

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    2. Devron44


      Ahh right forgot about that one! Brutal. They eventually won a cup, hard to knock that. But when you look at some of the individual moves yikes.

    3. Iron Fist

      Iron Fist

      Even in early 2010s before holtby they couldn't find a goalie. they dumbed varlamov and grubauer and this other czech goalie that had a decent nhl career

    4. Bocivus


      I didn't know Ovie was wanting that much.  There's definitely a balance between wanting to get paid while also having cap room for solid surrounding players.  

  10. Agreed. 100%. The Governors here in the states using this boogeyman virus as an excuse to give orders that are not granted to them by the US Constitution is blatant tyranny. The fact that LE are following these orders and breaking the oath they swore to uphold makes me sick to my stomach.
  11. Sad to see him retire. He is my favorite by far. He had a great and long career. Happy retirement.
  12. Anson Carter... Made millions and cried that racism played a factor in his contract negotiations while still making millions.  Now he's playing the victim while praising Dumba's antics as honorable when it's clear he's just looking for attention, supporting and openly Marxist rooted movement veiled as "social justice".  Disgusting.  

    1. Squamfan


      lol the due had 10 goals the next season

    2. Rubik


      i dunno why it matters how much you earn when it comes to racism, but maybe i'm just too european to understand the U.S. situation

  13. I think the embarrassment was enough of a punishment for this guy. Being fired from your job because a PRIVATE conversation got leaked is ridiculous. The Capitals virtue signaling by cutting him is pathetic. I'd love to see the panic on the faces of the ones in here cheering this on if your private messages were ever made public.
  14. Why is Virtanen on a line with Motte and Sutter???? I'm done. I'm on the "Fure Green" train now. The guy us incompetent. Done.
  15. Be careful with threads like this. There is a certain poster in here that might get all up in his feels when talking negatively about Boston. In all seriousness, the guy is a dirt bag. Always has been. Speaking of dirt bags, did any of you catch that skate to the face on a former Bruin last night? The one that injured Mason Raymond with a dirty play in the 2011 SCF? Ouch.
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