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Kevin Biestra

Free King Richard!

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When are the Canucks going to do the right thing and put #35 Richard Brodeur in the Ring of Honour?

They introduced the ROH a few years back and didn't include the man who almost singlehandedly authored the first great memory in Canucks history.

Longtime holder of the career team records in almost every major goaltending category.

As an aside, arguably the greatest goalie in WHA history. You know that league in the 1970s that featured Gordie Howe, Bobby Hull, Jacques Plante, Mark Howe, Frank Mahovlich, Dave Keon, Mark Messier, Mike Gartner and Wayne Gretzky? The one that provided the NHL with the Edmonton Oilers, Winnipeg Jets and several other teams? Richard Brodeur holds the all-time league record for playoff games (51) and led the Nordiques to an AVCO Cup championship (their version of the Stanley Cup).

As another aside, arguably the greatest goalie in Memorial Cup history, and the first-ever winner of the Stafford Smythe Trophy as Memorial Cup MVP (1972). The record he set for goals against average in the Memorial Cup stood for over 30 years.

In addition to his leading Vancouver to the 1982 Stanley Cup Final, here are some of the team records that he has held during his time as a Canuck:

- Wins (career, goaltender)

- Games (career, goaltender)

- Minutes played (career, goaltender)

- Shots faced (career, goaltender)

- Saves (career, goaltender)

- Playoff games (career, goaltender)

- Playoff games (season, goaltender)

- Playoff wins (career, goaltender)

- Playoff wins (season, goaltender)

- Goals Against Average (playoff season) - 2.70 (1982)

- Goals Against Average (playoff series) - 1.55 (1982 Stanley Cup Semifinal)

And here are some of his Canuck firsts:

- First playoff shutout in Canucks history

- First Canucks goaltender to 100 wins

- First Canucks goaltender to 200 and 300 games

- First Canucks goaltender to 400 games (regular season + playoffs)

- First Canucks goaltender to win a playoff round

- First Canucks goaltender to sweep an opponent in the playoffs

- First Canucks goaltender to reach the Stanley Cup final

A fan favorite and active in the community. There is no way he should be held in lower standing by the organization than Harold Snepsts and Thomas Gradin. It was largely on Brodeur's back that those two Canuck greats and Stan Smyl made it to the 1982 finals.

Brodeur could be considered the first great clutch performer in Canucks history, giving his best performances when the stakes were highest: the Memorial Cup, the AVCO Cup and the Stanley Cup playoffs.

It's time to do the right thing, Mike Gillis.

Add one more name to the Ring of Honour, a name that should have been up there when the ROH was introduced.

Long live the King!


If King Richard Brodeur and the 1982 run are new to you, the following video is a detailed and well-done documentary that captures some of the magic Brodeur and company brought to this city...

And if you want something a little shorter, the following video (less than 5 minutes) focuses more on the goals scored BY the Canucks during the 1982 run... But watch at the end, as the final buzzer sounds, how the first thing Brodeur does is turn around and SALUTE THE FANS of this city, who celebrated with him as they had never been able to do before.

Over 30 years later, we have yet to return the turn around and salute Richard Brodeur the way he deserves!

Some highlights in this thread from the King's loyal and thankful subjects, who want him honoured with no further delay!

"/topic/341067-free-king-richard/#entry11195064">He was absolute magic in the '82 run." - Gross-Misconduct

"/topic/341067-free-king-richard/#entry11195453">FREE KING RICHARD!!!!!!!!!!!" - HaggisOBrien

"/topic/341067-free-king-richard/#entry11195673">I met King Richard... Great guy." - Biznow

"/topic/341067-free-king-richard/#entry11195779">King Richard for the Ring of Honour!" - Ghostsof1915

"/topic/341067-free-king-richard/#entry11196493"> of the best goalies in team history." - Nuckin_futz

"/topic/341067-free-king-richard/page__st__510#entry11240483">I love my King." - danjr

"/topic/341067-free-king-richard/page__st__60#entry11199798">I'm shocked he isn't up there yet." - MJDDwag

"/topic/341067-free-king-richard/page__st__30#entry11198730">My idol playing street hockey growin up. Always will be King." - Chuck in the Truck

"/topic/341067-free-king-richard/page__st__60#entry11201103">He has my vote!" - Scottiecanuck

"/topic/341067-free-king-richard/page__st__90#entry11202448">He definitely deserves to be in the ROH." - DarthNinja_S19Blade

"/topic/341067-free-king-richard/page__st__90#entry11205178">[He] stole several key games that year on the run to the SCF." - Nuckleheadfan

"/topic/341067-free-king-richard/page__st__150#entry11213532">It's a no-brainer. The King deserves his due." - Mr.DirtyDangles

"/topic/341067-free-king-richard/page__st__180#entry11214430">My all time favourite goalie belongs in the ROH." - Menace

"/topic/341067-free-king-richard/page__st__420#entry11235952">Richard Brodeur was the first Canuck goalie I idolized as a kid, the first hockey goalie period... King Richard NEEDS to be in the ROH." - Primal Optimist

I ask... If this isn't the type of issue where the voice of the fans can make a difference, then what is?

Vive le Roi!

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I just mentioned the Ring of Honour. No ones gone up there in awhile.

I got no problem with putting King Richard in next. He was absolute magic in the '82 run. And if the Nucks hadnt of run into the great NY Islanders in the middle of their dynasty run, who knows, we might have a Stanley Cup banner hanging at Rogers arena.

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"King" Richard Brodeur


His statistics are unimpressive, downright awful in some cases. But Canucks fans, and for that matter early Nordiques fans, can tell you that the stats are not truly indicative of "King" Richard Brodeur's stellar play.

Brodeur played most of his NHL career in the early to mid 1980s. Those years featured horrible Canuck teams in the same division as Wayne Gretzky's high scoring Oilers, Lanny McDonald's Calgary Flames, Marcel Dionne's LA Kings and Dale Hawerchuk's Winnipeg Jets. That's a whole lot of offensive firepower gunning at the poor Canucks, who relied on Brodeur to keep them in most games, and sometimes just to keep the score respectable.

Brodeur was, literally, the Canucks saving grace. He was an exciting goalie to watch, pretty acrobatic and had lots and lots of shots against. His career 3.85 GAA his grossly inflated by the high scoring Smythe division of the 1980s. His win/loss record is very respectable considering how bad the Canucks were in comparison to their divisional foes.


Brodeur's career highlight, like that of most Canucks and their fans of that generation, was the improbable 1982 Cinderella run to the Stanley Cup finals. Brodeur backstopped the Canucks with an 11-6 record and a 2.70 GAA. While the Canucks were lucky to have the LA Kings upset Gretzky's Oilers, The Canucks handled their opposition quite handily until they reached the Finals. Once there, the dynastic New York Islanders tore apart the Canucks, winning easily in 4 games. Dubbed "King Richard" for his fine play during the '82 playoffs, Brodeur's fine play couldn't stack up against the likes of Bryan Trottier, Denis Potvin, Clark Gillies and most noteably - Mike Bossy.

It was fitting that it was Brodeur who was the goalie who was faced with the task of stopping the Islanders. Back in the Islanders first Cup season of 1979-80 Brodeur was a star goalie with the Isles farm team. He was a CHL all star with the Indianapolis Checkers, posting 4 shutouts and a 2.88 GAA with 22 wins. He also appeared in his first two NHL games with the Isles, posting 1 win and 1 loss.

The Isles of course already had Billy Smith and a very capable backup in Chico Resch, so they moved Brodeur to Vancouver in exchange for a 5th round pick which never panned out. Brodeur instantly became the Canucks number one goalie. In fact it wasn't until the 1987-88 season that Brodeur was ousted out of that spot as the Canucks starting goalie. The arrival of a young Kirk McLean meant that Brodeur was now being asked to be a backup. Unhappy with that situation, Brodeur asked to be moved somewhere where he could play. He was eventually dealt to Hartford in exchange for veteran goalie Steve Weeks. But Brodeur only played in 6 games for the Whalers before retiring after the 1988-89 season.

Brodeur's career actually started 8 years before he made the NHL. Drafted by the Islanders in 1972, Brodeur opted to skip out on the NHL and jump at the chance to stay in his home province by playing with the Quebec Nordiques of the World Hockey Association. Brodeur ranks as one of the best goalies in the WHA history. His 165 wins ranks second all time, only 2 wins behind Joe Daley. Brodeur also set a record for wins in 1975-76 when he had 44. That same season the Nordiques won the Avco Cup championship, symbolic of WHA supremacy.

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Bios pixel.gif

Nickname : Le Roi

Born : Longueuil, Québec, September 15, 1950

Catches : Left

Weight : 160 lbs.

Height : 5' 7"

Last Amateur club : Cornwall Royalls (QMJHL)

Drafted by the NY Islanders in the 7th round (97th overall) in 1972

Transactions pixel.gifpixel.gif06-Oct-80

Acquired from the New York Islanders with Islanders' 5th round choice (Moe Lemay) in the 1981 Entry Draft for Vancouver's 5th round choice (Jacques Sylvestre) in the 1981 Entry Draft pixel.gif08-Mar-88 Traded to the Hartford Whalers for Steve Weeks

Canucks highs pixel.gif1985-1986

Led the NHL in games played (64) and minutes played (3541).

Team records pixel.gif

Career most ties (with Kirk McLean) ... season most ties ... season most goals allowed

Other teams pixel.gif

NY Islanders


Statistics pixel.gif

Regular season


1987-88 11 670 3 6 2 49 0 4,39 347 .859 0 0 0

1986-87 53 2972 20 25 5 178 1 3,59 1391 .872 0 0 2

1985-86 64 3541 19 32 8 240 2 4,07 1724 .861 0 2 16

1984-85 51 2930 16 27 6 228 0 4,67 1574 .855 0 1 4

1983-84 36 2110 10 21 5 141 1 4,01 1067 .868 0 2 0

1982-83 58 3291 21 26 8 208 0 3,79 1641 .873 0 1 2

1981-82 52 3010 20 18 12 168 2 3,35 1536 .891 0 2 0

1980-81 52 3024 17 18 16 177 0 3,51 0 0 0

TOTAL 377 21548 126 173 62 1389 6 3,87 0 8 24



1985-86 2 120 0 2 12 1 6,00 79 .848 0 0 2

1983-84 4 222 1 3 12 0 3,24 115 .896 0 0 2

1982-83 3 193 0 3 13 0 4,04 0 0 0

1981-82 17 1089 11 6 49 0 2,70 0 0 0

1980-81 3 185 0 3 13 0 4,22 0 0 0

TOTAL 29 1809 12 17 99 1 3,28 0 0 4

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A little info from his years as a Quebec Nordique:

Nordiques highs pixel.gif


Led the WHA in playoffs games played (15), playoffs minutes played (906), playoffs losses (7) and playoffs goals against (48).


Led the WHA in games played (69), minutes played (3967), wins (44), goals allowed (244) and shots against (244).


Led the WHA in playoffs wins (12), playoffs GAA (3,28), playoffs save percentage (.882) and playoffs shutouts (1) ... Avco Cup champion.


Led the WHA in save percentage (.894), playoffs losses (5), playoffs goals allowed (38) and playoffs shutouts (1).


Second All-Star Team ... Led the WHA in shutouts (3) and save percentage (.901).

Awards pixel.gif

Named on the WHA Second All-Star Team, 1979 ... Member of the Avco Cup champions Québec Nordiques, 1977.

Miscellaneous pixel.gif

Holds Nordiques goaltending record for career most games played, career most minutes played, career most wins, career most losses, career most ties, career most goals allowed, career most shutouts, career most shots faced, career most points, season most games played, season most minutes played, season most wins, season most goals allowed, season lowest GAA, season highest save percentage, season most points, career playoffs most games played, career playoffs most minutes played, career playoffs most wins, career playoffs most losses, career playoffs most goals allowed, career playoffs most shutouts, career playoffs lowest GAA, career playoffs most shutouts, season playoffs most games played, season playoffs most minutes played, season playoffs most wins, season playoffs most losses, season playoffs most goals allowed, season playoffs most shutouts season playoffs lowest GAA and season playoffs most points ... Shares with Serge Aubry Nordiques record for season most ties ... Shares with jim Corsi Nordiques record for season most shutouts ... Holds league goaltending record for season most wins, season most goals allowed, season most shots faced, career playoffs most games played, career playoffs most minutes played, career playoffs most losses, career playoffs most goals allowed and career playoffs most points ... Shares with Ron Grahame league record for season playoffs most points.


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