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  1. No, it can't be that simple. Green hates Russians and rookies. /s
  2. Let him study the rest of the game and understand the importance of playing responsible. The kid needs these lessons.
  3. Sheltering his minutes while he's riding the high of a first goal. Smart coaching. Why risk him making a play yo let the Flyers back in the game? Do you think Podz is coming away from his first Goal and a win with a discouraged attitude? Lol
  4. That's one thing the Flyers have over us. They have the best Mascot in the league bar none.
  5. Sorry, I wouldn't bet against Burrows in that match-up. There's a reason he could keep up with the Sedin's while so many others couldn't.
  6. I really don't know how anyone can hate on Hirsch. The guy is a Canuck Alum, plus he's a bigger Canucks Homer than Cheech. Have people even heard some of the other horrible colour guys around the league? Plus knowing what he went through with mental heath issues and him championing that fight around the league is nothing short of inspiring. Honestly, &^@# people who hate on Hirschy.
  7. I think you clicked the wrong forum, bud. Canucks 4-2 Petey with the game winner Hughes 3 point night
  8. The only thing he also brings is a big body. He's not afraid to mix it up a bit, which we need more of.
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