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  1. JP Barry is a snake and will say whatever he thinks will be to his advantage. He is licking his chops at the offer sheet rumours. JP would like nothing more than to handcuff his clients team with huge contracts, knowing that the kids he's convincing to hold out a bit longer will be miserable playing on non contending teams and ending their contracts being over paid and hated by their fanbase. Whatever it takes to get that extra wing built onto his house I guess.
  2. Is this what Hockey has come down to? Underlying stats? There are 3 types of lies in this world. Lies, damn lies and statistics. Analytics has it's place, but this isn't baseball. What I judge Sutter on is the eye test. It's very apparent that whenever Sutter is out of the lineup our PK and shut down lines look like trash. Sutter was the original Danault, although his play has dropped off in recent years.
  3. Today's team is more rounded and has way more depth, but the 2019 team had a lot of chemistry for the intangible. I'd like to say today's team looks better on paper though.
  4. I think this was a great signing. A lot of people are down on Sutter, but he brings something we don't have. Great price and the right term.
  5. Nosek would be the only one I'd prefer over Sutter, although Kuraly would be an acceptable replacement if we could get for a better contract.
  6. Who's a better option for 4th line C, that you have readily available?
  7. Dude, with a squad this young you need a good PK. It's not all about offence. Signing Sutter for 1 year would be a win as long as it fits under our cap after signing our RFA's.
  8. I'd rather have 1 year 2 mil after we sign Petey and Huggy.
  9. Typical Quebecor, thinking he's entitled to something that isn't his. BC has already given enough to that province, Petey is not on the menu.
  10. So Dahlen wanted to leave the Canucks. Benning did his best to accommodate his wishes, and then social media coyotes went after Dahlen for quitting on the Canucks and their fans, but it's somehow Bennings fault? Now Pettersson is going to not sign with the Canucks because Benning gave his friend exactly what he wanted? Jeez
  11. Canucks pick up Adam Fox in free agency - Confirmed
  12. Yah, but what city has everything? Vancouver is constantly voted as one of the best cities in the world to live. Do you think Buffalo is at an advantage because nobody has expecations? I think most Canuck fans would be surprised to find out that Vancouver isn't any more toxic than Toronto, Montreal or New York. It's the cost of being in a big time market. If you're a timid quite guy who looks at hockey as just a job, Vancouver isn't for you. For others, it has a lot to offer, including a top notch organization that does a lot for it's players, and a fan base and owner that wants to win.
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