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  1. So you're saying Jim Benning has a proven track record of signing good market value contracts? Hot take. Can you explain your reasoning behind omitting games played this year in an evaluation of a player? I'm not sure I'm understanding. Regardless, even if a GM thought this years performance was an anomaly, it would be prudent to utilize this years information to get a better contract.
  2. That's LA's first line winger and they can't afford to lose him until they have finished their rebuild. He just turned 27 in December, Pearson is 29 in August, and in case you missed it Lafallo has over double the amount of points Pearson does this year. This is a "what have you done for me lately" type league after all. Scott Laughton is another comparable(although is a younger centre which gives added value) and he just signed for AAV of 3mil. Don't get me wrong, I'm actually a Pearson fan. I think he's a glue type player and after me bitching about losing Tanev this offseason I
  3. Most of those salaries were not signed in a year like this. There should be a 20% discount on any player signed during covid, especially one that has taken a step back from last year.
  4. I had you and Apricot quoted too, but I played favourites. You aiight.
  5. It was literally their last game, and against the same team. I wouldn't read into it too much.
  6. In Raincouver we likely have the same RH as a full stadium in a dry location. These arenas are climate controlled, so again I can't think of a reason why an empty stadium would be a problem. Plenty of ice rinks in the lower mainland without crowds.
  7. The RH was always the excuse for how bad the ice was. Thousands of fans in a rainy city stadium was the problem, then factor in how busy Rogers place was between games. Can't use the excuse anymore. Might be time for Aquaman to get his house in order.
  8. Which, it really shouldn't be. There's nobody in the arena and it's not like they're hosting events between games. Nothing but time to tend to the ice. Bigtime Fail.
  9. Are you saying that you wouldn't pay 11mil for a right winger who's never reached the 30 goal mark?
  10. People giving Jake a hard time for that punch yesterday, but for years complain that Jake doesn't have enough mean side. Canuck fans are so fickle.
  11. We really bout to hand the Senators 2/4 points from this road trip?
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