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  1. I think we’ve seen many times our players getting the business with no pushback now when we see one of ours giving and not receiving we get some satisfaction from it.
  2. Nobody to stand up for him when he plays a rough style he’s not a goon type power forward he shouldn’t be expected to fight the tough guys on the other team we need an enforcer to tone down the liberties taken by teams tougher players.
  3. Nikita Tryamkin

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      Hairy Kneel

      Think the soft porno pic with Stonkers blow up doll did it in.

    3. Qwags


      Ome man's crusade to convince all of CDC that Wille D was actually a good coach.

    4. Ghostsof1915


      CDC with Tram.


      Tram! Tram! Tram! Traaaaaam!