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  1. The first few years the drafting was done by Trev’s mom and many of the decisions were made by Linden so I give him a mulligan up until Trevor stepped down.
  2. I love Cull he took the long route so I think he’s learned a lot before he got to the pros he knows his players and what they need.
  3. I’d like to see how many late picks from the CHL hit also players that are not highly touted prospects getting to the NHL.
  4. I love how they look down a goal just kept attacking till they tied it that’s the new Canucks they out worked the other guys tonight.
  5. Can’t wait till the Canucks kiss him good bye maybe not with that much passion but you know oh heck just say goodbye
  6. Please fire Green after tonight I can’t stand to see his face anymore
  7. Fire Green and Baumgartner and promote Smith to head coach and bring up Cull and one of his assistants or if Smith don’t want it bring in either or these guys Marc Crawford or Ted Nolan
  8. Winning percentage trajectory to becoming a playoff team and being one of the better teams in the league.
  9. I doubt any of these lightweights would even look sideways at any of our guys with Gadj or Mac in our lineup!!!
  10. If Green wanted to destroy the teams depth on his way out he did a pretty good job
  11. We need players that give our youngsters a safe work environment it’s sad that the Puke Travis the trickster Green don’t like tough hockey.
  12. Zack Mac plays his first game tonight to bad we kept this guy over a player that we could use right now.
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