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  1. Going home to Denver Colorado back to Burnaby Joe where it all began for him.
  2. I like it he gets to play a full season if it don’t work out for him at training camp.
  3. You should scram no one cares or want to read what you have to say. Hope this helps.
  4. No the idiots like yourself is addicted to your hatred so you come here to engage in arguments with the fans who owned you for years!
  5. After reading some of the things that the Edmonton fans were saying to Ethan Bear I think many of those negative pukes are here pretending to be Canuck fans.
  6. You seem to enjoy being a thorn in the fans side you come here to start arguments and pester maybe you are addicted to being a puke possibly the same goof that’s been banned many times over only to come back with a different name each time.
  7. Do us a favour if you don’t like the fans or what is being posted by us real fans then go your own way no need to suffer yourself.
  8. We will just call them oil fans who pretend to be Canuck fans because after the Ethan Bear fiasco I’d say many of our idiots are fake fans.
  9. I love how the idiots try to make it like we the fans did that when in the news it was a bunch of goofs who didn’t care win or lose they were gonna do it anyway.
  10. Leaf fan troll knew it!
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