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  1. This was my confusion as well, I understand he signed a contract but he never actually played a game or even set foot on NA soil, so is the contract still considered valid, especially since an entire season has passed. Obviously the Huskies have a case if they really decide that they want him on their team, especially if the have already made an investment in the player, but as I understand it the Import Draft is a very fickle thing. All teams only get 2 picks, goalies are ineligible, almost all teams have agreements already in place before they draft a player because there are so few draft pi
  2. A poster a couple of pages back just made an offhand comment about Schmidt going back to Vegas for Whitecloud and a 2nd because he refused a trade to Winnipeg. No proof, not even as a rumor, just as a comment and everyone here jumped on board because it would be a great trade but it's not an actual thing.
  3. Well he does get a say in whether the trade happens as Winnipeg is one of the teams on his 10 team no trade list. Now Benning, after getting the list from Schmidt, can still broker a trade with those 10 teams and ask Schmidt to waive to go to that team. That being said Schmidt can obviously still say no, I'm sure Benning was in contact with Schmidt constantly on these offers and telling Schmidt what the return would be, not that it really matters to Schmidt but some guys who are more loyal to the team trading them have waived to help their former team get a significant return. I don't think th
  4. Yeah there are a couple of small guys but the rest of our projected top 9 are definitely not small. Miller - 6'1 218lbs Boeser - 6'1 208lbs Horvat - 6'0 215lbs Podkolzin - anywhere from 6'0 to 8'9 and 190 to 208 Dickinson - 6'2 200lbs Pearson - 6'1 201lbs And Hoglander maybe 5'9 but he's also 190lbs which means he's still a very solid guy. So we definitely have the skilled guys with "heft" to play the smaller players with and don't have to bring anymore in except for maybe a 4th liner like Khaira. He would make a good edition to the 4th to
  5. I'd love that deal. Basically ends up as Whitecloud and a 2nd for a 3rd lol
  6. Apparently the reason Schmidt hasn't been traded by now is Schmidt is being picky (which is his right). Here's a clip form this mornings Athletic: Monday evening, the Winnipeg Sun’s Scott Billeck reported that Schmidt has declined multiple trade packages that would’ve sent him to the Jets. While the substance of that intel is accurate according to sources, it’s important to note that Schmidt’s specific form of trade protection doesn’t quite require him to specifically decline a trade in this scenario. Schmidt has a limited no-trade clause and previously submitted a 10-team lis
  7. Benning: "Tyler, listen, we need a favor. We're going to draft this kid out of Belarus but he already signed a contract in the Q, so if we try to bring him over and he doesn't make team he can't play in Abby. We're going to tell him to sign a 2 year contract on Dinamo Minsk so he can develop in the KHL. We want you to sign a contract over there too. That way you can look out for him and really hype the team and city because we've had mixed results from that league lately. And when both of your contracts are up and he signs here we will sign you back and give you a nice 'Signing Bonus'. Ok?"
  8. Exactly. Lines next season should be: Miller - Petey - Boeser Podz - Horvat - Garland Pearson - Dickinson - Hogz Highmore - MacEwen/UFA 4C - Motte 13th: MacEwen Let the Lotto Line do what it does against the other teams best match up line, Line 2 can tenaciously dominate the other teams 2nd line, Line 3 can match up against the other teams best and Line 4 can out run most lines on the other team and wreak havoc while adding scoring.
  9. OEL's NMC is still in effect because the Canucks never had the option to void it. The only reason they had the option to void JT Miller's modified NMC was because he was traded to Van before the clause came in to effect. Since OEL's was already in effect when traded it remains as part of his contract.
  10. Just thought I'd throw another handful of mud in to this debate just to keep the situation as murky as possible. Here is another excerpt from the same article 73 percent quoted: Jiri Tlusty exemplifies the strange hybrid case of a European player who played for the CHL but was drafted from Europe. He was drafted tenth overall in 2006 from HC Kladno of the Czech Extraliga, then signed with the Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds of the OHL. After one season, he split the season between the Marlies of the AHL and the NHL's Maple Leafs as a 19-year-old. Since he was drafted by the Maple Leafs
  11. Did the Oilers win any playoff games? Might as well of missed the playoffs. And last year they only managed 1 win against the 12th place Western Conference team. So lost 7 of their last 8 playoff games, but yeah, they're doing just fine.
  12. Definitely went heavy on the overseas prospects.
  13. Tichacek is interesting but if we're going LD I'm intrigued by Yaroslav Busygin. Not the most skilled but a solid, extremely physical shutdown guy that projects to be a safe bet as a bottom pairing, PK specialist minimum. Otherwise go with Wong, under sized but very high skill. Very much boom or bust but that's what 7th rounders are good for.
  14. Exactly. I've got no issue on taking a gamble on prospects at this point of the draft, especially the ones who missed a lot of ice time and dropped due to covid and he has a good track record.
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