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  1. Absolutely not. If we end up getting THE FIRST FIRST OVERALL PICK IN FRANCHISE HISTORY!!! Then I say we draft Clarke with the pick, pray by some miracle we get Morrow with our 2nd round pick and sit back and be completely satisfied that out right side D is set for a decade or more with Clarke, Morrow and Woo. Obviously they won't be set to step in next season but in two or three years having D corps looking something like: Hughes - Clarke Schmidt - Myers Rathbone - Woo Juolevi - Morrow With Schmidt and Myers, hopefully, becoming expendable (t
  2. Interesting looking at Buttons newly released list. He's got Ceulemans at 22, Lysell at 27, Raty at 29 while having L'Heureux at 8, and Morrow isn't in the first round on his list. Seems a little out of sync with most other recent lists I've seen published. Could just be a sign of how hard it is to gauge this year's prospects due to Covid. Could be some really interesting pickups, especially in the early to mid second round.
  3. He sat in a hotel room in Winnipeg for a week. No exercise, no practice, no anything. They want to get him in for more than one practice with the team and make sure he's got his legs and timing back instead of just throwing him in the lineup in the NHL
  4. Agreed. It's going to be a very interesting draft this year, between Covid limiting a lot of players ice time and the fact that there doesn't appear to be any top tier, exceptional talent but there is probably 10-15 high end players with similar career projections.
  5. You mean like same age, similar stats and similar player type like from someone like Kyle Connor who is signed at 7.5?
  6. No it doesn't. He could absolutely choose to sign a contract for less money before free agency starts but that is the amount the Canucks have to qualify him at if they can't come to an agreement to before the opening of free agency. If he doesn't sign a contract and doesn't get a qualifying offer at that number he becomes a UFA. If he doesn't sign a contract and is offered a qualifying offer but rejects it he becomes a RFA and can negotiate an offer sheet from another team or go to salary arbitration. Or he could choose to not sign a contract but accept a one year qualifying offer at the 7.5.
  7. They've played that well together ever since Myers joined the team. For the life of me I can't figure out it hasn't been made a permanent thing, other than Tanev seemed like a natural fit even though the numbers have showed Myers was statistically better with Hughes.
  8. Boeser's minimum qualifying offer after his current contract expires is 7.5 million. Although his cap hit is 5.875 they way his contract is structured his actual salary in his last year is 7.5 million and that is the number he must be qualified at.
  9. I really like seeing Hughes with Myers. For the last two years they have actually played really well and put up very strong advanced stats together despite getting limited ice time together. Last game they were easily the best d pair on the ice. Last year that pairing actually controlled play better than the Hughes -Tanev pairing. I'd really like to see them get a long term look together instead of just Hughes-Hamonic
  10. I've been on the FIRE GREEN team for about two years now. However I would be ok with Green sticking around on a 2 year contract with new, better assistants than Baumer and Brown. Our D and special teams clearly need better instruction than what they have been receiving and thise are the specialties of the assistant coaches. The reason I've been calling for Green to be fired, which I've never enjoyed advocating for another human to lose there job, is because I cannot stand the way our team has for years just constantly collapsed into a passive shell when we've had the le
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