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  1. Or it could also just mean that it's time to give him a chance on the wing with some quality linemates. His most common linemates are Sutter, Roussel, Beagle and Virtanen. None of them are known as players that have much offensive finish or are just don't have high enough hockey IQ to capitalize.
  2. Just going to throw this nugget out there and see what happens. Gaudette, although seriously snake bitten, leads the ENTIRE NHL in Scoring Chances Created/60 and is second in the league in High Danger Chances Created/60
  3. Kind of hoping he just sits the rest of the KHL regular season and playoffs, which leads to SKA getting eliminated quickly so we can bring him here ASAP
  4. I've been hoping for Gadj to turn in to an NHL player ever since he was drafted and looking at his ridiculous average of over 5 shots per game in the OHL. Almost all of them from net front battles, tips and rebounds. Really hoping he could develop in to the next Tomas Holmström. Not necessarily a high skill or high speed player but the ultimate net front presence
  5. Name one team in the last 10 years that won with there best players on ELC's
  6. Are we just forgetting about the first four years Marky was here and was guaranteed to let in at least one soft goal every game?
  7. 100% agree with that sentiment except with Bo instead of Motte. Bo is better at face-offs. Would love to see Motte with Bo and Hog next game
  8. Is it too late to bring Torts back. Feel like we could really use a serious throwback coach
  9. Whole team needs to learn how to play angry and start taking it out on the other team. We seem way too passive when we are losing
  10. Can we just start taking blood from Hoglander and use it to give the entire team an infusion of energy and passion