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  1. My idea is to wait until both Ottawa and Vancouver are mathematically eliminated. Then play the four games against each other at the end of the season during the playoffs. That way the two teams can satisfy all bonuses etc and determine an order for lottery selection.
  2. Look the exercise is good, being fit is good, I think that is obvious. What Marjorie Taylor Greene is saying, "You don't need masks, you don't need vaccinations, you don't need to be 2 metres apart, go out and socialize, because if you do what I am doing, you will not get COVIC_19". I agree with all of your comments about exercising, but being fit does not mean avoid the other things.
  3. I'm not sure if this has been mentioned, but I can't help thinking (again) how stupid Marjorie Taylor Greene (US Republican) is. Her latest video showed her working out with a caption that read "This is my anti-COVID plan". Think how many elite athletes who have contacted this virus.
  4. It has been found that both have a duplicate 310b45 gene, that gives them super immunity powers to Coronaviruses.
  5. I have just finished listening to a new book on the market (audible.ca but in the bookstores too) called "The Code Breaker", by Walter Isaacson. It's about Jennifer Doudna (Nobel Chemistry Prize co-winner, 2020) and gene editing. I covers the history of genetics, genes, DNA, RNA, CRSPR and mRNA and the incredible work going on over the last 8 to 10 years on a new way to vaccinate. It explains the older methods of vaccinations (that the Anti-Vaxers think are people are still doing) and how this new method works. My degree is in Mathematics, and I was onboard early (1967) with computer programmi
  6. Speaking of referees putting their whistles away, I can remember a World Cup rugby final that went into overtime (not sudden death). Each team had been called on a penalty that was within reach for their kickers and each kicker made their kick just before the end of game. Referees still made the calls even thought the fate of the World Cup Championship was on the line. Game ended with a winning drop-kick by Johnny Wilkinson to win the cup for England over Australia in 2003. Refs must play the rules right to the end.
  7. When is the fat 73 year old grey-haired old men night? Opps, I guess we're not in a minority!!
  8. All games should be for three points: Outright win (in regulation time) = 3 points, Win in overtime or shootout = 2 points, Lose in overtime or shootout = 1 point, outright loss (in regulation time) = 0 points.
  9. So a relative came in to watch the game with me a few minutes into the third period. He was going on about how useless Pearson was, and when did he ever do anything. I told him that he scored one of the goals tonight. A few minutes later he was going on about Howryluk and what a waste of space, yada yada yada. I pointed out to him that he had scored the other goal. As soon as they tied it up, he had to go, but not before grumbling about the lack of goals by Miller.....
  10. Or, if Ferland's case, let's get in a fight well trying to come back from a major concussion. And now where is he?
  11. What I would like to see at this time, is for the defence to have one person from the taxi squad rotated in every game. I want to see Juleivi more, and if it was a regular rotate in, then the person being rotated out would not feel demoted.
  12. I am happy that you have something to train for. However, I have stopped watching both boxing and MMA because these two sports have one goal in mind: give the opponent some brain damage! After being a boxing fan in the 60's and 70's I eventually woke up when I heard old boxers, like the Quarry brothers being interviewed and realized how much damage their brains had. Now I played rugby for 35 years, and you can get concussions in that (and many other sports, even figure skating!), but that is not the main goal of the sport. Whereas when you are trying to knock someone out (concussion) as the g
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