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  1. Just on CNN from a CDC study on excess deaths. The number is huge, and 2/3 are estimated from COVID-19. However, what is interesting is that the excess deaths are higher (as a percentage) in YOUNGER people.
  2. I'm repeating this from about 500 pages ago. If people over 60 and 70 have a high rate of deaths from COVID-19, shouldn't the younger people, out of respect, try as hard as possible to NOT up the probability of spreading this virus. After all, deaths from opioid overdoses are primarily with people under 50, and the elderly's taxes help to provide medical help and shelter for them. It takes a village to look after a village!
  3. Take a really deep breath, hold it, hold it, hold it, and now release. (Really do this!) Now what do you think is the probability that you just breathed in an air molecule that Julius Caesar breathed out with his dying breath when he was assassinated in 44 BCE (Before Common Era, or what we just called BC). I tell students that I went to school in the years BC which means "Before Calculators". Anyway, I hope that you have a probability in your head now. The answers is a surprising above 99%. This is quite remarkable, and proved on page 32 of his book. In other words, we are all eventually part of everybody else. Now imagine we are in a rally, with 100's of people. What they breathe out, we breathe in. Now imagine we are in a school classroom with 30 students. Every breathe you take (sounds like a song coming....) you are breathing in what your fellow students breathed out, only minutes before !
  4. 49 is a pretty neat number. A perfect square, with only 3 divisors, part of a Pythagorean triple of 7-24-25. And quite an easy number to square and to add, subtract or multiply with. Also, from Wikipedia: Forty-nine is the square of seven. It appears in the Padovan sequence, preceded by the terms 21, 28, 37 (it is the sum of the first two of these).[1] Along with the number that immediately derives from it, 77, the only number under 100 not having its home prime known (as of 2016). Base 10 representation The sum of the digits of the square of 49 (2401) is the square root of 49. 49 is the first square where the digits are squares. In this case 4 and 9 are squares. Reciprocal See also: Repeating decimal The fraction 1/49 is a repeating decimal with a period of 42: 1/49 = 0.0204081632 6530612244 8979591836 7346938775 51 (42 digits repeat) There are 42 (note that this number is the period) positive integers that are less than 49 and coprime to 49. Multiplying 020408163265306122448979591836734693877551 by each of these integers results in a cyclic permutation of the original number:
  5. I once got bumped from one school to another when the Principal decided to go back to Math and give up his admin job. I was crushed. Three years later I was one of the first hired (as a department head) in a brand new secondary school. When one door closes another opens up..
  6. Now, if you're "signing" a Disney tune, you probably are deaf and it makes no sound. However if you're "singing" a Disney tune, that would be annoying.
  7. Did they then say "Czech-mate"!!!???
  8. Love is "never having to say you're (from) Surrey" !!!
  9. I would like to see your statistics on this. Remember that 58% of all statistics are just made up!
  10. It's like the electrons in computer networks don't work over weekends. I can pay on a credit card on Friday, instantly the money comes out of my account. It doesn't show up on the credit card website until about Wednesday of the following week. Who is doing what with my money for those 5 days!!???
  11. Thinking about salaries. Any player that makes over $3.65 million a year, has a salary of $10,000 PER DAY! What I am wondering is, how much of that do they actually take home? I am sure they pay lots of taxes, pay into pensions,, have union dues, pay agents and special trainers.
  12. Did you hear about the Roman soldier who walked into a bar, held up two fingers and said "Five beers, please"!!
  13. Did you hear about the termite who walked into a lounge ans asked, "Where is the bartender?".
  14. An excerpt from this week's Economist magazine.