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  1. Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard.
  2. I'm interested in the last 30 seconds of a period. In basketball they have a game clock behind the net so that the players can watch the time rundown. In hockey they can't do that and sometimes, like the end of period 2 tonight, seem to be clueless about how much time is left, or not left, in the period. Is there some way that a count down clock could be put behind each goal. Maybe near where the goal light is?
  3. There is mathematical term called "regression toward the mean", also called "everything evens out"! We can't always lose in this lottery game. However, Hospital Lotteries I always lose (So I treat them as a donation)!
  4. I have been hoping for Virtanen to blossom for some years now. I also wasn't so sold on MacEwan until now. I am impressed with MacEwan's speed and intensity. He plays with a passion and heart, that never really came from Virtanen. So, as we see the end of Virtanen as a Canuck, I feel we have a better replacement with MacEwan.
  5. Just heard a clip that a soccer crowd sings in the stands (Liverpool??). It was, "You'll Never Walk Alone". If the canucks fans had a song, sort of an unofficial anthem, what would it be? And no, I don't think that , "Tanks for the Memories" is the one we would pick.
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