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  1. I've never played hockey but watched it since the early 60's. But I have coached basketball for over 20 years. When we came up with a dominating player on the other team (like McDavid), we used to go into a "box and one" zone defence. Here one player would shadow the dominating player one-on-one, while the other four players ran a zone defence in the shape of a box. Hockey teams play a zone defence on the power play, would this work in hockey??
  2. Even 18th century Mathematicians like the "Eulers". Leonard Euler's last name was pronounced "Oiler". Here is his family crest:
  3. I started teaching in Vancouver the year (1970) the Canucks played their first game. I vowed to keep teaching until they won the Stanley Cup. I hope they do soon!!
  4. So YOU are the "Piano Man" I once had Hans Operknockerty come to tune my piano and he did such a terrible job I asked him to return and do it again. He replied, "Operknockerty tunes only once" !!
  5. Four schools in the Cowichan area (Vancouver Island) with COVID problems today.
  6. Actually, when I play golf, I'm like a sailboat going into the wind, I tack across the field and zigzag my way in about 12 strokes to the hole. My golf philosophy is to get as many strokes for my money as possible. Some get only 65 strokes, I get at least 129 strokes for my money!
  7. I've been very impressed with this COVID site. So many of you are well read, use well thought out arguments, and have a wealth of knowledge. I need some advice from you. I am currently on leave from teaching. And have been isolating, and feeling very good. Although I am 73, I still have a longing to go back to full-time secondary teaching (grade 10 11 and 12 level). I have to make a decision by the end of January 2021. Should I go for another leave until the end of June, or is it safe enough to go back to teaching?
  8. I'm not sure what you are referring to. There is an online vaccination calculator, I tried it, it calculated that there are some 5.99 million people ahead of me. I rounded it up a notch, so that I could be the 6 million dollar man (an old TV show). Sheesh, this is just like the jokes I tell my students, I always have to explain them!! Like the punchlines "She sang Pardon my Roy, is that the cat who ate your new shoes" and "He was a supercallousedfragilemystichexedbyhalatosis" "what's a rotten joint like that, doing in a nice girl like you!".
  9. There he goes, "Waivering" good-bye!!
  10. Looks like I'm about 6 millionth in line. Always wanted to be the 6 million dollar man!
  11. His "backend" exudes "fresh air" ? LOL!
  12. Washington is showing what the logical conclusion to Trumpism leads. Recently Trump brought back the firing squad for capital punishment. Interesting....
  13. I know how you feel. I have a very bright cousin who is Pro-Trump, Q-Annon, anti-mask, anti-vaccination, and right into the alternate web sites. No arguement works, it's all fake news, we are sheeple, show me your research (that's a good one). So sad.....