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  1. When Jake was brought up to Canucks there was talk that the Canucks weren't happy with his development on the Hitmen so they brought him up early. I suspect that it wasn't so much the on ice development.
  2. To the first part…no one said they could. To the second part…what would be the point.
  3. The problem with your scenario is that Seattle has to sign them in order to have them considered as a pick.
  4. A lot could change between now and the 28th when free agency opens up.
  5. I never thought this Covid would last so long…after all it was made in China.
  6. Nobody is trading away a young superstar. Reinhardt and Tkachuk don’t fall into that category. Also a hard pass on Tkachuk at any price.
  7. One. Why would you trade Miller when he is exactly the type you win with. Second. If Smitty is only worth a second then I would rather keep him.
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