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  1. Stecher with the most ice time for the Canucks. That is a bit surprising but he is playing pretty solid tonight.
  2. I think we started to get our game back in the later half of that period. Better forchecking and carrying the puck into the o zone.
  3. Oo I'm just getting started in the bourbons! So far that stuff would be my tops, finishing a bottle of Bookers as well. Any recommendations?
  4. I'm drinking Woodford Reserve right now... really good stuff
  5. It's weird that some of the blues players are wearing striped jerseys.....
  6. Edler gets beat, Benn just watching, Markstrom not hugging the post. Like come on
  7. This is what you get with this garbage reffing! Blues can hit us from behind in the numbers and board us, no call, no worries
  8. Love that fight! Also these refs are absolute garbage. Some of the most inconsistent calls I've ever seen.