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  1. You guys are hilarious in this thread. Stay locked in your basements till health tsar bonnie henry tells you its ok to come out
  2. I think the difference would be Green has good communication and good reasons, so the play who sits out knows why they are sitting, as do most of us fans. With Willie it wasn't so much like that. I think it was goldie who scored his first nhl goal then sat for the rest of the game for who knows why, even Tryamkin mention this once in one of his interviews since he left. Tryamkin was sat when he first arrived because his conditioning wasn't up to snuff. Did he pout? No he worked his butt off and got into game shape. So I think when he comes back he's going to be a good player for us, Green prop
  3. uhggg should I get a ticket to go to the Minnesota game for 170$ for pretty good seats

    1. HI5


      Only if it’s Timberwolves or Vikings.

  4. Just bought a ticket to each of the young star games in Penticton, already have my ticket for the pre season game in Kelowna... Im loving all this Canuck action in the Okanagan 

    1. -AJ-


      If I was closer I'd consider going myself.

  5. Its annoying to come to the Jake Virtanen thread and have to scroll through 3 guys arguing their opinion over and over and over... bueller... bueller
  6. Ya these guys are just ruining this thread. Just pm each other your masterful take on jakey boy
  7. Should we just start a huge Virtanen to LW campain haha. I always see people on here suggesting it and it totally makes sense but it just hasn't happened yet.
  8. We miss you Tryam! Come back soon
  9. Boy he must have been so excited to have thrown that Canucks sweater on at the draft
  10. I remember two of his shots that were blocked, the player who blocked it got injured haha so it seems like there's some power in it
  11. I really hope he develops into a top four dman, having someone of his size is such a game changer I think he can do it
  12. GETTOUUTAA hereeeee!! SINNCEE wheennnn
  13. IMO hes the only one that really compliments the Baer-Bo line...well him and Rodin. Vrbata, Skille, Dors, they all just seem to be on the outside looking in when the other two start playing around with the puck in the offensive zone
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