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  1. So... Miller EP Boeser Hogs Bo Garland Pearson JD Podz Motte 4C 4RW Hughes Hammer OEL Myers Rathbone Schenn Juolevi Demko Holtby? So if they trade Schmidt that would give them more than enough to fill out the D and sign their RFAs. If they decide to trade or buyout Holtby, have to think the are going after a UFA no?
  2. Garland is a great pickup. Canucks now have a legit top six in Miller, EP, Boeser, Garland, Bo, and Hogs. I assume Hogs can also play LW?Third line is now legit in Pearson, JD, and Podz.Still need to work on the fourth line but given the lack of CAP JB should stay within the lines finally hahaThe forward group was poor last year and that hurt the team defence. With a better forward group and Demko in his second full season, I expect a better overall system (Shaw), which should help the defense.Defense is now OEL, Hughes, Rathbone, Schmidt, Juolevi, and Myers. They still need add another piece.
  3. Would be interesting to see a more detailed comparison of the two pairs from a defenisive stand point. Plus / minus is a flawed metric - I expect this years + / - numbers do not reflect reality but could be wrong. I think EP is by far the best with Boeser coming in just above, equal to, or just below Marner/Matthews. I expect it isn't even close in the playoffs when teams don't allow players to skate around as freely.
  4. If one year for Edler and 2 / 3 for Hamonic at decent AAV I am all for this. D struggled last year but I think it had a lot to do with the forwards, if Benning can put together a stronger four lines and Shaw can help establish a better defensive scheme, I think there is a lot of room for improvement. Some value buys at forward available - likely on short term, show me deals.
  5. I like the idea of Miller in the middle to form three strong pairs (Miller/Boeser, Petey/Podz, Bo/Hogs) but it would be interesting to see Petey freed up on the wing: Petey Miller Boeser UFA/Trade Bo Hogs Pearson UFA/Trade Podz Motte Graovac Lind/Highmore/Bailey Even if they do nothing on defense it could look like below but hoping they are able to trade for one or two d-men from teams looking to avoid losing players to expansion draft for nothing: Hughes Hamonic Rathbone Schmidt Juolev
  6. No doubt Tampa is an extremely well run organization...their creativity with respect to keeping and acquiring players is top notch and the Canucks need some of that if they are going to get to the next level. I view a core as being made up of four pieces: 2 forwards, 1 d-man and 1 goalie (i.e. the guys you won't trade for any reason and will build around - rotating complimentary pieces in and out depending on team needs). 1) I agree they still need a game breaking, core foward. 2) I also agree they need an improved defense but that takes time and often does
  7. Hence why they still need to hit big on a forward. EP and Demko are in the core no debate. Hughes needs to improve his defensive work but his offence is top end - I am not ready to discard him because he had a bad sophomore campaign. Some of the defensive improvement can come from internal growth (better positioning using his speed) and some will come with overall team improvement. With that being said, as I mentioned, they still need to hit on one or two significant d-men from a draft perspective. Boeser, Podz, Hogs, Horvat are all strong complimentary piec
  8. Or unless a settlement is reached (civil at this point)
  9. It is not an exception to a rule in my view, the mechanics of tanking are given way too much weight by many in terms of that being the key to success (i.e. a SC win). Yes, a team needs to draft a few core pieces in the first round but late round drafting, UFA signings, trades, and cap management all play just as key a role in actually winning a SC. For every team that tanks and wins, there are more that tank and fail. If teams can draft 2 core forwards, 1 core goalie, and 1 core d-man (d-man usually in the 2nd or 3rd round), they are in good shape (picking number 1 helps but I don'
  10. Although, if Kassian hadn't been traded, he may not have hit rock bottom and decided to get the help he needed to control his addiction problem. Debrusk does not seem to have the bagage Kassian had at the point of his trade.
  11. I would consider the following as it creates three solid, complimentary pairs (all three are interchangeble in terms of lines 1, 2 & 3): UFA/Trade/Pearson/etc. - Miller - Boeser Miller and Boeser played well together last year and seem to compliment each others' skills UFA/Trade/Pearson/etc. - Petersson - Podkolzin Pod is a puck retrieval machine and a great passer - good complimentary piece to EP UFA/Trade/Pearson/etc. - Horvat - Hoglander Match up line or take advantage of lesser third and fourth lines
  12. Have heard good things about Clarke but haven't seen him play...unless he drops then the Canucks should definitely pick a foward at #9. If some good D can be had later in the draft then trading back for 3 plus picks would be worth it (not sure I would do for two unless a #22 and #26 scenario as you suggest). Best move is likely to try and aquire some more 2nd round picks and pick D in the 2nd.
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