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  1. People say this as if his value will ever increase with the way he's playing and the way he's being played. At this point both sides are just suffering for no reason.
  2. Connolly would look pretty good with Hoglander and Horvat. They'd have to retain like half his contract for me to even considerate it though. Something about Florida is just a black hole dude. I dunno. Just feel like there is more to Connolly than what we are seeing outta Florida right now. Especially with it being a weird year with Covid.
  3. College players are different than other prospects. If we don't sign Hughes early there is a chance, a very slim chance, he just stays in college til he is a free agent. In hindsight we can say he'd never do that, but why risk it? Also it's just good player relations to do that. We've done it with seemingly every college prospect so far. Burn a year off their ELC to get them in the organization. So I am not against doing it with Pod either, getting him acclimated sooner is a boon for us.
  4. He had character issues and wasn't even really good though. There was lots of talk about how he felt he deserved to be on the team. In this case we're not the team trading Drouin, we'd be the team trading Sergachev for Drouin. Hughes is a stud, good character, good work ethic. And he fills a niche we been trying to fill seemingly the entire time our franchise has existed. Hughes has shown me nothing to say he's poor defensively. He battles hard and is great at using his body to cause trouble for the opposing player. Yes he's a minus player but that is not indicutive of his defensive play. Is he a shut down d-man? No. But he's a solid defensive prescence that can create offense damn near by himself. Trading him would be 10x worse than when we traded Neely.
  5. I mean, when they all seemingly have 35-40% ozone starts, yeah scoring isn't gonna happen often. Our top 6 is unbelievably sheltered in terms of deployment. Horvat has 40% ozone starts, and it's indicitive of his 5 on 5 point totals. 10 of his 16 points are on the PP. Long story short, if you're not getting ozone starts you're not putting up points regardless of who you are. Petey has 76% ozone starts, Boeser 68% and Miller 64%. If you're gonna get deployed that favorably you better be producing. Doesn't help the one bottom 6 player getting somewhat favorable deployment is snake bit or just incapable of producing at the NHL level, that's Gaudette at 50% ozone starts. The bottom 6 isn't scoring cause they are seemingly deployed purely to play a defensive role. That's hard to do cause our defense wants to pass the puck to the opposing team or in our players skates. I also think our 3rd line that should be the bottom 6 scoring line lacks any identity. They have Sutter, Roussel, and Gaudette. They have like no chemistry and the makeup isn't good for a grinder line, a shutdown line or a scoring line. It has parts of all 3. Our 4th line is fine, if the goal is just to cause havoc and not get scored on. It'll be better when Motter is back.
  6. Honestly, I think we need to move Hoglander to LW. Not a fan of him on the right. And with Miller glued to Petey's wing that doesn't leave many spots for Gadjovich in the top 6. Even if the notion was realistic. Lol. I felt generous slotting him into our top 9 right now.
  7. N7Nucks

    Linden. So...

    The talk around the media front was at the draft Linden was asking around about rebuilds. I am guessing he was heavily looking into a slower rebuild. But we also have to take this with the fact we hadn't seen guys like Petey and Hughes breaking out as quickly as they did. He may have abandoned the slow rebuild to build around them for all we know. But it does sound like he wasn't interested in a sped up rebuild/retool.
  8. Maybe we are sitting on that top 9 young forward. I loved this pick at the draft, still feel like we got a really good pick here. Hopefully he gets some looks at next camp.
  9. I wanted Ekblad, lottery said F you. I wanted Boqvist, but we got Hughes (not complaining, this worked out amazingly well). Wanted Soderstrom, Pod dropped into our laps from the heavens. Gimme my RHD, I want Clarke. If not him, I want Hughes.
  10. Lose for Hughes. Clarke looks pretty good too. I always drafted him in the 5th round in NHL 20. Lol.
  11. Ship is sinking, there is no hope. Ask for a trade. My contract sucks. Do we really need it?
  12. Why? Greener never really plays them anyway. Better to just find him another safe vet to overuse.