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  1. Slow, but he is smart. I hope he gets a regular spot. It is the Blue Jackets so anything is possible.
  2. You didn't like the strategy of screening our goalie on top of letting the opposing team take 35+ shots a night? Maybe you're just a hater
  3. Yeah, they are Miller, Pettersson, Boeser, Garland, Horvat, Hoglander, and Pearson. Our top 6 was never an issue and we even added to it when we didn't really need to. Our issue was depth scoring and depth on defense. We got rid of the bottom 6 bums. And brought in some good players. Dickinson and Garland alone are an upgrade on Rooster, Virtanen, Gaudette, Beagle and Eriksson combined. Schenn is a direct upgrade on Chatfield, as much as I like Chatfield. So yeah, there are lots of great depth pickups for a team that lacked any sort of depth.
  4. How did Calgary miss out on the Bulldog? Are they even trying anymore?
  5. Guy is 6'0, 180 pounds. Roughly the same weight as the Sedins when they played and 2 inches shorter. Would hardly call him undersized.
  6. Surprised Montreal isn't all over DeAngelo and Jake Virtanen. I thought they wanted terrible people.
  7. This man out here playing NHL 20 with all these signings. Lol.
  8. Never got that 100th goal. Was never the biggest Edler fan, but woulda been nice to see him hit the century mark. Oh well. He got a good contract to play in LA.
  9. I smell a Ladd, Okposo, Eriksson ending to this contract. Guy has trouble staying healthy. At least it ends when he's 34 and not 36. If he can stay healthy this will look pretty solid. But if that's the gamble you wanna make you shoulda just drafted Tarasenko.
  10. With Sutter re-signing it pretty much removed us from targeting Khaira. He wasn't gonna take Motter's spot on the LW. Good deal for the Blackhawks assuming the concussion history doesn't remove Khaira from playing regularly.
  11. The money isn't too bad, but it's weird he got a 4 year deal. Especially after his struggles last season. But it was a depleted blueline and he was forced into a situation he wasn't suited for. As long as he stays on the 3rd pair, all he really needs to do is insulate Rathbone and Juolevi as they rotate in and out of that 3rd pair LD spot.
  12. It's all coming together. Schenn is a great depth pickup.
  13. Hamilton puts up points wherever he goes, and even in seasons where his points were down his goals were up. Finally found a team to give him a long term deal at big money. Time to see if he keeps putting up points now that he got the bag.
  14. Baer pre-concussion was looking to become another Pearson type player, obviously a tad smaller. Here's hoping he finds his game in Vegas. I really like the guy.
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