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  1. No, the way reffing is these days enforcers would be sitting for 30 minutes a game for being too mean. Also, the idea of a pure enforcer is not good. Today's NHL every player on the roster needs to be able to play the game of hockey. The tough guys these days, the Tom Wilson's for instance, do more than just hit and fight. Between Mac and Gadjovich I think we'll be okay in the toughness department. And Woo if he pans out is said to be one tough customer.
  2. Think we all like Mac. He's a good 4th liner. Still has 3rd line upside too. Good guy.
  3. According to capfriendly Juolevi needs 6 more games to meet exposure requirement. What does that even mean? Why are these rules so f-ing confusing? Lol.
  4. It's actually tragic how they've handled things since getting Eichel. It's clear he was never the one they wanted, he was the one they got. So I can imagine how that relationship didn't start on the best of terms either. Lol. Now they've wasted so many years of his career. And are being weird about his health now. Eichel to Seattle. They are the only team that can really make it work. Especially if they get even half the free picks that Vegas got from other teams. They'll have a motherload of picks and nothing but cap space. As for Buffalo as a whole. I think it's time for us to go
  5. Innocent until proven guilty, but if true even I will jump off the Virtanen bandwagon. I just hope it isn't. I know this allegedly happened roughly 4 years ago, but still. There's no excusing sexual "misconduct". Whatever that means. This is just what we needed though, another stain on the team and the season. He needs the Kassian treatment if these allegations are true. We cut ties for whatever we can get, or even nothing, and hopefully he has an awakening and grows up. Also, why refer to her as "Emily" and not just "Jane Doe". A widly known way to refer to someone anonymously. Lo
  6. Hamilton is intriguing. But I dunno if I'd trust him with Hughes. Feel like he and Schmidt would probably gel better. I will say, I like adding Wennberg to the third line. I wouldn't be surprised if he stayed in Florida though, having a solid year there. Goals are way up for him. Averaging 18 minutes a game, so he's getting more looks than what he'd get here.
  7. I always said Bennett was an intriguing piece with top 6 upside and his time in Calgary helped him develop a meaner bottom 6 game. Glad to see him flourish, especially away from Calgary. They wasted his talents, although you could argue how they played him forced him to round out his game more. Which could be a pretty significant reason for his breakout play thus far. I really do hope he keeps this play up. I always liked him as a prospect. Kid is only just turning 25 this summer. Perfect time to hit his stride.
  8. We had Sundin to prepare the team for 2011, so this must mean we should go and acquire Sundin again for the next wave. Kovy, stay in the K. It's fine.
  9. I like Benning's drafting, but his ability to build around it is proving to be anything but good. I wouldn't waste money on a fire Benning banner, but I am starting to come around to the idea of moving on from him. I dunno. Maybe the team just needs more playing time and maturity. I am just a fan that is tired of losing. Lol.
  10. He's no Roussel, it's why he didn't get 3mil per.
  11. I was defending the bottom 6 all season on Twitter. They HATE Beagle and Sutter on Twitter. I even tried to defend them here. The overpaid bottom 6 jokes were rampant even though it wasn't Beagle or Sutter weighing this team down. They been really solid all season. Are they a tad overpaid? Yes, but they have been good. And when they are healthy, they are good to have around. Gaudette, while his effort I'd never question. Just doesn't have bottom 6 toolbox in him and isn't all around talented enough to be a top 6. I said at the time of trade we traded a KHLer for a AHLer. And honestly, I may ha
  12. Righties my friends, we should be after righties. Vegas had a bunch of lefties as well, it's why they moved out Schmidt and brought in Pietrangelo. We already have Schmidt, Hughes, Juolevi and Rathbone that are all gonna need looks. That's not including potentially bringing Edler back. Tryamkin as well. Besides, we don't need nor should we want Russian Sbisa.
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