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  1. Is there anyway I can watch last nights game in its entirety? Missed out doing school work.. Any help would be appreciated.

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    2. SabreFan1
    3. luckylager


      If you have SNnow or are on Shaw cable you can access it on Go to SNnow, scroll back to 5:00 yesterday and you're good to go.

    4. Jaku


      I believe Gamecenter (if you have it) allows you to watch previous games. 

  2. Do you guys think Horvat should have made team North America?

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    2. suitup


      Nope, I believe you're thinking of the Olympics

    3. numb3r 16

      numb3r 16

      @suitup the next WCoH is set for 2020

    4. suitup


      What? I thought it was an annual thing... man that sucks. Oh well. No Bo then I suppose. 

  3. Anyone here watch Sons of Anarchy? Trying to get into it but just cant get passed the first 4 episodes..

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    2. g_bassi13


      It starts off well enough, but turns into complete trash part way through. If @Toews thinks seasons 3-4 dragged on, it gets way, way worse right after that.

    3. Toews


      I stopped at the season where they introduced the character of Damon Pope. I can't remember which season that was, probably 5 I think. 

    4. Roger Neilsons Towel

      Roger Neilsons Towel

      I have watched every episode and lately have thought about starting again at episode 1. Great show. Killer soundtrack. Worth the watch imo. 

  4. I knew JB wasn't incompetent ^_^.

  5. I can see the future that we're heading..

    1. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      what do you see the future looking like for me? 

    2. JoesRooster


      Only good things Mr.Joe!

    3. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      for a guy 78 going on 90, that's good news.