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  1. Lets not forget, Mac had GP 69 , G22, P 52 in Utica when they first brought him up in 2019. Looking forward to seeing Gadjovich but lets now expect too much from the start.
  2. Not wanting to sound like a broken record but I really like what I see in Mac.
  3. I'd like to see Mac on Millers line. That line could be hard to handle and I think Mac has a lot more to give. I like Hawryluk. Not sold yet on Highmore. Rathbone looks promising
  4. I thought Lind was good. Rathbone looked ok. Another small defenseman. Everybodies is so excited to see these rookies play, myself I'd like to see Mac get a chance to play with Bo or Miller. He's about the only guy they haven't had up there. They could use somebody that goes to the net, is hard on the puck, hits and makes things happen. The poor guy hasn't gotten off the 4th line while all these slugs get to show they can't play up there. When Gad gets here it'll be interesting to see where he lands. I don't get where Green gets this reputation for developing players.
  5. I 'd still like to see Mac with Bo and Pearson. The guy gets 7 min with plugs and is expected to produce. Hogs gives up the puck more than he hangs onto it and seems off since covid. Put him with Sutter
  6. So I'm to believe that Mac can't make this line up ? Is he injured ? Jake was terrible again. Can't even fight Vesey just as bad.
  7. Had the Pfiz shot. Arm sore a little the next day. That's all. Really liking Mac on Miller's line. Brooke Henderson just took the lead ! Go Brooke !!
  8. Really liked the commentators last night. Informative and not bias. Liking what I see in Mac. Like to see him get the chance to play with more offensive minded linemates.
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