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  1. With the WHL opening up again, do y'all think Persson would come over to play with the Blazers, or stay in Sweden?
  2. I still remember the nightmare I had after Hughes had his first game with us against LA, that GMJB had traded QH for Foegele straight up. The shock easily took ten years of my life.
  3. I wonder if there's a deal to be made if we sent Virtanen, Gaudette, and Eriksson to NJD to Zacha + pick(s)?
  4. Bailey-Gaudette-MacEwan could be a tough line to play against. But I doubt Green puts them on together...
  5. How does Mike Ricci still have the same hairstyle as he does in my PC NHL 2005 game.
  6. Tanev is a straight up goon. Going after Dillon, and holding him down...
  7. Myers just holding that guy down after the save hahaha
  8. Gotta say, watching those last few minutes when Minnie had that ten second slot peppering Markstrom, he doesn't make those saves if he's too far out. YUUUUGE kudos to the goalie dev. staff over the last few years.
  9. Kids, I found the Virtanen vs Svechnikov scrum. May not be doing so consistently, but I'm glad we're standing up for each other more now.
  10. I think Virtanen knew the cross-check was going to get called. Glad to see him playing a bit grittier in any case.
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