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  1. Watching the Sens-Jets game last night it seemed like faaaast hockey. I'm a little worried that we might get unsuspectedly burned, but hoping for the best. They have a young team over there. GO FREAKING CANUCKS GO.
  2. Man I hope Eddie can take 5M or under on a two or three year deal. Hes a solid Dman, but we will need the $$$.
  3. Top 6 has been pretty dreadful aswell. Dump and chase for the top line doesnt work too well when Pettersson and Boeser are too soft to get the puck.
  4. No one is taking Beags or Roussell. Thank god Sutter will be gone though. Hoping we let Pearson walk though. Id keep him as a 3rd liner, not a 2nd liner. I'm a little scared Jim will sign Pearson out of fear of last offseason.
  5. I agree. He needs some speed with him. Our bottom 6 needs a total facelift. They mentioned tonight how fast Montreal is throughout their entire forward group. We need the same. Gaudette will never be more than what he is now without some complementary players. We need more youth and less old farts that belong playing shinny hockey at noon on Wednesdays...
  6. I agree, I dont love Holtby, but we needed someone back there. Honestly I feel bad for the guy. Just imagine walking into this absolute tire fire... It really sucks being a goalie in this environment. Goaltending is such a mental game. This is a tough hole to crawl out of. Dont know how Markstom was able to stand on his head night in night out. Incredible goalie. It's a shame all our $ is tied up in plugs.
  7. Oh I absolutely agree. Miller - Pettersson - Boeser Hog - Horvat - XXX XXX - Gaudette - XXX XXX - Mac - XXX Should be our lineup. We have 5 plug stoppers that need to go.
  8. IMO, it's hard to blame Holtby here. Hes an easy scapegoat. If we played NHL defence infront of him he wouldn't be getting lit up this much. The last 10 minutes of tonight were absolutely embarrassing. Way to throw your goalie to the wolves guys. What was that 2 or 3 break aways and 3 2on1's? Terrible.
  9. Cant agree with you more. We dont play for the win, we play to attempt a come back and cross our fingers.
  10. It's a mix of all. Benning handed out some bad contracts, albeit it would be hard to predict Pettersson and Hughes early emergence. Green... I'm losing faith. And losing it quick. Where is the structure? Is it not his job to fire the boys up? Why is our defence so bad? Embarrassing. The players... well. Our bottom two lines are hot garbage, except for Motte and Gaudette. We are so slow! Even to start the game there is ZERO urgency. Why do we only come to play when we are losing? A little too late guys...