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  1. Wow this thread has gotten out of hand. I'm of the attitude that we dont know what we have until we see it. Let's see what Poolman brings in a Canucks uniform. Really, how many games have posters seen Poolman play in? Or actually focused their attention on him? If he can play 12 minutes a night as a decent shutdown guy he is worth 2.5.
  2. Price will reportedly be ready in time for the season opener. I recently read that in an article.
  3. 15 games of Craig Anderson could make or break our season. As other posters have commented... Halak is a much better option. Anderson is washed up and is nowhere near Halak anymore.
  4. 2m AAV, wow. Best of luck to MDZ... So glad hes not on our blue line anymore
  5. So the Laffs are going with Campbell as their starter? If I was a Laffs fan, I would not be confident with that.
  6. I've always wanted this guy on our team. It's crazy how he keeps sticking with Columbus!
  7. For 1M hes a steal. He was one of the few bright spots last season. Welcome back Sutts.
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