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  1. Wow, Pretty surreal seeing people amped up for a series containing two Southern state teams! Should be a gooder. I'll be tuning in. Let's the swamp battle commence!
  2. Seriously, 75% of those plugs will be gone by next season (please God), so play the freakin' kids!!!
  3. Our bottom 6 is so bad. I'm getting 2016 flashbacks. A bunch of no-name journeymen that will be lucky to have NHL gigs elsewhere. Go Canucks!
  4. I hope Benning takes a risk and signs this guy to play on the 3rd line with Podz. We need some risks and leaps of faith! Nothing ever got accomplished with playing it safe. Give him 2x2m and roll the dice. Miller - Petey - Brock Hog - Bo - Pearson Motte - Podz - Tkachyov Lind - Beags - ???/Rous We desperately need some secondary scoring. I say go for it!
  5. I'm not reaching a verdict without seeing this Highmore kid play. My first impression was not a good one though.
  6. This is so disheartening. Makes me feel torn as I love the game & my Canucks, but its obvious that the NHL is a business. This world is full of greedy f***'s. Why does everything have to be fueled by money?
  7. I'm not touching that contract with a forty foot pole.
  8. Leggooooo! Been working nights the last 5 and sleep during the afternoon so I haven't been able to watch as of late. Finally a good start time! Send it boiz!
  9. I believe he coached the Oilers for half a season going 19-22-7
  10. Never liked Krueger really. He was pitiful with the Oilers and just as pitiful with Buffalo. That record is absolutely abysmal though.. 6-18-4?! Yiiiiiikes.
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