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  1. So long CDC! This will be my final post here. Thanks for the memories. Let's bring on the 2023-24 season! Go Canucks Go!!!!!
  2. Can't wait till the chaos giraffe is off our Blueline. Praying a trade happens before camp.
  3. - Canucks make playoffs. Shock the Oilers by winning in 7 games of round 1 - tocchet jack Adams nominee - demko Vezina nominee - Petey Selke nominee and receives hart votes As for the rest of the NHL - Columbus finishes in the final wildcard spot in the east. Babcock changes that team for the better. He is also a jack Adams nominee. - Pittsburgh wins the cup - Ovechkin scores 60 - Bolts miss the playoffa
  4. I think Mike Peca just got hired by the Rags as an assistant. Few days ago.
  5. Can't see this deal being made without a contact in place. PLD's camp was reportedly talking with LA about an extension.
  6. Kid gets alot of heat, mainly due to his size. He's done nothing but prove people wrong since his path in the NHL began. I think this is a good deal and he's priced accordingly.
  7. Not a Vegas fan whatsoever, but I can't stomach Dallas at all. Would love to see Vegas lose in the finals.
  8. I was hoping Sutter would stick around. They could turn the team around with a new coach.
  9. Quite the rough affair so far with a boarding hit by Pulock and an elbow by KotK. Good pace to this one. Kinda hoping the isles win and make a series out of this.
  10. Yes! Take off Hrudey and put in Burke!!!
  11. Lol that video looks like two Peewee teams going at it.
  12. The saddest part about this is we're talking about this when we should be talking about playoffs. We've got nothing positive right now as Canucks fans so we have to talk about drama. At the end of the day I'm glad we traded Bo. He's a good player but I'll double down on my claim that he's not a play driver. Lots of right place right time goals. Solid 2C but grossly overpaid now. I'd take Miller over Horvat every day of the week. I was never sold on Bo's leadership either. Be was pegged to be captain as "the next Trevor Linden", and him as captain never felt right to me. Let's move on from this guy, be a playoff team next year, and let the "boos" reign in come next season!!! GO CANUCKS GO!!!!
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