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  1. And Halle-&^@#ing-lujah..... the right thing once again......impeached twice.......quite the legacy for the Twatwaffle-In-Chief Here we are...on page 4596...through 5 years of a despicable man who became president, ....through two impeachments of that sadsack POS ......with only 7 days left of his term...and still, so many of us are waiting for the other shoe to fall....... because it's not over....as long as you have the Gym Jordans and Matt Gaetzs et al perpetuating the lie and the gaslighting...will it ever, truly, be over? At least 10 Republicans found their moral and ethical cojones (Not to mention, their integrity) and voted to do the right thing.........
  2. <---- The closest I could come to waving a party streamer and dancing a happy dance! (Regardless of his shifty motives for doing so.....this could be the final nail in his coffin as some Republicans will no doubt take offense to his tap dance)
  3. You that bored champ? Go troll someone Else 

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      Odd, I've found Cerridwen is usually the voice of reason on here. 

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      This didn't age well at all.:emot-parrot:

  4. &^@#ers.... I've no other words ...it's sickening to see...and then all the asskissers support this $&!#
  5. This tweet has since been removed from his twitter feed...not sure by whom....Twitter or someone at the White House
  6. The minute they decided to trespass and stormed the Capitol building, smashing their way through doorways and windows, they ceased to be 'demonstrators'. Get the difference, now?
  7. I cannot believe we are watching this happening in real time. And how could they NOT have been prepared for this.? Even folks here in Northern BC were talking about what was likely to happen today. I'm feeling truly speechless watching this unfold. What a &^@#ing $&!#-show of a failure.
  8. Gobsmacked....even though I knew there must be way more to the story than what was released in the POSPOTUS' rationale and reasoning (I use the term loosely) for the pardon. I shall refrain from sharing the rest of the words I said upon reading the article.... even the plants had their ears covered. Thanks for sharing this. Rupert....the TRUTH will always out the bastards who try to pretend the TRUTH didn't happen.