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  1. It seems to be flashback night... wa-aay back flashback...
  2. Roger Rabby - Joined Friday at 07:05 PM Chesster - Joined Friday at 07:07 PM Interesting.....
  3. Thanks for the hyper speed response! I shall go have a poke around in settings!
  4. Quick question.... there's no signing in 'hidden' anymore? Noticed that the box to tick that is missing when signing in.
  5. It takes time to clean up 4 years of 45's mess... Why weren't YOU screaming for Trump's head to clean it up when it was HIS mess? Hmmm?
  6. Nope...but Stealth pops in very regularly to check out the 'new' users who run immediately to post in this thread. A person would think you'd know this by now considering the number of times you've been the recipient of the green parrot treatment.
  7. Couldn't happen to a better .... a better.....sleazebag, IMO.
  8. I have my Dad's LP as well...it's a wonder it has any grooves left to play! Every once in awhile I play it on the old turntable because those hisses and pops are part of the soundtrack of my life. I have to say, it really is a favourite album of mine. It has the beautiful sound of Dixieland jazz to my ear!
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