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  1. It's a quandary, to be sure... Just one more thing in the year of 2020. Was snap election one of the signs of the Apocalypse and The End Times?
  2. I have no words...just absolutely beside myself. Politicizing a dying woman's wishes...and not just ANY woman, either. The &^@#er has finally hit the lowest low...though it's probably only going to be the lowest low of TODAY, unfortunately. He needs to go... he needs to be removed and frankly, I don't even care how he's removed anymore. Any grassy knolls on the way to his next superspreader event? I'm all out of envelopes.... dammit.
  3. I realize I.m a little late jumping in here but based on the fact that Horgan chooses to call a fecking election mid-pandemic, I would even vote for the dead pigeon in Chuck Grassley's driveway before I would ever vote Horgan. I had become pleasantly and positively surprised by Horgan but now.....he can just fade into obscurity down an outhouse. His choice here is reckless, self-serving and deserves to be reviled.
  4. Oh yes he just did... the mother&^@#er RIP Ruth Bader Ginsburg What an incredible role model you have been for young women everywhere. The empty chair in the Supreme Court is going to take a might large person to fill...even though you were this tiny little woman with a massive intellect and more knowledge of the law in your little fingernail than the the last judge appointed has in his entire brain. I am inordinately saddened to hear this news...though it's not entirely unexpected. Her absence on the Supreme Court is cause for great alarm amongst those who believe in the word of law and have seen it being eroded on a daily basis. I am verklempt.
  5. THIS should be grounds for taking down a government, right here. NOBODY can honestly believe and say that Trump knew nothing of this. Just when I thought nothing could piss me off more or disgust me more about this administration, THIS ^^^^^ does it in spades. Members of this administration need to be doing jail time for $&!# like this. The liar factory is in full operation, I see.... I am gobsmacked.....AGAIN...when I was sure they could not possibly go any lower.
  6. He must have said that during the time MSNBC pulled away from coverage due to the lies. They came back in for the reporters Q&A. Honestly, how can anyone believe the $&!# that spews forth from this animal's mouth. He's a &^@#ing liar, always was, always has been and always will be.
  7. Yep... and that, unfortunately, includes some of my family members who live in the US.
  8. Isn't it a strange world we've evolved to in the Age of COVID? "It's ONLY appendicitis". It's ONLY Strep throat. That we are relieved to hear that this is the diagnosis because we know that surgery and a round of antibiotics will solve the issue and we will be well again. Any other time, either of those would be a significant thing and now, they are the lesser of the evils. Wishing your daughter all the best and that she's soon back to her old self! An appendix lighter, to be sure. Best wishes to all of you, Rupert.
  9. You truly are a piece of work posting this crap.
  10. I cannot emphasize this enough. Like holy crap, people...now you're gambling with MY life, and your neighbours, your co-workers...How bloody selfish can these people be?