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  1. I can sort of agree, but we'll never know what marios trajectory would've been had he been injury free. There are always ways to manipulate stats to suit arguments this site is very good for that lol
  2. Yeah Daigle 327 points in 616 games with known off ice issues and Boeser 311 in 398, pretty much exactly the same huh.
  3. Flew in from Winnipeg for the weekend to watch this one. My wife and I have travelled extensively to watch Canucks games but this will the last one for a while. Wife has been diagnosed with multiple myeloma so we decided to have this weekend away to relax before the intense treatments start. *****GO CANUCKS GO*****
  4. I don’t understand why people are slamming the coilers for wasting mcdavid and draisaitls prime are so willing to waste Petterssons and Hughes prime by wanting a full rebuild. Management is doing exactly what they said were going to do. I’m in the minority here but I really like the trade. I hope Hronek has a great and long career with the Nucks. Everyone clamouring for a RHD have gotten what they asked for, including myself. Do I think this puts them in the conversation for the cup next year? Probably not, but I do believe we have a lot of really good pieces to start heading that way. ****GO CANUCKS GO****
  5. 5-2 B's pasta with the winner ****GO CANUCKS GO****
  6. 3-2 Canucks Kuz with the first Garland with the winner **** GO CANUCKS GO ****
  7. December 29th in Winnipeg, because I’ll get to go to it. **** GO CANUCKS GO ****
  8. He isn't, he even said in an interview that he's not near 5'10
  9. 3-2 isles, I hate myself barzal ****GO CANUCKS GO****
  10. 5-2 Canucks Miller with the winner ****GO CANUCKS GO****
  11. 4-2 preds Josi with the winner I hope i'm wrong
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