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  1. My first time watching a Dahlin highlight I am impressed he looks like the real deal. The russian kid looks good too but i would not pass on Dahlin. I'm going to lmao if we pick 4th or 5th and JB drafts Tkachuk.
  2. Sky is the limit for this kid! I like the RyJo comparison but his hands remind me more of Drouin.
  3. Tyson Jost will be playing with our boy Boeser next season in North Dakota! Wow that is exciting news I heard it on team 1040
  4. Lol my bad I think my question along with oldskool members calling teams got things spiraling out of control yeah agreed better safe than sorry right lol
  5. I guess it's unanimous then Dibs the Penguins!
  6. Is that how it worked in the past? I mean deciding who gets what team just dibs? First come first serve rule?
  7. Sign me up! I'd really like to be in on this, I would prefer to draft my team but if it's too much trouble then league roster would still be a lot fun and have a more realistic feel to kick things off. So either way I'm interested in one of the spots.
  8. ahh damn i forgot about that..has Sutter always worn #21? Eriksson could try and buy it off him maybe lol
  9. Benn as of today sure, but he wasn't a superstar at the time Eriksson played with him so it probably shouldn't count. Jagr. Modano,Lindros all legendary HOF players but i believe they were all way past their prime at the time they played together and also they did not play together for an entire season. Kreijci is a 70 point cap player = no Bergeron same as above = no Sure you could argue that the Sedin's are past their prime and I will agree but I will still say they are point per game players = best line Eriksson will have played on.
  10. Welcome to the Vancouver Canucks Loui Eriksson!!! I wanted Okposo for the Sedin's I think he was the top FA and Eriksson 2nd after him so I am super super fkn happy for the team and for the twins especially. Coach Willie D worries me but I have faith he will make the right decision and play Eriksson with the twins. Benning clearly mentioned that he signed Eriksson to play with the twins so.. I couldn't agree more he's the best RW they have ever had a chance to play with in the Nhl. Same goes for Eriksson he hasn't played with Sedin caliber player's in the Nhl. I can see Eriksso
  11. Wooo I'm happy man Olli Juolevi is a Canuck!
  12. His hands are sick I love his wrist shot it's elite. I think his release is Tarasenko like but he plays more like Sharp.
  13. Baertschi scored a goal rocking the black and yellow Canucks jersey, that'll look good in his highlight reel. Dany got one too was happy to see that, those jerseys are epic!
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