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  1. Yup but he seems to makeup for it in His positioning he gets to high iq areas of the ice great for pp
  2. Nice thing is we can draw up a plan for our pp in 3rd fxcx reaves dirty bs hope motte gets back in
  3. Cant blame an injury on jb just think of his experience in the room dressed or not veteran pep talks etc were getting what we need out of him just wait on it
  4. Lehner is one of the biggest loose cannon goalies in the nhl i really hope the nucks get the memo and chirp him to get in his head and throw him off his game
  5. LE had A terrible game last night i felt 5on5 they collapsed to much and let them cycle they need to be more aggresive on the puck carrier its like a pp with that ROR line when they setup LETS FN GO BOYZ
  6. Keys i noticed in this game -nucks know that st louis wouldve watched tape on there powerplay to look for tendancies so tonight having them give st louis a few diff looks was key and will be key moving forward to keep the pp hot -look for st louis to start Jake Allen in game 2 -were all gonna start hating perron real quick -still undefeated with loui in the lineup Onto Game 2
  7. A few of those were size mismatches like the one on parise but i agree myzy needs to pick his spots better
  8. Please sutter drink a redbull or something before the game we need you to not gas out every 18 second shift LETS GO BOYZ!!
  9. Sutter again looks out of shape to me his back check is laughable he looks gassed every shift love to see an energy guy in his spot
  10. Its obvious that the borders should be cut off and it is intelligent the countries that cut borders off early like russia etc have little to no virus based on them jumping on it early
  11. Marky and tanev should be healthy by resume date we will most likely be 100% once season resumes
  12. Close the borders trudeau u pos
  13. Tbh im happy i get to watch this race go down watching these games u become so emotionally invested its crazy its great to be a fan right u think all the other teams were in the chase with are just giving up on there team naw.... its been a few years since weve been this close to a playoff birth enjoy this s*** instead of beeing a pathetic bandwagon fan “sips tea”