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  1. Lammiko stood out in that bottom 6 for me OEL came as advertised solid all around pearson i thought was the best canuck up front tonight i really think we need more urgency on the PP quick passes and shots at the net again the boys standing around trying to finesse plays through …. Chiasson….come on green to much ice for him move up hogz onto the next!!
  2. Rathbone getting that spot and well deserved OJ had so many chances to kick into high gear and never did
  3. I love this kids energy shift to shift would love to see him with motte on that 4th line
  4. I thought OEL was solid and like they said on air hes a faster smoother edler which is big cause he will eat minutes every night Rathbone showing up and making a case i think it makes sense to start him in abby and have his confidence soar down there until a D injury happens and im high on lockwood they keep saying hes a 3rd 4th line type guy but i see more hes got speed and a set of hands
  5. Id love to see kilmovich play with petey this guy could turn into a solid creative fwd with hands but would need to play with offensively creative players not grinders didnt take much from this game
  6. Silovs looking like a real good goalie prospect hes a big boy 2 could challenge MD next year
  7. Miller Petey BB pearson horvat garland podz dickinson hogz motte sutter macewan hamonic hughes oel poolman myers juolevi
  8. Hes a beauty and competitive honestly captain material this season is gonna decide alot
  9. He wouldve had an easier time with negotiations if he wasnt so injury prone this could go on for his entire career how can a player have the upperhand when he was out most of last season doesnt make sense at all and say no to a 2-3 yr deal gotta lock him up 5+ years at this point
  10. I disagree that millzy isnt as talented as BB..brock is a one dimentional shooter with low speed no physical play brock is a pure shooter millzys an all around big body guy reminds me of a modern day bertuzzi me personally would trade brock before him
  11. Hes a generational talent him and makar will be battling for top defensive points for the next 10 years BUT i do feel when he becomes a UFA years from now he will bolt to the USA or find a way to be a devil
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