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  1. That was exactly my thoughts haha. Oh look he is on the ice, gets a shot through, makes a good pass, now we wont see him for 2 more minutes lol.
  2. I feel like he is barely playing. I see him on the ice and then it seems like 3 or 4 rotations before he gets back on the ice.
  3. I have yet to notice Juolevi in a bad way. He does have offensive instincts that's for sure.
  4. I would love to say yes, but as far as I saw, no . . . . .
  5. Fair enough. Just seems like the directive is take a slot shot or move the puck to the left side high wall for Nylander. Could just be how this game went but that seemed to be the way it was drawn up in practice lol.
  6. Man does Pettersson slow the game down once the puck hits his stick. I also feel as though being used as the high man on the right point almost under utilizes his skill. But then I have not watched his SHL games so maybe that is how he is utilized there as well.
  7. Damn, Pettersson just hit the post on the wrap around try.
  8. That and it was his efforts off of the faceoff that started the whole process.
  9. Yep, Just drew a penalty with his great puck possession. He is so smooth with his play and he really liked to look to use his teammates. ** Edit ** Just got the second assist on the PP
  10. Belarus just scored shorthanded. Fault was with the D, they tried to get fancy.
  11. You can watch on the tsn go app. If you have cable you sign in with an email account linked to that account or with your online profile. I am using the in-laws account Watching on the tablet while I work haha.
  12. I think it's safe to say with Tryamkin leaving to the KHL that his spot is now Juolevi's to loose.
  13. Thanks for posting those, I don't use twitter so it helps when relevant tweets are posted on different Canucks subjects. Sounds like OJ knows he is in control of his future, I know Virtanen at times also said all the right things, but I feel like with Juolevi he is not just saying it, he knows exactly what he has to do to become the player we all hope he can. Also I wasn't aware that last summer wasn't a great one for him, was it just super short or was he injured? I googled around a bit, but nothing came up.