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  1. He was 29 I am sorry but if you can't see that there was something wrong with that at that age something is really wrong with him
  2. Dogs Can understand tone. You can tell a dog its a bad boy really excitedly and dog the dog is going think it did nothing wrong if you do it in a deeper tone its going to under stand, it needs to know youre the alpha
  3. There is a difference between caring about animals and just being stupid. A dog needs to be trained therefore when they do something bad you tell them they are bad. I am not saying hit your animals that's a whole different thing from punishing them
  4. Are you sure you don't have a boot shoved up your a.....
  5. So how do you teach a dog? do you let it pee on the floor and tell its a good boy/girl And hope to god it stops peeing on your floor?
  6. I think it would be great if they came back
  7. tbh if Edmonton added a nice sweetener i wouldn't hate it
  8. with the logic of the Vancouver killer whales are we the Vancouver lumberjacks? No, we have an identity keep the orca and lets build an identity how many times do you seen a original 6 team change their jerseys?
  9. i undeerstand that they are worth more but Toronto needs the cap space therfore we low ball
  10. Sign Panarin to a 7x10 deal then sign Myers to a 4x5 deal Then trade 2020 4th to Toronto for Zaitsev and Kapanen Why TOR does this they need cap space it clears up some cap space Why Van does it Kapanen will be a very good winger for Bo Then Trade Sutter To ANA for 2020 4th Why Van Does this Sutter is expendable with Gaudette here so trading him for a pick would be good Why ANA Does this They need a replacement for Kesler Then trade Sven Baertschi to the wild for a 3rd round pick in 2019 Why the Wild do it They nee
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