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  1. My only concern with OJ is he seems to have an issue struggling to turn one way and gets beat on that side. Injury? Strength? Not sure. But that needs to get fixed and if it does he is great.
  2. We need to be thinking forward and should have been all season with the decisions made in the off season. Juolevi should have been in the lineup all year. Rafferty and Rathbone should have had a chance. They haven't. Lind and Gads should have gotten a chance before Vesey, Boyd and Highmore. This is why I would fire Green. Not because we didn't make the playoffs, but because we hurt next years team and the year afters team by how Green handled this year. Just my humble opinion.
  3. Time for Rathbone to get a game. Elder out one more. Would love them to give Quinn Juolevi and Rathbone a run on the left side and see what the future holds. Use three Vets on the right and see what happens. Really think Jack and Juolevi should have been in the lineup all year.
  4. Nice that Brisebois and Chatfield got a game. So far so good.
  5. I agree Jack could be better than OJ. But both are better than Benn and some nights Elder.
  6. I tend to agree. I like Rathbone better than Fox. But I think you highlight the Canucks development problem by suggesting he is anywhere near as good as Fox. Fox was given a chance and played in the NHL from the get go. Rathbone was buried and is playing behind players he is better than. I would argue Juolevi is too. And that some of the Canucks struggles this year have come by leaning on Hughes too much and playing Benn, Chatfield, Myers, Hamonic and at times Elder ahead of younger more capable d-men that will be herr longer and improve faster with more time on ice. And also that Elder
  7. If the Canucks could develop the roster to the point that the third line is Virtanen Miller Vesey. I think this team would be good. I think we clearly have 4 of that top 6 already (Petey, Bo, Hogs and Boes) And just maybe between Gaudette Lind Podkolzin and Gadjovich we have the other two soon. Then Motte Beagle and Macewan on the 4th.
  8. They need to give Hoglander a bunch of tape of Gallagher. If he can emulate that with his skill he will be dynamite.
  9. Is Gerard Gallant still available?
  10. Skates like Virtanen. Passes and controls the offensive zone like JT Miller. Drives the net like Horvat. Checks like Motte. Can play up and down the lineup. Totally on the team next year
  11. Practices? What practices? As I understand it no practices and limited game day skate time.
  12. So who wants to give up a second rounder for Rafferty now? He seems expendable all of a sudden.
  13. I would be happy to get any player who can get the puck in our zone and get it out. We so need another good PK dman that will not hurt the other areas of our game.
  14. The D man on that play is former Canuck prospect Gustav Forsling who is having a pretty good AHL season himself. Not good on that play though.
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