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  1. You are being too rational. Mentally weak fans are berating the mentally weak team for being mentally weak. Typical Canucks fan base. Don't worry though. When the Canucks start winning again, the mentally weak fans will come out of the woods and declare their undying love for this team.
  2. J.B. does not B.S. as well as Ken Holland. Ken botched several of his trades/signings during the past 2 years and yet he is still very much liked among the Oiler fans. Generally speaking they do not pin the blame on him nor call for his job.
  3. Take a look at the Colorado Avalanche. Did their rebuild go smoothly? No it did not. Sakic was coming close to getting fired at one time. Nathan MacKinnon's career did not take off until his 5th NHL season. Did the 2011 Canucks get to where they were smoothly? Fans wanted the Sedins to be traded because they could not beat Chicago time and time again. Rebuilds are not easy and they take a long time, with TRIALS and ERRORS (i.e. mistakes) along the way. This is why I am not buying into this Montreal hype. Was it easy and smooth for Toronto, Calgary and Edmonton? It took Ovechkin, a generational goal scorer, 13 seasons to win a Cup. Some of the critical criteria for J.B.'s management team are: - Did they contribute substantially to the LONG TERM growth of this franchise? - Did they substantially damage the prospect of this franchise in the LONG RUN? We can not really judge these until the Seattle expansion draft is done and Pettersson and Hughes sign their new contracts. By then we would have more concrete evidence to go over.
  4. This guy's balance is incredible. He seems to have a low centre of gravity. He gets back on his feet real quick. His stick work is better than Elias Pettersson. His hockey IQ and vision are exceptional. I am not sure about his shot.
  5. He is playing better than Troy Stecher did. He is also more mobile than Olli Juolevi.
  6. My criticism of Nate Schmidt so far is that he has not outplayed his D partner Edler who is much older. He is also not as flashy or notable as Tyler Myers who has made some nifty plays skating the puck out of D zone. At the start of the season, I expected Schmidt to be a noticeable upgrade over Edler and Myers. So far, he is just as leaky as Myers in the D zone and yet not as exciting in the O zone as Myers. He does not take as many penalties as Myers though.
  7. Last night was Hughes' best game so far this year, granted it was against a Senators team that did not play well. Hughes was confident on his skates. Most of his passes worked and did not lead to icing. His stick work was great in the D zone breaking up plays against much bigger forwards.
  8. For purposes of comparison, Gaudette has all of the physical gifts of Tyler Toffoli. He is a decent skater. He has decent hands and shot. He has decent size. He just lacks T.T.'s hockey IQ. He does not read plays well. He does not know how to anticipate plays as they develop in all 3 zones. He is similar to Jake Virtanen in this respect. Some players learn to read plays as they play more and more games. The problem is that unless he can replace Brandon Sutter's PK and matching roles, the coaching staff can't really find consistent minutes for him to play to develop those hockey instincts.
  9. Do you think that they would concede your argument when it comes to contract negotiation? "Sure we will take less money because we are not franchise players."
  10. Sadly his salary cap will still count against the Canucks.
  11. Chatfield played very well last night. He was mobile. He got to the puck quick. He made good first passes. He read plays effectively. He was fairly physical. He played better than Juolevi so far.
  12. Olli made some mistakes but he was OK. As expected his mobility was not great. If teams start exploiting his lack of mobility then Rathbone or Rafferty may get a shot.
  13. There was an interview with his SHL coaching staff some weeks ago. Those concerns were mentioned, but the staff assured that Hogs is NHL ready (like all staffs do when they are interviewed about their players). I think Travis is likely to change the way the Horvat line is deployed at least at the start of the season. That line will have less of a role as the shutdown line. The Pettersson line will be matched up against other team's top line.
  14. Our very own Brad Marchand. I guess that 2nd round draft pick was worth it.
  15. My biased view of Tryamkin is that he is not that talented outside his size as well as his commensurate speed for his size. Rathbone and Juolevi seen to have higher hockey IQ as well as better vision than Tryamkin. Rathbone is more mobile and his shot is decent. I think Tryamkin's ceiling is something like Jamie Oleksiak. Not the most talented nor the best defensively, but can play tough minutes to complement a more skilled D partner. However, I remain doubtful regarding his commitment to learn English and build a new life in North America. I just don't know him that well.