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  1. The concern with OEL is the foot speed he lost. His hands are still great. We will see where his skating is in training camp. He should also play more physical.
  2. If J.B. let Vezina caliber Markstrom leave on free agency and trade 1st round pick for a backup goalie, you know what would happen here.
  3. If Matt Duchene could get traded bringing back significant returns, why wouldn't Eichel?
  4. Last season, with poor forward depth, I thought Canucks could sneak into playoffs if they were healthy. This season, I expect them to be a top 3 team in a weak division and get into the playoffs comfortably down the stretch.
  5. I forgot to mention that Arizona is also a great spot to send our former beloved franchise players to suffer. A Hughes trade for Chychrun plus picks is not a bad plan B.
  6. I predict that the 2 way play of all 4 lines will conceal many of the shortcomings of the Canucks D. I expect Canucks D to overperform this season.
  7. The Canucks should let J.P. know that if an offer sheet is signed, the Canucks would match and then trade the player to Buffalo or Columbus.
  8. He is a competent top 4 D. It’s just that when he makes errors they are really noticeable. He is sort of like Tyler Myers in this sense.
  9. Is the agent handcuffed to the chair with the picture of his wife and kids in front of him?
  10. Hakanpaa is one year older than Poolman and yet Poolman played more NHL games, averaged more minutes per game, and was given an opportunity on Winnipeg's top pairing. Hakanpaa is basically an oversized Oscar Fantenberg, but Fantenberg skates better.
  11. It sure is a major tragedy that we don't have an overpaid and grumpy Nikita Tryamkin to bolster our lackluster LD.
  12. I agree that Poolman is overpaid but I don't understand why some fans overrate Hakanpaa. Poolman is clearly the better D at this point of their careers.
  13. I think Poolman is overpaid a bit. However, why it took so long for Hakanpaa to be signed? Did he want to play for Vancouver? He is one year older than Poolman and yet he played fewer NHL games and in lesser roles than Poolman in Winnipeg. I think Poolman is the safer bet.
  14. Chris Tanev is the only factor that stands out. Otherwise I dare to say the current team is overall better.
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