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  1. Yeah, he is made out of glass and the contract he got - is well earned
  2. Good take: this will be fast tracked, to avoid stirring the.pot too much.
  3. I am sure he has his duties; I am just unsure of what they specifically are.
  4. 2 million per year on the high end would be ideal - hope he stays durable (?).
  5. Like, you Iam somewhat unsure of where the lines of responsibility ends; imo, Shaw is the hedge - just in case the team starts off slow or is struggling to make the playoffs and some changes are needed to change the fortune of the team - very similar to what the Habs did when the Habs replaced Julien with Ducharme and from there, the team took off. After this offseason, there is alot more pressure & eyes, to see if the staff can deliver - to me the biggest X factors are: the coaching staff and if the players will buy in.
  6. Enjoy, reading your post; and with the Canucks - always, in contend mode: can you perhaps list a few late round gems to keep an eye on (?) cause the likelihood, of JB trading our top two picks to fill current needs is very high.
  7. Based on years of experience and past accomplishments, Shaw has more years of coaching experience than both Green & Baumer combined; and it seems Baumer is only the defensive coach on paper (?) - REALLY, not sure how these two will make it work. I guess, we will just have to wait & see with the on ice product on who is dictating the defensive system cause the situation seems like - the student is teaching the teacher based on the job title/description. The Baumer re signing was a head scratcher but I am assuming, that Green requested that the Canucks give Baumer another ch
  8. Yeah, still lots of important RFA’s left to sign - Gear & Weisbrod are probably earning there $ during these negotiations.
  9. Not really concern cause the team identity should with the new faces (in the roster & staff); and it should be about team tougheness: biting back hard at the moment of the incidence regardless, of the league/game managers. Imo, when it come to toughness it is about sending the right message(s).
  10. Too much work and my vidoe game playing days are loooooong over. Kidding aside, lots of great projections.
  11. Yeah, Pearson contract at this point was an overpayment but JB didn’t want to lose him in FA. Sutter is made out of glass and will more than likely be on the injured list but the 1 yr contract is what he deserves after 6 yrs of collecting a paycheque.
  12. Yeah, hope he finds some normalcy from his injury
  13. Clickbait - EP ain’t taking no offer sheet; I would argue, Matthews or Marner would be more likely to take one to leave the Laffs cause it seams to be starting to get stale in the center of the universe (more 1st round exits ?).
  14. Is there where Weisbrod and/or Gear earns there $: contract negotiations ? Still wondering about Weisbrods role as AGM ?
  15. If he retires, the Canucks will lose the use of the LTIR option; good chance, he stays on it for the duration of the contract.
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