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  1. Yeah, fair assumption cause he knows that they are still tight under the flat cap but based on his last presser he is not concerned (?).
  2. Perhaps this trade for a non NHL player is part of JBs’ plan to clear some cap ?
  3. Yeah, it seems JB is burned out or disinterested at this point (just speculating of course) but some of the moves of poor asset management (with his experience) are head scratchers cause other teams seems to recognize where there team is on the developmental curve and will make the appropriate move(s) to build the team. Imo, there is more to the AG trade cause it seems he needed to make this move; thus, he undersold based on the return. As a fan and a JB supporter, today’s move seems to indicate a GM that is disinterested/burned out cause he seems to be not be very creative
  4. The AG trade, seems to indicate a Sutter signing is coming (of course, I am speculating) with perhaps JV, being shipped for peanuts. Very different from the way TB does there asset management. Oh well, nothing new with JB - no trades for assets and will let them walk due to our cap situation, same story as last year. Anyways, CGC !
  5. JB making up excuses to have an easy deadline - lol. All kidding aside, hockey is a business but I get his unwillingness- if true.
  6. Nice context on Jagr: not liking Vancouver; shoulda still drafted him and did a Forsberg, if Iam a GM. Edit: I meant to say Lindros not Forsberg
  7. Good point but on the record it shows our pick as 2nd & 3rd but I can't complain too much about a few of our 2nd OA picks: Linden, Daniel and Nedved...
  8. Let me explain were I am coming from and no need to be so dismissive with your comment (whatever happened to agreeing to disagree - simply disagree & prove your point and lets have a hockey discussion about our favorite team ?). If you had read any of my post I had been a JB supporter for a long time and I am just voicing MY opinion with JBs' tendency to overpay for support type players for the main reason of mentorship/sheltering and so far, hindsight has not been kind to most of his signings for these reasons. Moving forward, I hope he continues to evolve cause his drafting has been (no
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