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  1. He was given the maintenance day cause the staff knows that he has been playing alot.
  2. Battle of the expansion cousins - GCG ! Will the Sabres be fighting for another lottery win ?
  3. That would be a yakathon with alot of offtopic conversations and I agree.
  4. The doing part comes later - when perhaps Hughes gets overplayed to the point of injury (hope not) ? After years of the same deployment with a different roster, I was hoping for a more balance approach this season cause there is now enough depth in the lineup to run four lines and prevent any injuries that might occur due to overplaying the player. Anyways - nothing new; and hopefully, Rathbone & Burroughs will continue to solidify the third pairing despite the deployment & structure.
  5. A good change of pace from (fan favorite) Creech. Cheech just needs to get better and hopefully by then Hirsch would had left a good impression with the fans.
  6. It seems to be a VISA issue (same with Gadj), so the teams had put them as non roster players.
  7. For now, the third pairing with Rathbone needs a cheap low event player and (for now) Burroughs fits the bill.
  8. First choice, would be Juice or how about one of Taylor or Dhali ? What is going on with Cheech?
  9. The conversation off the ice will matter, to squelch any misunderstanding that might come up.
  10. For this game this context is relevant. Overall and still early, hopefully, as he plays more games he will increase his performance level as well. Let keep the undefeated streak going - GCG !
  11. Good take but he needs to realize that the last 5 mins is Demmer time - he needs to be the closer to close these games out.
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