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  1. This. I think Benning is as enviable a position as he could hope to be when it comes to how people will react to what happens with Loui. If Benning trades him without giving up too high a sweetener or taking back too crappy a contract like Lucic for example, most fans will be thrilled. If LE comes to camp hungry, battles hard, and earns a spot to be a productive player in our lineup, people will at worst say "its about time" and "maybe he can build up some trade value." If he $&!#s the bed and Benning waives him then buries him in the minors, a majority of fans will give Benning credit for
  2. Funny how Button never talls about the Leafs or Rangers GM's in this way. I mean, they sign players to big contracts then bury or jettison them as soon as the next shiny toy comes along. Done it for as long as I can remember. I dont know why players want to sign in either place based on how players are treated there tbh.
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