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  1. Time to get the Fire Green banners up. Seen the same clueless special team play…cant get the puck into the zone and cant get it out of ours.
  2. Damn! Nucks pass without any purpose..back and forth..this aint f-ing practice guys. Do something and do it b/c it gets you somewhere. What the hell is the point to get the puck to a guy on the left wing if he’s a left handed shot????
  3. WTF! Take down in front of the net with the zebra looking and he just shrugs.
  4. Someone tell the Nuckle-heads that these are the Wings who had 39 points last year and finished LAST in the entire league! Wake up Nucks!
  5. Cue up Green’s excuses: thought we made some good plays out deer…dem a good team ova deer…we played the right way…
  6. Sad that we have no new PP schemes. That quick pass into the slot for a one timer is old and predictable. Need to do better.
  7. At least Demko is ready to play. O zone dump in doesnt work if you cant retrieve the puck and D zone coverage is too much scramble and chase.
  8. Green will need to dust off his famous list of excuses “‘dem a good team ova deer” and “I daut we played da right way”
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