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  1. one thing nice with the Nucks missing the playoffs...no reason to listen to Hirsch talk
  2. they are scrambling to get a certain Oilman to autograph his jock strap for their kids to worship
  3. well, slow playing the final 2 mins at least didn't give McA**Hole an empty net point...well done Nucks! Job accomplished!
  4. i haven't seen many other teams, actually no other teams, where the D-zone strategy is to stand around and watch the other team pass the puck around.
  5. Relying on Myers to carry the puck into the O-zone....sad state of affairs
  6. yes but the sedins certainly didn't play only against the same 6 teams over 56 games
  7. but he must have gotten 30 of those points against the nucks, at best, an AHL calibre team
  8. don't think benning should get any special treatment...his record with the nucks speaks for itself
  9. I look forward to these same clowns on the telecast balling their eyes out when McA**Hole and crew chokes out in Round 1.
  10. is this a F-ing Eggmonton telecast? goddam McA**Hole worshipping is painful
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