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  1. Yes, you're absolutely correct. he averaged 2 PK minutes per game for the Jets last year, and was paired with an absolute dumpster fire defensively (Josh Morrissey). Poolman carried that pair defensively - pretty clearly shown in Morrissey's CF% with and without Poolman. People rag on OEL too but he's extremely competent defensively. He played shutdown minutes & main PK responsibilities. OEL is a massive upgrade over Schmidt. Poolman is a better skater and can do as much if not more than Edler did for us on the PK, and Hamonic can do exactly what he did for us last year. OEL, Poolm
  2. YET AGAIN JB gets taken advantage of by Tampa Bay. He keeps mortgaging our future to try to "win now", and it never works. I've had enough. Trading away our valuable future considerations for this no name prospect is the last straw. Tired of having a GM that keeps getting fleeced by other GMs in one sided deals.
  3. Yeah you hit the nail on the head - personality and EP being a team player. JE is immensely talented and can do it all himself, but EP's the kind of person you want to win for. The quietness, work ethic, humility - future captain material there.
  4. No need - have Sutter teach Motte and Highmore how to do face offs. If Dickinson gets injured, Sutter moves up to 3c. If Sutter gets injured, move in highmore/motte. JB can fill in important gaps at the trade deadline - if sutter is injured again, put him on ltir and trade for a 4c at that time.
  5. Exactly what I was thinking. Hamonic should do great with OEL - OEL's more defensively responsible than Hughes, + OEL is a good PK'er. OEL + Hamonic can munch up shutdown minutes. Leaves the easier defensive work to Hughes & the pool man.
  6. Hahaha - I watched the Montreal series too! He was really good defensively. The contract is actually not bad, its really really good. Its both tradeable and has a really good buyout structure. If we want to buy him out next year, his cap hit would be 1m, and only 300k/year for the last 2 years of his contract. If on the other hand he ends up playing the shutdown role as well as I think he will, he'll be playing for us at a 1m/year discount or so for 3 years. Thats the advantage of the 4 year deal - potentially a great discount, and if he's unexpectedly awful, minimal cap implic
  7. I'd want an unprotected 1st + condition that they trade for Loui Eriksson and play him in net (he can score on himself to his hearts content) so we can have a guaranteed 1OA pick and get Wright + Bedard. 4d Chess.
  8. Makes the garland contract look like an absolute steal Great playoffs inflated Saad's value imo.
  9. If Hamonic and Poolman don't prove capable and that's the only piece missing from being a real contender, JB will get it done at the deadline. I don't think the Canucks are going with the traditional top heavy structure (a clear #1-2 with plugs at #5/6). Based on the lineup, it looks like they're gonna spread minutes around and put guys to work in their areas of strength- OEL probably plays some shutdown minutes, PK minutes, and 2nd powerplay Hughes probably 1st powerplay, offensive zone starts, bullies other team's weaker defensive lines Hamonic plays shutdown minutes, PK, defensive zo
  10. I cant believe how much depth we now have lol. Juolevi, Rathbone, Schenn, Hunt are all NHL players. Rathbone and Hunt are small and can put up points to replace OFD injuries, Juolevi and Schenn can replace DFD injuries. Pretty stoked.
  11. Myers is excellent as long as we aren't playing him outside his wheelhouse OEL played really well in 2019-2020 when Phoenix iced a half decent team around him Poolman was great in the playoffs Hamonic is a great RHD who can play shutdown minutes against opponents top lines We have more scoring, a more defensive-minded d-corps, a better backup goaltender, better defense coaching, and way more depth down our lineup. No doom and gloom - a great year ahead!
  12. He tried hard but imo didnt really do a lot. Highmore was much better.
  13. Alternatively: Podkolzin earns a top 6 spot and we end up with an extra top 6 forward at the end of next year (Miller or Garland possibly). Myers and our extra top 6 forward gets moved to recoup the pick you want + create cap space to sign that #1 shutdown d-man. imo a situation like that is more likely than trading Hughes. Now if the Devils ended up in the sweepstakes for Wright or Bedard.. all options should be on the table to pry their 1st rounder haha.
  14. Won't be much/any cap space next year. As you mentioned - that 3m covers the buyouts. We're also going to need a new and more expensive contract for Boeser and Rathbone. About 500k in cap space will be available + another 500k or so if we don't re-sign Halak and give DiPietro the job. Pretty sure Boeser's raise is going to be more than 1m. JB is banking on the cap going up I imagine.
  15. Agreed. We've somehow got more scoring, a much more robust and deep defense, and a better backup goalie all for basically a 1st round pick lol. Ngl I'm extremely impressed- regardless of how this plays out, JB worked magic this offseason.
  16. This is actually pretty crazy. Our top 6 is vastly improved with a 30 goal scorer. Our bottom 6 is vastly improved with a proper 3rd line center (Dickinson) Our PK is improved with Jason Dickinson, and with Poolman + OEL instead of Edler Our D is vastly improved with OEL, & Hughes no longer having to play the hardest minutes Prediction: Miller-EP-Boeser Hogs-Horvat-Garland Pearson-Dickinson-Podkolzin Motte-Sutter-Highmore OEL-Hamonic Hughes-Poolman Juolevi-Myers *Schenn Demko Halak
  17. Haha yes also true. Watching him in the Montreal series was enough to convince me.
  18. Yup. That's why I like looking at a comparison of the CF of Morrissey with and without Poolman. Morrissey was downright tragic without Poolman beside him. Kind of says it all.
  19. Re-watch some of the Winnipeg/Montreal playoff games - you'll be stoked
  20. Hoping he agrees to a short term deal. Im thinking 7.5 is fair for such a deal, given Brayden Point got 9.5 - Point had more GPG over the past 3 years, won a stanley cup, and EP was injured a lot of last season.
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