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  1. The name of this thread is “why are we never in on top free agents”. Is that a direct enough quote? The biggest cap issue is also the biggest free agent we signed in years. Beagle was definitely a top name. He helped the caps win a cup the year before. Will you answer a question yet? You haven’t so far. What do you want Benning to do? We can’t unsign the guys we have so what do you suggest other than questioning my state of mind, age and demeanour? What UFA deal did you actually want and how do you propose the team pay it?
  2. Enjoy your donuts and sprinkles...thanks for answering absolutely nothing as usual. Keep on trollin baby!
  3. Seems to be a common theme for you. I said you want “in on UFA players”. Jay Beagle, Brandon Sutter and Louie Eriksson were big UFA signings. This is how they got here, by being “in on them”. You called me immature and my responses childish. Where are your answers? How many of our expiring contracts did you want to keep? Where was the money for Toffoli supposed to come from? Are you opposed the the Nate Schmidt deal too? Which overpaid UFA did you want this year? I’m not upset or angry, but I am calling you out. Try typing a response that makes sense. What do you want??? I see complaints about existing contracts. I see complaints that we can’t get more UFA contracts. Without a crystal ball or a time machine what do you want from Benning this year?
  4. No argument here...I don’t want him on this team or around our prospects however possible. I just very much doubt he will retire and walk away from that contract.
  5. How is that different? @The Lock was responding to your comments, not your personality. You do seem bitter and want it all. You don’t like any of our UFA signings but want to be “in on the next ones”. You don’t respond to the questions of others but keep ranting about what you want. How hard is it for Detroit to be better? You want to call me immature and childish. Keep trolling somewhere else please. If you read anything I’ve written in this thread as well as several others our “overpaid” bottom lines are the exact contracts you want to be “in on”. I’m happy that we didn’t over pay on long term to anyone this year. If it’s a step back so be it. You think it’s OK to trash someone you don’t know but call out others. You name call and tell others they are childish. Do you know me? You didn’t answer any of my questions or respond to any of my points but continue to throw comments at others that you don’t live up to. I’m up for healthy debate but all you do is whine and name call. If you don’t like the way I end my comments too bad. Go cheer for Calgary, Montreal, Ottawa or Detroit since you seem to think their GM is doing a superior job. What do you actually want other than to complain that Louie sucks and we overpaid for some vets a few years ago when the team sucked?
  6. I can tell you that for the 2.5 million he is owed I would ride a bus, pretend I can play hockey and wear a skirt while I did it. Pride is one thing and millions of dollars are another. This isn’t Roberto Luongo we are talking about. If Louie cares what the fans think, how his contract looks or if the team wins it would have showed in his play by now. The game has passed him by and he wants a paycheque. The AHL would just be the same money at a slower and easier pace if there even is an AHL this year. He isn’t going anywhere despite all our wishing.
  7. Yeah ...I mean who would attack someone from behind a computer screen without knowing them? I mean yet another thread about how JB is and how terrible his signings are. How are “never in on big UFA’s”. I’m assuming you know Benning to attack him from behind a screen like this right? Oh and please tell me all the teams that are better than when the season ended? A flat cap has made life difficult for everyone and I personally like the moves so far. Are we better today than at the end of the year? Probably not. Are we better than if we had given money and term to Toffoli, Tanev, Markstrom and Stecher? Yeah I think we are. We are finally in a position to play some of the youth we have been piling up, clearly have a plan to have available cap to sign Hughes and Petey. Go get a chocolate donut with the perfect amount of sprinkles and cheer up a bit. The glass may be half empty but at least no one pissed in it this year.
  8. You are not wrong and I probably did not explain myself well. I want to see him signed to a contract that looks like that. Show up to camp in shape and work hard. If he wants to be paid like a top 6 player we will need to see it for a whole year. Without his skating and size he would be in Utica with Baer. I believe he has the skill for the top 6 but only deserves the pay of the bottom 6 right now. Instead of arbitration he should probably be at a gym. I’m just hoping that Jake and Jim have a handshake deal for a cheap 1 year and we can watch him finally bloom. There is a hole in the top 6 custom built for him but I want to see him earn it first.
  9. No one said Myers is a #1 Dman, he was the #1 Dman available through UFA that year. Benning signed the best available defence man as a UFA. You still complain He makes head scratcher moves and gives up too much...but let’s not talk about Nate Schmidt??? OK I’ll play your game. How about JT Miller. Was that an overpayment as well? Terrible move? Who would want that bum when you can have the 20th overall pick? /s My last point is that you want to be “in” on the top UFA’s. Tell me please, who was the top UFA the year we went after Eriksson? The contract you keep whining about was the biggest UFA of the year unless you really wanted Lucic instead. You call yourself a Canuck fan for life...I call you a troll. You can dislike Benning as he has made a bunch of mistakes, but you disregard all the good things he has done. Show me a team that went as far as we did last season that doesn’t have one or two BAD contracts on them? How would you like to have Lucic, Bobrovski, Weber or any other list of overpaid UFA players. They are UFA because they were willing to go wherever paid the most. If you are terrible (like we were a few years ago) no one will take less than top dollar to join your sinking ship. Is it a coincidence that these lousy contracts are ending at the same pace that the team is getting better? If you’re crystal ball is so good, which UFA is the best this time? Will Taylor Hall fix all of Buffalo’s problems for $8 million? Do you really want to pay Pietrangelo for 7 years in a pandemic? We all want the best players and dump the lousy ones but it isn’t that easy.
  10. I know it’s a different subject but after looking at the capfriendly site I see Minnesota has a problem...three defence men not named Matt Dumba have NMC. They could stand to lose a pretty good player if they don’t do something. Suter and Spurgeon will be tough to move at over 7.5 each but I wonder if they would be willing to part with Brodin rather than lose Dumba for nothing...another lefty and I suck at trades but I wouldn’t want to lose Dumba in an expansion draft because of too many NMC’s
  11. Here is my take on this. So far this off season JB has been pretty tight with the wallet. He let Marky, Tanev, TT amd Stech walk away. He signed Holtby and picked up Schmidt for a bag of pucks (ok a 3rd has value but not enough to get a dman if Schmidt’s caliber). He also either made some shrewd moves very quickly or had this in the bag ahead of time. I strongly believe (hope) that the Virtanen contract was handled a while ago and he is using this to stall for time. If a buyout is needed to facilitate other deals this arbitration will allow for it. If I’m wrong and this is going to an arbitrator I am betting that Jake is gonna get his last payday as a Canuck. He has all the skills and some of the numbers to look good in arbitration but doesn’t put them together consistently on the ice. Hoping he and JB are just helping each other out. I like Jake and want him on the team as a 3rd line checker than can play up when needed/playing well. You can’t give home more than that deserves at this point though.
  12. I can honestly tell you that I wouldn’t trade Louie “little things” for Marchand. I can stretch a lot of things but that rat on my team is a no go. Anyone else including Chara I would get over but if Marchand wears an Orca I’ll find a new team to cheer for.
  13. I don’t see it happening...if the stars aligned and he wants to play here for a year for dirt cheap you take him. Why would he not sign the same contract in Boston? Love him or hate him he is their captain that brought them the cup, solidified the back end for years and has been very loyal and cheap for the back end of his career. I see him lacing the skates in Boston or just hanging them up. I see no in between for Big Z.
  14. At 1 year 1.5 I think you sign it. Low risk high reward. At more than 1 year or over 2 I say HELL NO. If you aren’t good enough for Detroit or Edmonton then I think you should have to prove it for cheap.
  15. Where did you go on this post? I asked you if you would wait until Benning filled out the roster before complaining and this is your response. A few hours later Nate Schmidt is on the roster and I haven’t seen a post since. Is Toffoli still gone for NOTHING? You have to move cap around to fill holes in the roster and occasionally it takes more than a day to complete all the transactions. My bet still says there is at least one more move coming but it may be later. If not I’ll still be happy that we are going to ice a defence that is a little bigger, a little less fragile and a little more offensive than we were this year.