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  1. I like Jake. I suspect he will carve out a decent NHL career. I don’t know if it is because he is lazy, mistreated, due to wrong deployment or what the problem really is. What I do feel very strongly is that when he figures it out, it will not be while wearing a Canucks jersey. Blaming the loss on Toffoli on him is like blaming Markstrom leaving for Petey’s injury. Different choices both crappy. Mark my words, Jake will score a bunch of goals against us before the end of his career but it is time to let him move on.
  2. I’m not sure exactly how to approach this. If Tryamkin wants to come to Vancouver we should entertain the idea and have some talks. The problem I see is that last time he demanded no AHL, no conditioning stints and complained about a bunch of things before taking off for Russia. This time he appears to be in shape but wants to be a top 4 D. (According to his agent). The question being...is he a top 4 D? I would want him signed to a #6-7 D contract and a show me term. Thinking in the 1.5M range. That’s about the most he can make is Russia and I’m pretty sure leaves him as a UFA. Petey and Quin
  3. The score is not important here. This is an opportunity to see why some of our young guys have, a chance for Holtby to hopefully rebound and most importantly avoid injuries. I don’t care if they win a single game for the rest of the season. After going through everything they have with being sick, having sick family members and likely being no where near 100% it is a lot to ask for a solid performance tonight. Hope is always there, I just don’t want to see anyone get hurt in games that really don’t matter.
  4. I think we could save a lot of money on this one. Just fire Baumgartner and buy a white board. Have someone write TRY TO STOP THE OTHER TEAM FROM SHOOTING THE OUCK TOWARDS OUR NET!! We will call it the “systems” board. Ok rant over. I can’t stand the collapsing D plan and would love to see a more structured plan from almost anyone else.
  5. I’m of the mind that players could sit out in the bubble because they didn’t feel like it, they should definitely be able to sit out a game or two until their practices are good enough to play without getting injured. Put out whatever is left of the comets roster, the leafs zamboni driver, a bag of of pucks and Louie. With any luck Louie will score just enough to screw our draft position up and increase his trade value back up to nothing
  6. It’s almost as though people on this board can’t or won’t read. We didn’t trade a 4th for Bowie, we downgraded from a 4th to a 5th. If you claim him on waivers HE HAS TO BE ON THE ROSTER!!!! What is the challenge to understand here. We turned the 130ish pick into a 160ish pick. In exchange we get a player that had already passed through waivers and can sit on the taxi squad or AHL while Juolevi get to play more. That alone is a win in my book. Additionally we have someone to expose in the expansion draft that we don’t care about. You can hate Myers or his contract if you want but our rig
  7. Motte > Roussel a steaming pile of poop > Louie Improved bottom 6 for sure
  8. It’s St Pattie’s Day. We have a shiny new toy to either celebrate or blame things on. I’ve got a good feeling about this one.
  9. I haven’t made a prediction in a while so here goes...I’m still an optimist! Canucks 6 Senators 3 GWG - Shotgun Jake <—- he is due
  10. I think this is a bit of a loaded question. What the decision boils down to is currently Schmidt vs Myers as they are the only two on the roster that meet the requirements for an unprotected defenceman. If that’s the case, then Myers is left for Seattle. Will they take him? Probably, I would certainly pick him over Holtby or whatever is left of our forward corps. The real question is can we make something happen to improve our team another way. I like Myers and what he brings to the team, but feel at 6 mil per season it won’t be that difficult to replace. Hughes, Schmidt and Juolevi
  11. I’m not happy being short handed but I’d rather take two minutes for landing three uppercuts than the inevitable 5 on 3 because McMeFirst got looked at sideways.
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