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  1. So your answer to my question is what exactly? I didn’t call him selfish, and I didn’t doubt that he has a legitimate reason not to be playing. I don’t understand why he is still on the salary cap as he is clearly not playing. I know he is not suspended my question is why isn’t he?
  2. All I really ask for and expect from this team is consistent effort. I want the offensive players to make smart passes, take good shots and make goalies lives hell. I want young players to get minutes and improve their game. I want vets like OEL and Myers to play the game we all know they can. The Edmonton game was a great example. The boys were not perfect but they skated hard, forechecked, knocked Duncan Keith into a different time zone. The points will come, the playoffs will happen (or Green and Benning will be gone) and there is no need for a “whipping boy”. At the very least it is a title that should be deserved instead of assumed. Player Name deserved it, Edler never deserved it. Look at what the players are being asked to do when deciding they suck. AHL defencemen being asked to play every night with a rookie partner are going to make mistakes. This fan base forgets that “draft and develop” includes develop. We won’t win the Stanley by making our players not want to be here.
  3. I have an honest question and not looking to make Hamonic look bad. We don’t know what is going on in his personal life but I do know he signed a contract to play professional hockey. Are players under contract not supposed to show up to camp? Why can’t they simply suspend him for breaking the contract and remove the dollars from the cap entirely. We are putting 1.8 million towards a dman that isn’t even playing on the AHL. No I’ll will towards the guy, but if you aren’t going to play then just opt out and be done with it. There were other options to sign in the off season and this does not sit well. Hoping he is able to play sooner than later as our right side D depth chart looks pretty rough. Burroughs looked ok against Edmonton but I doubt he, Schenn or Hunt are really ready for big minutes if anyone gets hurt.
  4. 4-1 Nucks Oh Captain my Captain Bo gets the winner
  5. Did she just say that Duncan Keith can play great defensive hockey??? Is elbowing, slow skating and generally being a $&!#ty human now “great defensive hockey”?
  6. Here it is…new season, new team, lots of promise. Anyone that reads my comments knows that I have a history of supporting this team, it’s GM and coaches most of the time. I like the big moves this year. The old baggage is almost entirely gone and some new faces are here. I strongly believe that both the GM and the coaches are out of excuses. There is no good reason that we can’t compete with the likes of Edmonton, Calgary and the California teams. I question some of the smaller moves (letting Gadj go) as well as some of the lines we are looking at. I’m willing to watch this group for 25-35 games and see where they sit. If they perform, great … off to the playoffs. If they don’t, clear house and get some new blood behind the bench and/or in the front office.
  7. It’s not what I was expecting, but I think that third line might surprise. Dickinson is a capable Center and Hogz should feast on weaker competition. The secret to beating Deadmonton is to limit McMeFirst and Drai to as little as possible and then beat them with depth. I’ll wait to hold judgement as having that level of skill on the third line will be very difficult for the Oil to contain
  8. What’s everyone drinking? I’m mixing up my usual as I bought the Pabst 100 pack. It might even last me for a couple games lol
  9. I’m with you on this one. Pre season is one thing to keep the cards close to your chest. Waiving a player like Hamonic with no press doesn’t exactly give me a lot of faith in management. Why sign a player that doesn’t show up to camp and lie to the media that he will be there? I’ve defended a lot of things that Benning has done but this one has me shaking my head…
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