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  1. My feeling is, is that it'll be what Sven got $10mill over 3 yrs. 3,333,333 p/y. I hope that it will be less but...
  2. https://www.tsn.ca/video/trade-bait-savard-leaps-ekholm-for-top-spot~2171688 Take this with a grain of salt, starts at 1.50 mark. Frank Seravalli from TSN, reports that the Canucks are confident that something will get done on a Tanner Pearson contract extension and that both sides are optimistic. It could involve Pearson taking a little bit of a pay cut as that seems to be the way things are going this season and with the market trends. The Canucks are doing everything they can to try and keep Pearson. Seravalli says the team has identified him as a “glue guy” in thei
  3. This is what I kinda thought that the deal may look like, 5 at 5. This is a win, win type contract for both Team and player. By the 2nd year I think this will be a real good contract for the team. Hopefully Mike D. will be ready to be the back-up by then.
  4. Nice return for Buffalo on Staal. I was hoping that the Canucks would move Sutter @ 50% retention to MTL for either the Caps 3rd round pick or MTL 4th round pick. Staal is of course the better player. Maybe this get the other teams going and hopefully have a team slightly over pay for one of the Canucks UFAs
  5. Yea I don't mind him either but I don't know if I'd do this trade now as I don't feel this move would impact the remainder of this season. I'd wait until the season is done and see what other options are out there. I feel like Markus could be had for a late round pick in the off season, though Jake's value may not be much more than that either. Unless this a move that is being made to expose MN and protect Myers while allowing the team to protect another forward over JV. Though this again can be done before the ED as well.
  6. If that twitter msg is to be believed, which I don't, the Nylander trade, as a few mentioned, would be for Alex not Willy (not a fan of either) and makes more sense. The cost in assets to get Willy would be too much and his contract doesn't fit with the current roster. Alex on the other hand does. The trade would be 1 for 1. Both Jake and Alex had promising regular seasons last year but poor playoff performance. Yes Alex is injured and recovering from a knee surgery (recovering better than expected thus far) but this fits into what had been mentioned in what the Canucks may want. 1
  7. They Canucks haven't made a trade with Florida in a while it may be high time to revisit them and swap Jake for Henrik Borgstrom
  8. those are some very impressive numbers!! especially for a rookie!! Good on them for beating B.C and good on JB in drafting this kid in the 5th round.
  9. ^^ don't know much about his play.. he started the season slow but picked it up the second half of the season.. so far has 11g 18a for 29 pts in 39 games that's with this game so far.. not bad for a rookie season
  10. Adam so far with a goal and assist against Demko and B.C, 2nd period.....
  11. Though I don't mind this pick, I think he can turn into a good Dman for this team. He did play for one of the worst teams in the CHL
  12. Yea considering they also gave up the their first three picks for Hamilton and still ended up with Andersson and Kylington. We will see how they turn out
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