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  1. Good on Tanev to get his contract. He was good player here and will do well in Calgary but unlike some I'm not worried about how or by whom he will be replaced. There is still plenty of time of to sign UFAs or make trades for some Dman. Let other teams through term, money at players then when they've realised there mistakes let us come in and get a good replacement at a cheaper cost. Columbus apparently wants to move Savard, he has 1 yr left is more than a good replacement for Tanev. He may come in cheap as it seems like Columbus wants to re-up PLD long term and go after AP. Washington may have 2 dman available for trade, Jensen who is equal to Tanev and Siegenthanler who is up and coming and young. FLA needs wingers and a centre and are inclined to move Weegar who again imo will be equal to Tanev next year. Then there is Vatanen who, not better defensively, is offensively as such not much difference there. Buffalo has a RD available etc.. I just don't want Barrie, unless it's 2 yrs and around 3 and to play on the 3rd pairing and 2nd PP
  2. Per Lebrun, trade not complete, a little hold up in completing this. I'm having difficulty pasting his tweet.
  3. Rather use that money on Markstrom and Tanev and maybe squeeze in Stech than spend it all on Pietrangelo
  4. Cernak can be given an offer sheet as he has played the necessary games and has the number of pro years, from my understanding. TB needs some cheap players on D and Rw. Cernak may take a cheap 1 yr deal with TB then see after that. I'm sure there will be a lot of teams after him. Don't know what Van could offer up. Not sure how Rafferty would be veiwed by TBs brass, he could be a decent Rd for them to replace Cernak and maybe Lind? Maybe Tryamkin could be in there instead of one of the others?.
  5. Hmm very interesting, never thought about that as I'm kinda excited to see what Rathbone does here but I actually also kinda like it. I think this could actually really work out well for both teams and both players as you mentioned. This could really be one of those deals that's win not just for both organizations but players.
  6. Maannnn I haven't been this jacked and excited for the playoffs since the '94 run.. I loved that 2011 team but '94 was something else ! gotta love them underdogs !! I hope someone from the Canucks Org. makes a vid like this, after this years run all the way to the Cup final, for our 3 yr running Calder finalists Boeser, Pettersson, Hughes
  7. As many have said, Noah Dobson is not leaving Long Island. He is too important to them. Nor do I see Tampa moving Foote, maybe they could be persuaded to move Cernak? Bode Wilde is a very possible get but is 2 years away, me thinks. I could see Montreal moving one of Fleury or Brooks, they need LD so there could be something there. Nils Lundkvist I like, he is more offensive than defensive but I think he may be able to do it all. He may be similar to Rathbone. Carolina has a lot of dman, Antoni Honka could be an option and probably easier to get than Nils Lundkvist and probably cheaper. But again 2 years away. Washington not sure if they'd move Jonas Siegenthaler, he is similar type of player to Nikita. both shoot left but play right side. Always like Jonas not sure of anyone else but these may be some that could fit and I can see a trade happening with Not sure if Buffalo would move Henri Jokiharju.. but he would be someone I'd try to get.. especially if Buffalo sticks with Risto, Miller and Montour
  8. on the left side the Canucks are in very good shape going forward, with Hughes and Juolevi and Rathbone. Edler will most likely play another 2 years after this contract expires, giving Juolevi enough time to be groomed into that Edler all situation type D-man. I have always seen OJ as a Mattias Ohlund type dman and I fully believe that he will be.
  9. a lot of people don't know this especially that trades can happen any time throughout the year except during the Xmas freeze. look at trades that NYR and Caroline made last year that included Fox, done during the playoffs or Toronto and Minnesota, again during the playoffs. Trades after the deadline are very rare but a couple happen every year. It's just that no-one pays attention. Here is a quick look from wiki that stats what I said, trades after deadline players are ineligible to play that season, meaning trades are allowed. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trade_(sports)#:~:text=Trade deadline,-A trade deadline&text=In Major League Baseball and,injured player on the roster. But you can get more clarification if you want from the nhl cba