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  1. Vote AV If wrong, don't care wanted to Lynch that dirtbag since day 1
  2. I don’t know who this Abstain guy is still think AV is more sus. I guess for expedition Vote Abstain
  3. SK hopefully comes from the king and does not miss
  4. Okay should we vote Toews then since he hasn't voted yet
  5. Ive been on the AV train for a while mostly because he’s a scumbag but if I was SK I would’ve killed him off some years ago
  6. Alright, well I still don't know who to vote for between SS/NIK but I will follow my strategy from the outset and: Unvote; Vote NIK If we decide on SS later, happy to switch.
  7. Can someone give me a compelling argument to vote for anyone? Also my Vote for AV is conveniently missing! CORRUPTION??!?!?
  8. This explanation is a bit woozy to me.. gonna go with Vote AV
  9. So random thought, maybe NIK is actually scum and we almost lucked into finding that out. If so, I think AV is also scum since he switched his vote from NIK to Falcon last night after I threatened to switch from Falcon to NIK...
  10. What are NIKs sus attributes, I may need to follow Kaz advice and vote him out??
  11. Nope I've been asking around to understand the origins though. Seems like someone was wasting time,,,,
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