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  1. That's my home bro's. I'm in Merritt for now with my Fam, this town has been great to our community. I heard that our home survived so far but its not over. I get nervous that a spark may reignite the fire and start up again. The generosity of Merritt and surrounding towns and nations has been amazing. I applaud the volunteers and all the ESS's over the province. The Comfort inn here in Merritt has been very helpfuland kept lookin for ways to accommodate. I could go on but my words could not even come close to showing my gratitude. I love BC and Canada. As
  2. Did our PM just jinx the Habs LOL What do you guys think? Two of the best teams in the NHL are facing off right now… how about a friendly wager, @POTUS
  3. Well HARD minutes is what he plays for a solid 1:30 or 2 minutes. but he gets tired and gets stuck out there with no stamina to get back to the bench. Then we get scored on. Anything after the 2 min mark in any given shift for edler is bad for our team.
  4. You have to understand the reason Edler was chalking up those minutes is because he gets tired on the ice and is pretty much stuck out there, while his team mate waits anxiously on the bench for him to make to the bench lol. You see, I noticed that a lot of people say that he logs these minutes but don't get it twisted...it's not because he is a machine and loves the playing time...it's because he gets caught out there and is to tired to rush the bench. most minutes are just following players around in our zone cuz he can't hang. this is FACT
  5. He sed he was looking forward to a call And Edler would like to come back...but it not an actual factual that the Nucks will re-sign him. I believe he is done here,
  6. I know...becuz I chuckled...
  7. time to move on from Edler. He won't be re-signed here
  8. Brandt Clarke? If there’s an opportunity to join the rush, he does it; if there isn’t, he creates one and joins anyway - EPRinkside.com 2021
  9. Mildly racist but also possibly true...
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