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  1. Or...Edler, whom many here on CDC revere as the one of the top D men in the league... got duped. lol Edler was playing the name McDavid. He got scared and back pedaled way to fast and too soon. he gave McDavid to much room to make those moves on him.
  2. I was never a scrub... I played at the level of those in que. I may have Virt'd a few votes here and there...but I am beastie.
  3. Agreed. The bounces were not there. Also some quality opportunities were missed in regards to shots that should have been taken. Instead of a shot, I see a stick handle and loss of the puck. Happened at least 3 times...as I shouted at my screen "What are you doing....? Take the shot!" lol
  4. Niether was Canada lol But USA perceiviered through a loss, and 3 players covid posi, and lossed to Russia, they never hit any posts... We beat Russia lol So ya they were the better team.
  5. Guess they were right... We didn't play any real teams... and were never really tested...