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  1. Someone bout dat Karen life look out y'all....
  2. When Schenn left..I was lil upset..he had grit and could do clean hits.
  3. It's gonna be another year of Edler screening our goalies. A LONG year. His contract will NOT be renewed. You heard it here first.
  4. I know accounting. but I do not know much of anything about the full aspect of economy or what drives it. Gimme money I spend it... As one person stated...Money is never really yours...but when you have it, it's only your turn to hold it.
  5. Where it all went wrong with the Native Americans
  6. Haha... Reading is tech I guess. Would we call this rock bottom?
  7. Votes out Towny...then say whoopsie... Then proceeds to say its highly arguable that both wagons were TP...but adds no argument/s but the wagon of the living player is MORE suspect than the one that killed a TP lol
  8. One this to be unsure... but to say you're wrong...hmmm