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  1. I too am promask and social distancing. What bugs me is the fact that a lot of media and some citizens live for the hype, the sensationalism, the drama. The media gets away with to much, they should be asking the important questions and the dig deep questions. Show me the stats, the data, the information straight from the fact central. No more of this MAY or MIGHT, COULD BE, POSSIBLY. Tell me what underlying issues contributed to the deaths of all these people who died with covid. These long haulers, what is there history with mental illness, So much more to this that we are not ge
  2. No one is downplaying anything. These headlines do not show the percentage of people who suffered or are suffering from mental illness. long haulers could be people who had been suffering with non related covid issues. So when the headlines are only portraying the harsh side to scare the masses. They present some and i mean very little of the facts. Totally off base.
  3. That is some self pity...to bring to the Aladeen pity party potluck. Lol
  4. I am not going list every article to prove a point. especially since you are not going to read them lol It is common sense. because anyone who suffers from these psychological diseases will be greatly affected by what is sensationalized in the media. You have the fear of contracting covid, creating anxiety and the fear while having contracted it, what long term affects will be dealing with...and these affects are multiplied by the media who tend to sensationalize their stories to get clicks and views. You are ignorant to that fact. Everyone sees the the same media but
  5. I never stated anything of this nature. It is fact that the media sensationalizes it's stories to fits a narrative of shock and fear. They will leave out any actual evidence or proof that doesn't sell. https://en.ejo.ch/specialist-journalism/coronas-orchestra-of-panic-how-the-press-fear-mongering-is-distorting-information-about-covid-19 You see, we need more transparency with this virus. It's so deadly yet so secretive. While there is no "report" it would be common sense that a person who suffers from anxiety and depression will be affected by media and pub
  6. They found 34% of Covid-19 survivors received a diagnosis for a neurological or psychological condition within six months of their infection, according to the study published Tuesday in the journal Lancet Psychiatry. Other, smaller studies have pointed to the result. One study in February followed 381 patients treated for Covid-19 at a hospital in Rome, Italy and found that 30% of them experienced post-traumatic stress disorder after recovery. Alot of this is from stress and anxiety caused by media and fear mongers who go by title rather than content. People who read on
  7. Im thinkin of Anonymous votes. Votes will be pmd to me by deadline and I can go from there. People can lie about their vote kinda get rid of the meta flavor.
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