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  1. Markstrom is the sure thing. Demko is the shiny prospect with unknown potential. I'm taking the sure thing. Markstrom is turning into a Vezina caliber goaltender. The canucks havent had a goalie of this caliber since Luongo. Not sure why so many are eager to let him walk. This team has had more goalies of the future who have flopped than anyone.
  2. Doubt the Canucks could get it done. We could let Stecher and Tanev go, trade Jake's rights somewhere, and sign Pietrangelo, promote Juolevi or Rafferty to fill one of the holes on D, and maybe Hoglander or Lind will be ready next season to fill Jake's roll? Pietrangelo is probably 9 million bucks. Doubt we can pull it off.
  3. Really disappointed with Boeser and Virtanens play this series. Brock has not been the same player since his rookie season injury. I've been a huge Jake supporter, stick up for him every chance, but hes been invisible. This should be his time to shine..
  4. Wtf is with the refs these playoffs? Last time I remembered playoff hockey the refs used to put the whistles away and let the boys play. Weakest calls ever happening. No toughness allowed in the NHL anymore.
  5. If you want to be the best, you have to beat the best. Bring on the defending cup champs.
  6. WHAT A GAME! Hughes and Markstrom played amazing. Games like today are why we brought Jay Beagle on board.
  7. Not if Toffoli resigns.. cant blame Jim if the guy gets hurt. Also Madden was always expendable when our Center depth is very good.
  8. Lol what a joke. Jake was on pace to have an almost 50 point season. How the **** did he play his way off the team? Green just loves to blackball and bully Jake. Jake would have scored 20-24 goals if the season didnt get cancelled, he gets scratched??? Louie Eriksson floats around all season and gets to play on the 2nd line with Bo. Makes a lot of sense.
  9. I'm personally tired of the games Green plays. Remember when he benched Boeser for the 1st 2 games of his rookie season, because he said he didnt think he was ready, then Brock goes on to have one of the greatest rookie seasons in franchise history. Green doesnt know ****. He thinks hes smart as a whip but the guy plays games and isnt consistent with all the players. Jake has to play by a completely different set of rules than anyone else on the team, or else he gets severely punished. Its ridiculous. Jake contributes more that 3/4 of this roster. The kid is blossoming into what we hoped he would be when we drafted him. Green needs to let him go and cut the crap out.
  10. I dnno wtf is with the refs in the league these days. I remember when they used to let the players go during the playoffs. They used to let players decide the outcome of the game and put the f*cking whistles away
  11. Lay off the weed buddy. Our defence take a massive dump on Edmontons. Our D does suck, I agree. It needs an overhaul. But our current D, as well as our D prospects the Oilers arent even close go competing. Oilers have Bouchard and then a huge steaming pile of $&!# beyond that.
  12. Oh wait, what? You think you're being smart? Our defence, as well as defensive prospect depth blows theirs out of the water.