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  1. This team has lost its respectability. This team had the culture of winning. This team was respected when Markus Naslund was Captain. When Brian Burke was GM. When Marc Crawford was behind the bench. This team no longer has anyones respect thos franchise has been a loser since 2013. Almost a decade of losing. When is enough enough? When is it time for a culture change?
  2. Great Defensive coaching there Greener. Time for this coaching staff to **** off. Amateurs. Getting schooled by the worst team in the league.
  3. Pretty sad how compliant most of the folks in BC are. Weird how EVERY other city in the league allows full capacity but you let your government tell you, that YOU cannot go to the game. I thought once you were vaccinated you were good to go. Turns out fully vaccinated and you're STILL told you cant go live your life. One day you folks will wake up and take control of your lives again. You only have one life. You can either go live it or continue to be scared and follow orders from people who have guessed their way through the pandemic.
  4. No what's sad is crying to the media you want to play for a winning team, but then you hurt your team by missing training camp and want to suck up every ounce of cap space available. This fan base is used to class acts like the Sedins and Naslund, Linden.
  5. Have any players sat out camp and still had strong seasons? Every player I can think of who pulled this crap ended up having a down year.
  6. This is a lot of what ifs. What about all the people who are vaccinated that are getting covid and being hospitalized?
  7. Fear mongering. There are far more people who got the virus and their natural immune system took care of them as designed. Example: the entire Vancouver Canucks got this virus this year and were playing professional hockey within 3 weeks. Use your head here. Again, I'm not against the vax, I'm against vax passports and forced vaccination.
  8. No what's creepy is your mindset. Stay home if you're worried.
  9. I've worked the front lines since the beginning of this pandemic. Funny how people depended on people like myself while you got to sit in the safety of your home. Now I'm told by people like you that I cant be in public unless I get a shot. Nah. How about you stay home and let the healthy people who take care of themselves and have strong immune systems live with their choices. Telling people to take the shot or they cant work and support their family IS forcing people to take this shot. Letting government force you to do something to your body is about as wrong as it gets. I want to make clear that I'm NOT anti-vax. But the choice should be personal, as with any choice one has with their own bodies.
  10. How about they get FDA approval before they force this on people. Seems the only brainwashed ones are the ones who think its completely normal to force people to get injections.
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