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  1. Cap space is there to be spent on quality players. You're happy were not getting a top tier prospect because we may have to pay him? Jesus....
  2. Yeah due to being run like ****. They've had some amazing players and keep getting rewarded for being incompetent. What have we had gifted to us?
  3. Yeah except these guys have been gifted 4 1st overall picks in their history and we've had none.
  4. Buffalo , New Jersey and Edmonton getting constant handouts.
  5. When the **** will this franchise catch a break?
  6. Pretty sad how entitled people are. Imagine hating a guy because he wants to stay in his home country and raise his family at home and not ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WORLD. Anyone saying anything negative Is a pos IMO.
  7. Maybe there is something to the disliked in the locker room rumors haha. His thank you and Farwell Ig post was only acknowledged by 3 teammates. Usually the boys always comment on teammates leaving.
  8. I really am puzzled why we would trade a kid who won the hobey baker, and had 33 pts in 59 games last year as a 2nd year player. Why would you give up on a player like this? Atleast trade a kid like this for something of value.
  9. Doubt Bonnie Henry will allow the team to continue playing at home after this. It was a stretch to get approved in the 1st place now this happens. It's a wrap.
  10. You could just not click into the thread if you're not interested. Google is fine and dandy but maybe some of us want to discuss some alumni amongst eachother, is that ok with you?
  11. Gary Lupul passed away in 2007 unfortunately. Does anyone know where Dunc Wilson is these days? He's basically vanished since the early 2000s. He was in Rossland, BC but not anymore.
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