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  1. My fave Canuck defense prospect. Love seeing him do well. Can't wait to see him on the Canucks in a few years.
  2. That is very nice to see... Very happy he had an amazing game. One of my favorite prospects in our system. I think sky's the limit for this kid, but most of you know that already.
  3. Edler has always been blessed playing with top offensive talent, so alot of his points are attributed to the quality of his linemates...The one year he played in the WHL, was with the defending Memorial cup champion Kelowna Rockets who went on to have another appearance in the tournament later that year. His offensive output should be looked at with a keen eye, especially when you consider he couldn't get a shot on net if his grand mother's life depended on it.
  4. Its just the way you talk with the utmost certainty that he isn't going to be good....so yea...again,I ask, why is your opinion better than mine? And I am the delusional one?
  5. I wish it were the way you suggested...but I refuse to sit back and have people lowball the potential of our prospects. I wish these Prospect pages were just for updates...but no. Just head over to the trainwreck that is the Jake Virtanen thread. That is some serious self serving posting going on over there. My only argument to the 5th line is that why can't GB top out at Edler like numbers when they were basically drafted in the same position. Where do these top calibre NHL D_men come from, if not from the draft?
  6. Top pairing. Better than Edler. Playing first unit PP, and 24 mins a night. Explain to me how my projection for GB, to top out at Edler like numbers is not realistic when they were drafted in the exact same range? Why is your version of reality more accurate than mine when history would agree with me?
  7. I'm not talking about THOSE players... I am being optimistic about a 3rd round D-man prospect with Captain potential and a professional attitude. Whose comparable is ANOTHER 3rd rounder that plays for our very same organization who had his best point totals the same seasons that he played on the same line as the eventual Art Ross trophy winners. Your negative perspective dosn't give you any special insight or credibility to determine player potential. *edited for s[elling
  8. Brisebois will be able to play 20 mins a night in his prime no problem. Edler hit 40 points twice in his career and came close a third time...I would not be surprised if Brisebois could hit 40 with the same opportunities given to him that Edler received. Which round was Edler drafted in again? Oh yea, the 3rd... I'm sure you would have been slagging Edler before he ever played an NHL game as well... You just seem like the type.
  9. I have always liked this pick...I can see him being as good defensively in the NHL as Edler, but he will actually be able to get a shot on net when needed. Solid 3rd rounder. I am more excited for the Comets next year than I am for the Canucks. I hope Zhukes gets a look in Utica as well. Is OJ eligible for Utica, because if he is having Brisebois and OJ together could be the start of something great.
  10. "Like a Mammoth pixie" I love JG, but get this guy doing Canucks games!!!!
  11. Really excited about this guy nice video Russian Rocket.
  12. Big Doukhobor community in the Slocan Valley just down the road from my hometown... They will feed him Borscht and he can train in the woods like Rocky.
  13. I know you're just playing Devil's Advocate Alf and arn't actually off your rocker... How many players have pulled a Schultz? Very few...It's like Drouin classless to pull a move like that.
  14. I know right...and The way people reacted to mcCann's draft interview.... Canuck Fans are case studies for Psych students.
  15. Holy crap...what is wrong with Canucks fans? Is everyone high on BC BUD and super paranoid.... Everyone was concerned that Hutton was going to pull a Schultz and now people are speculating about Tryamkin bolting if he has to pay some dues in utica...get Real Canuck fans.
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