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  1. My fave Canuck defense prospect. Love seeing him do well. Can't wait to see him on the Canucks in a few years.
  2. 1st star of the game...I've experienced buyer's remorse...I think I am feeling trade deadline day seller's remorse. Couldn't be happier for Burr tho. He deserves alot more credit then he was getting around these parts these last couple of seasons.
  3. I'm glad Burrows gets to go out on a high note...People around the league are seeing just how valuable he is...we knew it all along. Thank You Alex Burrows, for never quitting, for being yourself and living the dream.
  4. Every game I've seen Patrick play in he hasn't been overly noticeable compared to others on the ice. I honestly feel like this fanbase would ruin him with over hype. If the Canucks get 1st overall I hope they trade it or take Hiscier
  5. What about McKenzie? I think he would be good enough to crack Utica's lineup
  6. Seriously...can you even read? It was dumb to pass on Tkachuk...but I am happy that we picked OJ...WTF dude. you are officially blocked.
  7. reading must not be your strong suit...If you go thru this thread, or even read what I had written from which you quoted, I said I am ok with OJ, I am nothing but a fan of this team. You seem to be the one trolling
  8. I said MT would have been ruined by our coaching staff, but thanks for coming out
  9. I don't think so. I really believe that Poolparty will be an elite player in the future. It was dumb to pass on Tkachuk...Hated his lineage, but was hoping the Canucks had taken him. I am not upset that we got Juolevi in the end, because I know that if we had drafted MT, there is a huge possibillity that this coaching group would have either ruined him or buried him on the third or 4th line with very little chance for success.
  10. That is very nice to see... Very happy he had an amazing game. One of my favorite prospects in our system. I think sky's the limit for this kid, but most of you know that already.
  11. I think Jensen was able to leave because he was an import draft player. Jake Virtanen had no option to go to Europe. I'm not trying to be combative, but I have to disagree with the SEL being more physical than the CHL, especially because of the larger ice surface which lends itself to a puck possession, and not physical style of hockey. ANy hardening in Nylander's game came from playing in the AHL...I dunno if you have watched many Leaf's games this year, but whatever offensive upside Nylander brings is seriously hampered by his lack of defensive effort...This is a huge problem for the entire Leaf team, but you won't see that headline on Sportsnet.ca And what good is getting more ice time, in what my mind is not even a better league. Definetly won't be any more physical than the CHL.
  12. If this is the case, then I am assuming the CHL team would have had to have released him to go play. Is this something that either London or OJ is interested in? And how beneficial would it be for OJ to go play on international ice in mist likely a reduced role as opposed to the #1 guy on North American ice where he'll most likely get the juiciest ice time in terms of PP time.
  13. I'm pretty sure having played in the CHL voids him of being eligible to play in those pro leagues. The knights drafted him and hold his rights until he is 20, unless his NHL team keeps him. This is why Matthews went straight to Switzerland to play, and was never drafted by a CHL team. Similar to IIHF transfer agreement type legal mumbo jumbo
  14. Edler has always been blessed playing with top offensive talent, so alot of his points are attributed to the quality of his linemates...The one year he played in the WHL, was with the defending Memorial cup champion Kelowna Rockets who went on to have another appearance in the tournament later that year. His offensive output should be looked at with a keen eye, especially when you consider he couldn't get a shot on net if his grand mother's life depended on it.
  15. Its just the way you talk with the utmost certainty that he isn't going to be good....so yea...again,I ask, why is your opinion better than mine? And I am the delusional one?
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