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  1. Wasn't the Evergreen Line Plan also put to rest back in '04 or something? I forget the year but it was a few years back (or was that just the announcement of the idea...).

    Well this sucks, now the Canada Line is going to be useless to me for a longer time.

    Burnaby to Richmond = Still the use of buses...

  2. Living all the way by Patterson, the Canada Line seems kind of useless to me. I wish we get a line soon connecting VCC-Clark to the Canada Line or maybe even from Joyce (probably not going to happen though) so people from East Van/Burnaby can actually easily access the Canada Line.

    Because right now, we either have to train all the way to Waterfront or bus halfway across the city.

  3. I mentioned that I have a record of all the bus trips I took since the past two or three years or so.

    Well, here it is in Excel format. (The SkyTrain numbers are way off because I only started recording them in June.)

    Let's see if I can keep this up in Seoul.

    (I have no life.)

    Oh yeah, your going to Seoul, well have fun. I wish I could go there sometime, I haven't been there for over 5 years. Have fun on the busy Subway lines. And try not to take buses as much as you can, the streets can be as busy as New York.

  4. Waited for the 22 Bus for 30 minutes, bus finally comes but is full so I can't get on, 5 minutes later another one comes but is full again. 3rd one comes and I can finally just BARELY squeeze myself in.

    I get on Broadway, it's like a f**king packed like a can of sardines, I get on the train finding out that I can't get off on Patterson because of that damn bomb. So I end up walking from Joyce to back home.

    Oh well, it wasn't that bad. Pretty crazy that a pipe bomb was discovered at Metrotown though

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