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  1. If there's no fans in the arenas, why does it matter where the games are played? The Raptors are playing in Tampa Bay. Frankly it makes sense to consolidate all the teams in one country.
  2. https://www.vancouverisawesome.com/canucks-hockey/the-canucks-wont-have-fans-in-seats-to-start-the-2020-21-season-and-might-not-for-the-entire-season-3174317 What I found interesting about the above article is that it says the Canucks have fired about 80% of their staff. They have reduced staff numbers from 200 down to 40. That's why all the reps have basically been laid off. Honestly, at this point, I think even October 2021 is optimistic for a return of fan to the arena. If arenas are in Phase 4 of the plan then there is no way we will have widespread immunity in just
  3. I just checked again and there's lots of seats available. Lots of pairs, triples, quads and six in a row in pretty much all price points including UB4 defensive and offensive. Some row 2 pairs and there's even a few pairs of tickets in lower rows dead centre club and centre ice. I bit the bullet and switched to tickets I had been wanting for a long time, I am really happy
  4. How about F you to the government who LIED to us and told us NOT to wear masks for months until finally relenting and saying to WEAR masks. That's when everyone was dying. This same government who also told us eggs were bad for us for decades and had a food pyramid that caused obesity and now admits actually eggs are good for you.
  5. That is a really unprofessional way to fire someone.
  6. More layoffs pretty much confirms there will be zero fans in attendance until at least September or October 2021. With the resurgence of covid I expect the NHL to announce anytime now a shortened 48 game season and playoffs from January to June. Then revaluate and see. Honestly, I think Oct 2021 is still optimistic. I wouldn't be surprised if we don't see fans until Oct 2022
  7. Still hasn't hit my priority number. I am guessing there is probably a very low inventory of UB4 seats left as usual. Seems like a lot of people would move to UB4 instead of cancelling their tickets just to maintain seniority.
  8. As a season ticket holder I am in no rush to see them allow fans back into the stadiums. I have zero interest in attending ANY public sporting event until vaccines are wide spread. Not because I am afraid of coronavirus (I already got it and recovered) but because I don't want to attend a hockey game with any restrictions, e.g. social distancing or masks. Next time I go to a hockey game will be when it is a full arena with 19k fans and not a single person wearing a mask. If that is not until 2022 or 2023 then so be it.
  9. I tried but got frustrated with the code not working for a bunch of stuff.
  10. Got an email about seat relocation. What is everyone's priority number? Mine is in the 4200's and I've been a STH for like 8 years I think. I guess your number never changes.
  11. Well considering they fired a huge amount of their reps I am going to guess there's going to be "lots of options" this year.
  12. I know I had to laugh. They should take what they can get.
  13. Looks like the Edmonton Oilers have tons of season tickets available for sale in basically most price categories. I guess their wait list is over now too. https://www.nhl.com/oilers/tickets/season-seats I wonder how many cancellations the Canucks have got. One interesting blurb on the Oilers site is this: Important Notice: New Oilers Season Seats are not available for purchase when the primary intended use of the tickets by the purchaser is for-profit resale, whether through online fan-to-fan resale platforms or other forms of distribution. Any Season Seats pu
  14. I assume this is only a temporary thing for 1 season due to covid. Not a permanent thing. They are doing it because crossing borders will be a hassle, and so having teams play each other in their divisons may be the only way to go. I could see them doing a division only season. Basically it would be a shortened 42 game season (starting in january] where you play each team in your division 6 times .... 3 home and 3 away. Might be boring but covid has changed how things work. I personally think it would be awesome to see the Canucks play the leafs and habs 3 times at Rogers Arena.
  15. No. They ask each month but I decline. Apparently they are going to take out a lump sum (like 4 months worth) sometime in November. I dont see it happening though. I will tell them not to. I think I am probably going to cancel my tickets.
  16. Not for a very long time. NFL stadiums in the USA are only allowing like 15% capacity and even then they can't sell out. Fans are not interested in attending live games right now. I suspect they will probably fill 15 or 20% of the arena with spacing between seats, but who knows. I can't imagine January 1 (just 12 weeks away) there will be 18,500 fans sitting next to each other. No way. I think they will announce a shortened covid season (like 55 games instead of 82), with playoffs in the normal time frame (April-June). Then I am hopeful next year (Sept 2021) things will be back to
  17. One thing is for sure - our rivalry with Calgary is only going to get more bitter. Just imagine next year Quinn Hughes will need to face off against Chris Tanev, and Demko will need to face off agaist Markstrom. Should make for some very tense playoff style games.
  18. I can't belive this. I was expecting Tanev to get $6 million a year for at least a few years. Can anyone explain to my why a guy like Tyler Myers gets $6 million a year, and why a 34 year old Edler gets $6m a year, but they only offer Tanev presumably less than 4.5 million? Tanev is one of our best players. He plays all the hard minutes. This club should be ashamed. This is a huge mistake. We should have taken him for 4 years at 4.5 million. Tanev = most underappreciated player in the game.
  19. You're busted man! I went to ebay to search for price history for you, and this one (#35) just sold for $220 just this morning . Took me a while to figure it out, and then I realized what happened. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Elias-Pettersson-2018-19-Black-Diamond-Rookie-Gems-Auto-35-99-/402061280760 I am guessing you bid on this item on ebay, won it, and now you want to find out if it is worth $220 or else you will back out of the sale. To do this you come here and pretend you own the card and ask for its value but you don't realize that people will go to ebay
  20. I love how these videos never show the beginning and only start at exactly the moment that suits their agenda. I doubt those park rangers grabbed that person for no reason. They probably kicked them or threw something at them.
  21. Getting to the 2nd round was the best thing ever for us. It showed us Demko can play. Good bye Markstrom. You won't ever play a game as a canuck again. Welcome to the Demko era.
  22. Well, to be fair, lots of words in the dictionary will get you fired. If a mayor stood up and said "We really f*cked the budget this year" he would probably have to resign too. And let's not forget, the N word is also in the dictionary.
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