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  1. it's because i know too many eagle fans !

    NO ! OU forever :)

  2. I told you already ! I dont really have favourites :) Just flip on a game and watch. Although I've been watching less football ! I think I only caught 1 1/2 games last season aside from the superbowl !

    I dont care about his looks ! Just his skill and personality :)

  3. actually, i love giving massages :o

    i've been doing it since i was like 6 :)

  4. Never been to vegas ? :o

    Yes, those eagles. Too much hype :)

    No he isnt !

  5. why the change of name :o

  6. more like he'll force me to give him one !

  7. are you trying to give me more reason to ? :)

    maybe tomorrow, i'm too tired right now :)

  8. show me your face

  9. Hm, havent been to that many ! Washington (of course), California (tons of times), Nevada (Vegaaaas !). Supposed to head down to Buffalo this summer but I'm gonna stay home instead :)

    Ugh, Eagles. 2 words. Over. Rated. :)

    No ! Nash is so not a loser !

  10. this is so much fun :)

    im positive that you'll never be able to guess my last name, it's pretty unique around here :)

  11. you deserve to be appreciated :)

  12. haha, well it's not like im gonna check you out ! you're like a brother :o

  13. dont hate on my love for redheads !

    (red headed girls only !)

  14. i laughed :)

    no ! neither !

  15. hey ! redheaded girls are attractive :o

  16. part 2

    Even if it's lacrosse !

    I'm a sucker for Steve Nash though ! Even though I dont like basketball :)

  17. listens to espn ! on the radio at night :) i only watch espn when im down in the states !

    other teams ? the avs for the nhl, they hold a place in my heart :) but more for the old brass than the newer team :)

    I dont really have specific teams that i go for in other leagues, I just flip on a sport and watch :)

  18. :o

    interesting :)

    other sports ? everything other than basketball :) im not saying that i'm obsessed with EVERY single sport ! i just keep tabs on everything so i'm in the loop on all the news ! listening to espn every night helps also :)

  19. what ! no ! definitely not ! i just dont expand my knowledge onto cdc but if you talk to me about hockey, you'll be able to tell because i'm not just a canucks fan, im a hockey fan. well more like sports fan overall :)

  20. Oh ! Dye it red !

  21. oh em gee !

    whataya want from me :o adam lambert ! :)

  22. what does that mean !

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