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  1. intimidated by me :o

    that's impossible :)

  2. Is it possible to delete all of the comments on your profile at once ?

  3. it doesnt mean anything :) other then the fact that you have nice hair.

  4. It's a sweater ! And no, I bought it while I was at one of the games :)

    But I should change that picture... it's quite unflattering...

  5. It's an amazing show, you have to watch it !

  6. it's because i know too many eagle fans !

    NO ! OU forever :)

  7. it's funny :) but i laugh at everything so i dont know if it's very credible :)

  8. it's okay, I'm not interested so you can keep him :)

  9. it's what i do ! :)

  10. Its okay, for christmas, i'll mail you his autograph :)

  11. its okay, i knocked on wood :) i hope it doesnt happen either. i love ohlund, not as much as you though. you're like the biggest fan of him that i've ever seen !

  12. Just a heads up - free tall Starbucks Refresher available at participating locations from 12-3pm today !

  13. Just thought I'd let you know that I almost always feel a need to plus your posts.. or at least the ones I see. You're definitely one of the best posters here!

  14. let me check my schedule :)

  15. listens to espn ! on the radio at night :) i only watch espn when im down in the states !

    other teams ? the avs for the nhl, they hold a place in my heart :) but more for the old brass than the newer team :)

    I dont really have specific teams that i go for in other leagues, I just flip on a sport and watch :)

  16. Love letter ? Not exactly :)

    You should consider that name :)

  17. making corrections makes me happy :)

  18. maritz ? he negative rep'd me too !

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