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  1. Komarov is probably 3 or 4 years past his best days...... if you can say he has even had any best days.
  2. Back in the Yzerman Lidstrom playing days Detroit played tough but honest and exciting hockey. I always appreciated their honest work ethic and pure form, I hope they are not starting a regression from that by resorting to name calling and after the whistle cheap shots. To me that is not Red Wing hockey.
  3. Now the Canucks will finally have some flow to their game..
  4. Truth be told, I didn't like him at first myself... He grew on me though, same as Corey should be given a chance because he is a goo guy doing a good job.
  5. I think to many on here struggle with change. Corey is different and that is it. He us a Canucks guy at least. He is a Canuck alumni and a Kanloops Blazer legend so i have a ton of respect for him. He has done well so far, my only critique is to focus less on his personal stories but cheech does that at times as well. Corey knows hockey and I appreciate a lot of his insight.
  6. Canucks played good enough to win but are making average goalies look like superstars. I think they are telegraphing the plays too much. Seem to need more movement on the pp and extra attacker plays and more hogz and podz type youngster enthuthiasm on the attack.
  7. Pulling off helmets and gloved punches are BS and should be suspenable. These are dirty minor league plays.
  8. What's with Detroit always pulling helmets off? Must not like the td stickers either
  9. Flyers almost seem to be playing for the shootout. Canucks secret weapon is well rested....... free Podzilla!!
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