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  1. The main problem with Jake imo is that the coach is just as immature as he is. It can’t help his game if he’s constantly benched or playing 5 min or less. Benched if he makes one mistake, he’s gun shy. Hence very little hitting due to taking a penalty and a diss from the coach. Would Green ever whisper in his ear that “he wanted Virt to replace the “skating dead” Eriksson and do us and yourself proud”. Not in this lifetime.
  2. Green has some great players to work with, veterans and newbees. There is (seems to be) a decided lack of motivation and will to play hard. my suggestion is for Green to hire a coach for the coach.
  3. Does anyone else think Petey is mentally exhausted? There is a psychology involved in professional coaching. Green lacks the ability to “read” players, in terms of their strengths, weakness, and what motivates them. A stick or a carrot. He has a hate on Jake, deserved or not. He has a love for Gaudette (so it seems he doesn’t need to be coached) who forgets it’s a team sport. Systems should reflect the team and not the other way around. Green may become an excellent coach, but first he needs mentoring. Then perhaps some of his arrogance will be tempered.
  4. This loss is all on green and his “helpers”. 4 on 4 and he plays Sutter. 3 on 3 and he plays Sutter. Only 8 players should play 4 on 4 only 6 players should play 3 on 3 And none should be named: Sutter, Erickson, Meyers, etc.
  5. I hope no one is surprised that TT isn’t playing with Bo and Pearson. After all it’s the most obvious position for him. Moves Erickson down for a huge upgrade. However, Green is reminding us, he’s the boss. Not reassuring, again
  6. Perhaps the rule book should be printed in braille for the refs.
  7. I’m concerned that Boeser is a 1 trick pony. If that trick becomes subpar we have a problem. Does anyone believe he can keep his point pace playing on the 3rd line? The longer he does, the lower his value will drop. This is still a business not a social club. Currently he has great value and should give us a great return. If not Minny, then another team.
  8. “ Let me end my career with dignity and respect, and I will retire after this season. As for cap hit, we will work with you on that.” LE to Canucks brass.
  9. Please trade Besser while he still has perceived value.
  10. This is too over the top. Embarrassingly juvenile and uncalled for.