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  1. Too bad w5 is not reporting all the facts, only those that toe the line. As much conspiracy as what they are “reporting “.
  2. Your language is incredibly juvenile. My grandkids read this forum. It is still just a game, right?
  3. So sad. All I’ve ever wanted is for my team to play with 100% effort, win or lose. If we bring our entire ahl team in at least it would be exiting to watch.
  4. I don’t understand why a new player claimed off waivers would immediately be on the top 6. That’s just a terrible decision if you’re in Uttica.
  5. Demko is the only player that deserves this win. Our players have completely zoned green out. He’s lost them
  6. I’m starting to really hate our windshield wiper style of defence.
  7. He has improved his game, no doubt. I’m not sure if it’s sustainable. He works very hard but there is much to his game that is lacking. He doesn’t pass well, and can’t stickhandle to save his life. Granted, he has many endearing qualities that make him difficult to trade away, however, I think from a hockey point of view he is more valuable as a trade.
  8. He is still a one trick pony. Trade him while he’s playing well
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