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  1. Riccio has been doing a great job on 650 and should take over, with no disrespect to Hirschy. Hirschy is better served as an analyst during the intermissions. Listening to the Kracken game and gotta say that the flow between Batch and Reech is pretty good. Hirschy would add some jarring personal anecdotes that would kill the Rhythm Batch creates with his pbp.
  2. Stoned right now.... I got nothin, except that I'm sitting on my couch in the carport, the breeze is blowing nice, and it's Mother's Day... $&!# I got stuff to do.
  3. *tiptoes quietly into the room And stands behind the plastic fern in the corner, then fades back out the door.*
  4. I'm with you. They new/redesigns are looking better than the first time I saw them.
  5. The new jersey without the wordmark has surprisingly grown on me.
  6. At first I was really confused/confounded by the complete lack of defensive drafting, but.... Nope still confused. However, I'm wondering if the reason for the lack of movement on the Barrie front is because the salary cap didn't rise ad high as originally thought? Couple that with the supposed "financial issues" or whatever B.M. called it, seems plausible. But the whole draft with no defensive picks? I now have doubts about GMJB.
  7. If anyone's on the 360 version, hit me up. Gamertag is the same as on here.
  8. I hate to admit this but Lucid should be on this team. We'll see, I guess.
  9. Champions Online and Star Wars the Old Republic, not in that order. both are good games. Anyone else playing them currently?
  10. Damn, that's funny. I'm bettin he's feeling like a schmuck about now... this is the pwningest pwn that ever pwned!
  11. Current Swell - Cursed. http://currentswell....c8f6924f0172717 song #3
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