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  1. First of many.... It just seems obvious that this is the direction the world is going *shrugs*
  2. I cant fathom that anyone is actually making purchase decisions based on Elon's tweets lol
  3. Saw this hit for the first time yesterday. That is a clean hit. Rule #1 - Keep you F'n head up
  4. Why are people still talking about Trump. Move on. Stop giving this guy any more attention.
  5. "Fundamentals" drive sophisticated investors when speculating the future of companies. If you see that a company has a healthy balance sheet, isn't over leveraged, has shown year over year growth; the perceived risk is lower. People buying into AMC and GME are speculating based on a "squeeze", which is a not unreasonable to be speculating on. The perceived risk is much higher but so is the reward. You have your strategy, others have theirs. Investing on fundamentals is lower risk and a winning strategy in the long run. Dont cry about your strategy generating les
  6. Market's are based on speculation, not "fundamentals"
  7. Reddit isn't doing $&!#. Bull$&!# media narrative that's being fed.
  8. People are always complaining about missing the boat but then are afraid to jump in when a correction takes place lol. This is a great buying opportunity. Corrections are normal doing bull cycles....
  9. ETH/BTC valuation is now at 8% On the fence if I want to convert my ETH. I think ETH will outperform BTC this cycle but overall BTC is king.
  10. Yeah conversations are around memes and making it seem like this entire sector is just a joke. The media will continue to talk about meme coins like CumRocket or something and fail to discuss what Bitcoin can actually do for the world and the capabilities that Etherium has to revolutionize so many archaic systems. Most people are blindly buying alts right now because you can make a quick buck. Butt the money will eventually flow back into BTC. As far as the valuation of 70-100k, its going to be inevitable. You will see more and more companies allocate a very small (1-5%) perc
  11. This cycle hasn't gotten nearly as much media coverage as the last one but we're definitely seeing a lot of delusion lol. (Although google trends and App Store downloads do suggest a top) Based on previous cycles, which are also increasing in length, many have predicted this to run until fall/winter. However, with increasing fear around inflation, you might see insitutions push this bull run longer then expected.
  12. Getting my dick kicked in on PLTR as well. My portfolios been red as &^@# for the last few months but luckily my crypto gains have more then offset it.
  13. As long as no innocent bystanders die, just one less scumbag each day getting picked off. Let em kill each other.
  14. Congrats dude Make sure to collect profit along the way
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