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  1. Seems like every China stock has been hammered this year
  2. Ive used ShakePay without issue. You can only buy ETH and BTC. You can buy either of those two and transfer to another exchange (Binance) if you want to dabble in alts.
  3. Keeping them in certain death isn't protecting them u numpty lol Do the kids know that daddy is a dumb dumb
  4. Well, you and your family are dead in that scenario so good job dummy. At least you managed to look tough in the process.
  5. If 5 dudes with guns come in to your house, you would be running faster then Usain Bolt You fight if you think you have a chance to win. No American troops means the afghan military doesn't have a chance.
  6. Pretty easy to be on a keyboard sitting in the safest country in the world talking down towards people not willing to fight in a country where people are still stoned to death and beheaded.
  7. China gives 0 &^@#s. They will recognize the Taliban as new leaders and make any deal with them as long as it benefits their counrty
  8. Good god my brain hurts from reading this... Millions of people trying to flee the country but no one wanted change right?
  9. Not a fan of Shapiro but I think he's pretty bang on about this
  10. Forward group is trash....they've got 1 top 6 forward and not legitimate starting goalie
  11. Never listen to any main stream business news for macro-market sentiment It's all bull$&!#
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