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  1. It's a retracement - we were far extended from the moving averages. . The 20 EMA is still at 3,700, so I would expect us to down more and test support. Retracements back to the moving averages during a bull run are healthy, normal and provide a buying opportunity. Just watch support level closely to see if he bounce off of support or falls to further levels.
  2. You guys need to zoom out on your charts. The market has corrected 2%.... The S&P was at 3,927 and now its at 3,822 A year ago it was a 3,110....
  3. Doesnt matter - Crypto is volatile. Best to learn technical analysis so you make money shorting it when the opportunity arises. I lost alot more then I made with the 20% dump crypto has taken, but I believe in the value proposition of BTC/ETH so im not bothered. That said, might as we make even more money playing options. Waiting to buy some calls now as soon as there cheap enough.
  4. Holy crap, what the hell did you invest in that you fell that much
  5. Just be aware of the macro environment. The bond market is a leading indicator and should be monitored closely during times like these. Basically, three points I would emphasize 1 - Have stop losses in place b/c the market will crash 2 - Whatever the fed says, there's no way around inflation 3 - When the crash happens buy the &^@# out of Gold and Bitcoin
  6. Just loaded up on some more PLTR - Got in originally at $14 and Ive been waiting for a sale to add to my position
  7. $160 during after-hours LOL Where's my rocket emoji's at
  8. I feel ya 200k in unrealized gains lost for me in 2 weeks because of 2 stocks
  9. Is that a triple leveraged ETF which is shorting the market?
  10. In all honesty, I would not touch any blockchain or mining stock with a 10 foot poll when it comes to long term investing You want to play the cycle for these. So buy them when crypto is in a bear market and these things are down 95% and then sell during bull runs like the last month. Too much risk and uncertainty with little to no value proposition. If Boomers want exposure to crypto without buying it, they have ETF's not available for that. I think the current block chain stocks are going to come down in value about 50% but will then boom another 200-300%. Just my personal prediction.
  11. For me, its glorious. Made +300% on RIOT & HIVE and and bought puts for RIOT last Friday which are going to keep printing. It was easy to see that crypto was way overbought and was going to need a major pull back (30% minimum). I'll load up on crypto stocks again once they fall another 50%