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  1. We need an updated picture of your wizard stick on the message boards! Jon the facebook group too!

    Cheers Parksy

  2. Great job with that video with Ali. Thank you Parksy for everything.

  3. Great to see some more videos from you Parksy! Good luck in school!

  4. What?

    You notice Deb but not me? :(

  5. Hey Parksy....yes, indeed.

    Good to see you back here...stick around. ;)

  6. Wow your one of the the big boss ladies on here!! Congrats!!

  7. Nice let me know when you get the video up!!! Who's Jersey is it?

    Cheers Parksy!

  8. Yo Parksy, man.

    Long time, no talk.

    I got a jersey as a gift!!

    So, now if I ever get around to making another video, I will wear it.

    I have worn it 4 of the last 5 days.

  9. great video, brings back memories. thanks

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