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  1. Thanks everyone! And a big thank you to BJ for hosting such a great game. I definitely caught a lot of lucky breaks in this one, but hey, nice to finally snag an SK win. Oh yeah, I'm tentatively in for the next one.
  2. Welp, I'm about half an hour from leaving and not having service for the rest of the week, so hopefully my gut is right here. Vote AV Thanks for hosting, BJ!
  3. If no lynch is an option, then absolutely. OTOH, I'll need to be subbed out if the game extends past tomorrow so hopefully someone else can finish this $&!# for me.
  4. Is this strictly self-preservation or do you think AV is the SK?
  5. Huh, thought I voted earlier but apparently not. Vote J-23 -- As in, you would have killed MR as soon as possible? And what do you mean by the bolded?
  6. Took a quick look through TL's posts and didn't see much that was relevant to the remaining players other than the post above. The rest of his posts were mainly about NIK and SS seeming scummy. I keep asking myself if a new player like Tanev would go after Time Lord and Master Radishes with his kills and I feel like the answer is probably not? If anything, I would expect him to target players who find him suspicious, and I haven't seen that in TL's posts. The above post is the closest he comes to having any sort of suspicion on Tanev and I can't imagine him feeling threatened here? Out of the three choices left, I think AV is the most likely to target TL and MR to try and get potential threats out of the way. But TL still seems like a bit of an odd priority as the first kill unless there was some other motive, and I really don't want to spend time going down a WIFOM rabbit hole trying to figure out what SK-AV's intentions may have been. Gun to my head, I still think J23 (and Aladeen) has played a game that's closest to what I'd expect from an SK. Content to sit on the sidelines and pick away at some of the more dangerous players, not taking any firm stances in the thread, etc. I guess I'm good with either of AV or J-23 tonight, but leaning towards the latter.
  7. If we all agree that the SK can't act on odd numbered rounds, then lynch tonight, no lynch tomorrow, lynch on Tuesday is the optimal play here btw.
  8. Otis is the doctor and there's no reason to question this. I find it hard to believe that there's no doctor in this game given that the mafia would have 100% targeted BoKnows in R3 and they failed to act. If the doctor was anyone else, they would have counterclaimed by now. He's good. This leaves me with AV, Tanev, and J-23/Aladeen. The latter feels like they've played the most SK type of game I guess, but I need to go back and check the interactions everyone had with TL and MR to see if there are any clues there.
  9. Okay. Now that MR has flipped scum, I think we can assume that the SK only acts on even numbered rounds. MR definitely would have submitted a kill on N3 and we saw that it failed to go through in the nightfall report (BK saved by Otis). The nightfall reports in N1 and N3 didn't include anything about the SK and I'd expect to see something similar to the "mafia did not act" message for the SK if their kill was blocked/saved/whatever.
  10. Your "legit reason" for suspecting AV was that he voted for you. Same as with myself and Master Radishes. This is literally all I've seen you do the entire game. If you can't put yourself in our shoes and see why that looks terrible, I don't know what else to say.
  11. Oh great more OMGUS. If you actually are town, I'd start doing something productive ASAP.
  12. I will say, I thought about this again offline and I don't think SK-SS kills TL in round 2. I still think he needs to go because his entire game has been anti-town at best and over-the-top scummy at worst.
  13. SS being the SK does fit in nicely with Otis saving me from an SK kill in round 1, if that's what happened.
  14. First of all, . Secondly, there's a very good chance Bo was targeted last night and saved by you, so I don't think we can/should assume the mafia are all gone. I think the play here has to be yeet Sharpshooter and hope Zfetch gets GKed? I'm not as confident in SS being scum anymore but I think there's a pretty decent chance he's the SK. And Zfetch dying at least eliminates the possibility of an entirely inactive scum team that wasn't around to submit a kill yesterday. Vote Sharpshooter
  15. @BoKnows @Master Radishes What are your guys' reads right now?
  16. This is one of the few scum to scum interactions I can find in round 1. Qwags and NIK have a bit of a playful back and forth afterwards but nothing else comes of it. NIK basically plays this way the entire game other than one post I'll mention later. My gut tells me that Aladeen/J-23 is town based on this. I don't know why. TL keeps it pretty safe talking about his teammates and basically gives them null reads. In fairness, neither of them had really done anything so I guess there isn't much to take from this. If there's a fourth inactive scum here, maybe Otis or Zfetch? I also get the feeling that Sharpshooter is probably not mafia based on this, and I wonder if he's just the SK. Basically the only post with any kind of substance from NIK in the first round (and IIRC, he didn't really post in R2 so maybe this is his only substantial post, period). Not sure if there's anything to read from this unfortunately, but I'll leave it here in case anyone can draw something about AV. I can't really analyze this without getting into WIFOM, but my gut tells me scum-AV doesn't stick his neck out to save NIK with that last minute vote switch. Still think the off-wagon guys look the worst here.
  17. If anyone's a roleblocker and blocked someone last night, now would be a good time to come forward. There's a decent chance that block target is either mafia or SK. I'm torn between trying to find a possible 4th scum or hunting the SK, mainly because I'm not sure that either are still alive. But obviously at least one of them are, or we wouldn't still be here. So I guess the goal is just to yeet someone who has been scummy in general. Sharpshooter?
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