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  1. awww. it looks like it's pining for the fjords. i'll have my frog pic posted later..
  2. yea i'm fine. the spider just jumped at me. pissed off that i was stealing its mulberry stash >:-> the frog and bird died from the intense heat probably..
  3. i just got rickrolled by Gretzky's Mullet :D
  4. i got attacked by a spider, saw a dead frog and a dead bird today
  5. it says "lounge" at the end, not "losers" :D
  6. yeah, i was shocked to find out that it was nearly a year since you were on :o

  7. zomg, some news station just played Radiohead's Fade Out while showing all the top news stories for this year
  8. you still haven't learned the truth? what truth? there is no spoon!
  9. when you connect your ipod to your computer, itunes should recognize it and it should appear on the side bar. click on that and the right panel will change. you'll then see the sync button
  10. i shall call him captain smirk from now on
  11. yow! the cat is back we all look so miserable. except you. why is that?
  12. wahey! the smell of fresh paint, new furniture...but the same ole gang
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