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  1. Sutter is a good locker room guy, perhaps he can also give him his jersey number 20
  2. honestly not sure if Savard is any good anymore or not... he played fairly limited minutes in Tampa and was a roughly even player (in playoffs)... Being on a great and deep team like Tampa this leaves me a little hesitant. That said being said with the defensive core they have there its obvious he was utilized in a limited role in favor of the bigger name players. Just saying not sure if he's earned such high regard as he seems to be getting. Being age 31 (birthday in October) vs Poolman age 28 (birthday in June) we will have Poolman on his more valuable years and will
  3. He'll have to get recognized of this team goes from the dumps of last year to a playoff team this year lol Pretty funny that he could be the only gm of the year that has a fan base calling for his job
  4. Game Log for Winnipeg comparing Josh Morrissey vs Poolman There are many who feel like Poolman was their 7th but when the chips were all in for the playoffs Winnipeg chose to play him at a fair rate in comparison to their #1 utilized defenseman Overall he seems like he's average defenseman that can hold his head above water and has decent size. Term is a bit long but 2.5m is probably just fine.
  5. How are they going to offer sheet Hughes in 3 years with this contract?
  6. Well I sorta wanted to see how Schmidt would do alongside OEL but if the player didn't want to be here then this was the obvious move to do. Just hope we sign some value UFA contracts that aren't loaded with extra years on the term.
  7. Kid seems to have some swagger. Love that kind of attitude Our roster is pretty deep right now so I'm doubtful he has a shot art making the NHL but if he is willing at refining his defensive game in the AHL where he can be taught the pro game then it's possible he gets a few shots in the big club periodically throughout the season
  8. ooof $1,916,667m for 4 years. spending 2m on nothing when you got to get depth around McDavid... conveniently this runs out the same time that Draisatl contract runs out
  9. I mean he went 7-11-3 so he won some lol Was he worth the contract? God no But he may have been worth it to Demko and maybe was a bet that Canucks could rehabilitate his form to increase trade value The team was utter trash last year so I can't really blame the entirety of his stats just on Holtby
  10. Holtby is a fit but his contact as of right now isn't... They need the cap space so any trade that a team wanted retention was never an option.. draft picks to offload not an option as well. Schmidt case is an odd one no one really knows if it's a player style or the environment that the player was in that caused him to be a bad fit this year
  11. I wouldn't say Holtby was a mistake he filled the role we needed last year.. veteran insurance type backup. Virtanen... Well I mean that mistake was out of the Canucks hands they chose to keep Virtanen as an argument for asset management. Otherwise you're going to arbitration with an unknown number or letting him walk for nothing I believe a player that is bought out either cannot be resigned by the team for the duration of that buyout life time or just for a year
  12. Nah Shaw is like the backseat driver who is going to nitpick things that are bad Hopefully baumer can adapt some of Shaw's ideology into making our defensive structure better
  13. I imagine like in every season their will be self reflection by the players and the organization will be discussing the following: the player's performance (the good, the bad, and the ugly) the player's future the player's desire to be here the player's value on the market Organizations do this every year so nothing would change... If the canucks fall flat then hard discussions on Miller, and Bo being 1 year left to UFA will be had. Boeser being an RFA will garner tough conversation as well. Pettersson and Hughes however will not be traded (Well Hughes m
  14. No no no 100x no... We have Ian Clark the best goalie coach in the world.. we can't afford spending 4.5m on a backup this year where we need that cap to round out the defense and depth options... I would be looking at Big Save Dave Rittich as he had a pretty bad year and I'd bank on Clark to rebound his game back to it was when he was an allstar two years ago
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