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  1. So I must have blinked because I missed what earned Virtanen and Sanford misconduct?
  2. He can as long as we can have Montreal's Zamboni driver at the ready
  3. First article has quotes from both Tram and his agent basically saying they view the changes in van positively, would like to return but purposely are holding off negotiations out of respect for his current team and concentrating on their season. 2nd link is much the same but some other agent comments that back up the 1st article. I myself take everything with a grain of salt until its proven, but if the articles are worth anything it's a lil bit of reason to be very cautiously optimistic.
  4. Was really looking forward to seeing what he could bring to this group, now speaking as someone who has had 7 diagnosed concussions and possibly more undiagnosed, for his own good I hope he takes this as a its quiting time, as it stands LTIR for him and bring someone up for the remainder of the season/postseason, barring a collapse in the next 1.5 months.
  5. I gotta give the kid credit for doing what he did, takes balls but that's got to be top 5 worst butchering of our national anthem
  6. I dunno trading goalies has also worked for us before ala Schneider for Bo Horvat, clearly we won that trade.
  7. Going to this game, with two friends who are fans of the enemy. Need the canucks put in a full 60min effort, shut down Drai and Mcd and itd be nice to see all lines contribute offensively.. lose and I wont hear the end of it for the season.
  8. Because we dont want to risk him scoring any canuck playoff contention ending goals