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  1. Too be honest I'm a little conflicted, while I'm not scared of the vaccine, I wouldn't mind waiting to see outcomes of the first wave of them before getting it, but for 12hrs a day, I am within inches at pretty much all times of at risk individuals and my wife and 2 kids are immunocompromised(one with an extreme respiratory illness) and it would kill me if somehow I got covid and passed to my clients or God forbid my wife or kids
  2. Checked out the tool, thanks for posting. I was yes for 4 out of the 6 questions and it estimates "There are between 0 and 5,146,151 people in front of you in the queue for a COVID vaccine. You should expect to receive your two doses of vaccine and be fully protected by between early February 2021 and mid May 2021." My Coordinator and manager in Island Health are actually having to petition to get it sooner, meanwhile all my residential high risk clients and coworkers just have to wait, as of yet we haven't been offered it and the latest update as of yesterday was they had no idea when it would come.
  3. BC is apparently out of its stockpile and has to wait for more shipments Edit - hopefully we did get more but couldn't find an update.
  4. Was never a fan of that logo from day one. Get rid of it, Canucks are no longer owned by orca Bay Sports and Entertainment. Design a new logo, reuse or redesign an old logo, maybe a design that encompasses all of BC's diversity.